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Sophie Green

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Sophie Green, Chief Editor of Samsung-messages-backup website, has been focusing on the realm of Android Recovery, Android Transfer (Backup), Android Device Tips, Phone Clean, and Phone Transfer technologies. Recognized contributions on leading platforms attest to her esteemed expertise and reliability.

How to Find Hidden Files on Android Device: Recover Hidden Files

Summary Have you ever found yourself scrambling to locate a file on your Android device, only to realize it's hidden away in some obscure corner of your storage? If you haven't found your hid...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-05-13
How to Remove Duplicate Apps on Android Easily | No Skill Needed

Summary "Why do I have duplicates for every application on my Android phone? There is no option or three dots to remove duplicate." This question is extracted from the Quora discussion web...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-05-07
How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPad in 6 Ways (With Steps and Pics)

Summary Bought a new iPad and want to transfer your music from your old iPod to the new iPad? Consolidating your own music library is a pleasure if you know how to transfer music from iPod to iPad. T...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-04-30
Complete Guide on Nearby Share from Android to iPhone in 2024

Summary The ability to effortlessly share files between devices has become a necessity. For instance, Nearby Share is available on Android devices to share files. This feature allows us to share file...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-04-29
How to Transfer Data from Huawei to Motorola - A Beneficial Guide

Summary Switching phones can be exciting, but it seems difficult to transfer data from Huawei to Motorola. Yeah, Huawei and Motorola are different brands, and the files on Huawei are not surely compa...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-04-28
Fix Smart Switch Not Enough Space with Reliable Methods [Tested]

Summary When switching data to a Samsung Galaxy device, you can use Smart Switch, a free and practical app. However, Smart Switch says not enough space on your old phone or the destination device. Ho...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-04-28
How to Access Google Cloud on Android with Ease [Approaches and FAQs]

Summary Google Cloud has become a reliable partner in our lives and work, protecting our documents, photos, and other files from loss. If you want to manage your files and cloud storage on your Andro...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-04-26
4 Methods: Recover Permanently Deleted Files on Google Drive Without Trouble

Summary Google Drive stands as a stalwart guardian of our invaluable data. Yet, when we delete useful files by mistake from Google Drive, we feel panic because Google Drive is our last line of defens...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-04-26
Answered: How Long Does Smart Switch Take? [Complete Tutorial]

Summary There is lots of data on your smartphone and want to transfer data with Smart Switch? However, how long does Smart Switch take? Will it cost plenty of time to copy files? If you are ready to ...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-04-25
What to Do with Old Cell Phones: A Full Guide Uses for Old Phone

Summary When we throw away our old phone casually, that will be a loss to us and a damage to our environment. First of all, there is a lot of data stored on the old cell phone, which contains our per...

Sophie Green Sophie Green 2024-04-19
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