Samsung Eraser/Cleaner

Samsung Eraser is here to help you erase data, clean and speed up device within few clicks.

  • - Permanently erase data on Samsung or other Android devices;
  • - Easily wipe out all files from Android devices, including private data, deleted data, system settings, and etc;
  • - Read-only, no corrupted files and personal info leakage;
  • - Support almost all Android phones and tablets.

How it works?

You may wish to erase or clean Samsung data due to various reasons, this Samsung Data Eraser comes here to help you wipe data, clean junk, crash files on Samsung or other Android devices with 1 simple click.
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Download, install and launch Samsung Data Eraser on PC or Mac, then connect Samsung to computer with USB cable.

Check the info of your connected Samsung devices and then click "Erase" and choose erasure level on the main screen.

Type "delete" to confirm, then view and check the erasing process, then you only need to wait for the end of the process.

When the program shows you the erasing is finished, you can restart your device and check the content is deleted or not as you like.

Protect Your Personal Data and Speed Up Device

Undoubtedly, there are lots of personal info be saving on your mobile phones, such as banking account&password, contacts, messages, and so on. So when you decide to giving up the old device, you may wish to erase all contents & settings on Samsung and other devices, right? Thus, Samsung Data Eraser comes here to help you reach the goal.

What's more, this program can also help you to clean junk files, crash or temp files on your device, so that you can speed up your device at once.

android data eraser
Supported Devices

Detailed Features

Deleting data with Samsung Data Eraser means leave no opportunity to restore, so your personal info will never be leaked out in any situations. It could be one of the great assistant tool when you're going to resell, donate or give up your old phone.

Permanently Erase Data
Files simply deleted within device can be restored, but this function is able to permanently erase unwanted files from Android devices with no possibility of being recovered. It is quite useful and practical when you want to sell out or give away your old Android device before getting new one.

Free up Space
After using this software to clean up your Android phone, all the useless files will disappear from your Android device. So more space will be free up on Android device. Also, the performance and the speed of your Android device will be boosted and optimized to a large degree.

Protect Privacy Info
The professional Samsung Eraser is capable of permanently erasing the existing and the deleted files from your device in an easy and safe way, so as to protect your personal information from being leaked.

High Compatibility
Aside from different types of Samsung devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/Note 9/Note 8, it can also support other Android phones, like Xiaomi, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei and more.