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When you walk down the street, you will find that many people are wearing earphones and listening to music with their LG mobile phone. In fact, smart phone has become the essential equipment to listen to songs among users in recent years. Why can the LG cell phone be the popular choice for music? At first, we are able to have the same auditory enjoyment as MP3 or CD player when working LG phone to listen to music. In addition, it is very convenient to carry a smart phone, as you know that mobile phone is of great importance to our daily life and work, and we have no need to take extra MP3 or CD player. Moreover, nowadays mobile phone's storage capacity has been largely expanded, thus we can save more beautiful songs on our LG G2/Optimus/Env3/Octane/Cosmos/Dare phone.

However, our phone's memory is limited anyway. After storing too many files on your LG device, you may need to export some to computer as a backup, so as to make room for new data. Then you can try this Samsung Messages Backup, which aims to help people transfer music between LG phone and computer with ease. No matter you want to import songs from computer to LG or backup LG music to PC, this software can help you accomplish that with only a few simple clicks.

Just download the free trial version to have a try. And the following tutorial will guide to transfer music between LG phone and computer in the most effective way.

By the way, as this LG Music Transfer software has both Windows and Mac versions, please choose the right one according to your computer system.

How to Export Music Between LG G2/Optimus/Env3/Octane/Cosmos/Dare and PC

Step 1. Open the Program, Connect LG Phone to Computer via USB

First of all, download, install and operate this software on your computer. After connecting your LG smart phone to PC via a USB cable, you should open USB debugging to get your device detected by this software. Please follow the steps on the menu to enable it. Then click "USB debugging opened" and "Next" to continue.

Step 2. Preview LG Music and More Files on PC

This LG Music Transfer can automatically install USB driver and scan your LG device after identifying your phone. A few minutes later, your LG files will be listed on the menu one by one. Now you can touch "Apps", "Music", "Photo", "Video", etc to preview the whole files as you like.

Step 3. Transfer Music Between LG Phone and Computer

In this step, you can press the "Music" option to preview all songs on your LG mobile phone first. Then if you want to import songs from computer to LG phone, you should hit the "Import" icon on the panel.

While, if you are going to work this LG music transfer - Samsung Messages Backup, to backup LG music to PC, please pick out your needed songs and press the "Export" button, you will save all music to computer within seconds.

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