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How to Recover WhatsApp Pictures on Samsung Galaxy S/Note/J/A?

"I'm using samsung Galaxy S8 now, but I accidentally deleted all my photos, including the WhatsApp photos! I just wanted to delete a few phot...Learn more >>

How to Delete Bookmarks on Android Easily? 2 Ways for You

How to delete bookmarks on Android phone? When browsing webpage on Android phone, many people usually add some bookmarks to make it easy to find the w...Learn more >>

How to Delete Backup on Android Phone Completely [Fixed]

When time goes by, the previous back files stored on Android device become useless but takes up large amount of storage space on Android phone, making...Learn more >>

How to Erase Everything on Android Permanently [Android Tips]

In Android's digital world, hackers often steal data that users think is hidden or "deleted" from their Android phone. This is a huge th...Learn more >>

How to Delete Documents and Data from Samsung Permanently?

With the rapid replacement of smart phones, how to dispose of idle phones has become a problem. Except for giving away to family and friends, it is mo...Learn more >>

Recover Call History from Samsung Galaxy S8

It is common for us to forget saving some important people's number after they call and later you get used to clear the call history on your Samsu...Learn more >>

Preview Backup File with .bak Format

What Is A .bak File? BAK is a file extension for a specific file format, which is generally used as a backup file or a copy of another file. Well, ...Learn more >>

2 Useful Huawei Backup & Restore Solutions

There are many reasons why you should always back up your Huawei Android phone. For example, the phone is affected by a malware attack that corrupts t...Learn more >>

How to Do if the Driver Installation Failed?

If you find your driver installation is failed, you can follow the steps in the below to solve the problem: Step 1. Right click My Computer -> M...Learn more >>

Backup App Data on ZTE Nubia/Blade/Adamant

We agree that to back up files is tedious work but try to image how to prevent mobile lock up suddenly or mobile missing occasionally? Thanks to users...Learn more >>

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