Samsung Backup and Restore

As the professional Android backup and restore software, Samsung Backup and Restore empowers you to back up and restore Android files on the computer with one simple click.

  • - Back up everything from Android device to the computer via 1-click;
  • - Restore the previous backup files to any Android device with 1-click;
  • - Support contacts, call logs, SMS, photos, videos, music, documents and apps;
  • - 2 ways of connection available: USB connection & Wi-Fi connection;
  • - Easy and quick file transfer, original data format and quality remained;
  • - Work with almost all Android phones and tablets;
  • - Compatible with Android 4.0 or upper, including Android 14;
  • - Supported OS:
    Windows 11/10/8/7
    Mac OS X 10.9 or later

How It Works

It's easy to use the Samsung Backup and Restore to back up and restore Android devices. Let's take a quick look at how to use it.

Download, install and launch the program on the computer, then connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

Once connected as it prompts, you might see both of the "Backup" and "Restore" options, which can back up or restore your phone data.

To back up your Android phone, please tap "Backup" button, select the target file categories, and hit on the "Back Up" icon to back up your files to the computer immediately.

To restore the backup data, please click the "Restore" button, choose the backup data on the list, and hit the "Restore" icon to get your backed-up data back to the Android device.

Back Up & Restore Android Devices with 1-Click

Worried about losing the important files from your Android device when upgrading the mobile phones, switching to a new cell phone, etc.? Anyway, to better protect your Android files, it's surely a wise way to back up your Android files, thus you can restore the backup file to your Android phone once in need.

To make it much easier, the Samsung Backup and Restore comes to help with Android data backup and restore with 1 click. Various files are supported, such as contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, music, documents and apps. Also, almost all Android phones and tablets are compatible as well.

android backup and restore
Supported Devices
Supported File Types

Detailed Features

Why choose the Samsung Backup and Restore? And what makes it a user-friendly and trusted program? Let's check its excellent features and considerate details together now.

Back Up Android Phone Data via 1 Click
With its 1-click backup feature, it's easy to batch back up files from Android phone to computer by category. Also, you can choose whichever file types for backup as required and complete it in minutes.

Restore Backup to Android Phone via 1 Click
With all the previous backup files listed with backup size and date, you can choose whichever backup file and data type to restore, getting it back to any connected Android device with one click.

USB Transfer & Wireless Transfer
With both of USB connection and Wi-Fi connection available, you can not only stably back up and restore your Android files on computer with a USB cable, but also wirelessly transfer files via Wi-Fi.

High Security and Compatibility, etc.
With the original data format and data quality remained, it is easy, safe and quick to perform Android backup and restore on computer. And also it's compatible with almost all Android OS and Windows OS.