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Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X: Which is Better?

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus was announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 recently. As the newest flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S series, inevitabl...Learn more >>

How to Recover Data from Dead Samsung? (Effective Way Offered)

"Samsung Galaxy S8 is dead, it won't turn on and Samsung screen stuck in Samsung logo. There are lots of personal data on my mobile phone, so...Learn more >>

How to Recover Contacts from Android Phone with Black Screen

"My Samsung phone dropped to the ground and the phone screen turns black. Since I have never backed up the contact list from my mobile phone befo...Learn more >>

How to Recover Media Files from Broken Samsung [2 Methods]

"My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was broken, the Touch screen doesn't work and it will not respond to my gesture. I want to export data from my brok...Learn more >>

[Solved] How to Recover Data from Bricked Samsung Phone & Tablet

Summary: When rooting a Samsung phone or tablet, it is quite easy to turn it into a bricked device due to misoperation. But don't worry, this arti...Learn more >>

2 Ways to Recover Photos from Screen Cracked Samsung Phone

Summary: This article will show you different ways to restore photos from cracked Samsung or broken Samsung. Part 1. What Happen if Samsung Phone S...Learn more >>

3 Ways to Recover Data When Samsung Fails to Enter Password

Summary: Wondering how to restore Samsung data if it fails to enter password to unlock Samsung? This post will show you three effective ways to recove...Learn more >>

Backup & Restore Samsung Galaxy with Kies

Many Samsung users send emails to me, complaining that they accidentally deleted or lost important or private data from their Samsung phones. They wan...Learn more >>

[Solved] How to Recover Data from Water Damaged Android Phone

Have you ever accidentally dropped your Android phone into water and get crazy about it? Some people have reported that they have mistakenly fell thei...Learn more >>

2 Ways to Transfer Photos from iTunes to Samsung Phones

"I used to sync my iPhone to iTunes for backup, but now my iPhone 7 Plus is lost and I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S9. But Samsung can not sync w...Learn more >>

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