Samsung Messages Backup

The all-round Samsung Messages Backup is a life saver for people who want to save the precious files out of mobile phones forever. With it, you can:

  • - Back up everything from Android to PC or Mac;
  • - Import/export, add, delete or edit Android messages and other files;
  • - Re-send, forward, delete and copy Android SMS on computer;
  • - 1-Click backup & restore feature;
  • - Compatible with almost all Android devices, including Android 14.
  • - Supported OS:
    Windows 11/10/8/7
    Mac OS X 10.7 or later

How it works?

Samsung Messages Backup software can help you greatly improve the Samsung and Android managing ability in the digital life. So, let's have a brief look on how easy the program works.
See how to transfer files between Samsung phone and computer >>

Download, install and launch the program on PC or Mac, then choose to connect your Samsung or other Android phone to computer with USB cable or WiFi.

When your Samsung phone is detected successfully, you can choose any category on the left panel, such as "SMS", and preview the detailed contents in the right panel.

You can tap "New", "Export", "Delete", "Import" or other buttons to manage Samsung messages without restrictions. See how to backup SMS from galaxy to computer >>

On Super Toolkit, the "1-Click Backup & Restore" is located and more suitable for whole message backup and restore. See how to backup & restore Samsung data with 1 click >>

One-stop Management Tool for Samsung and Other Phones

Samsung Messges Backup offers an easy yet pro way to backup Samsung messages, contacts, call logs, apps, photos, videos, music, books and documents on desktop computer with zero quality losing. And it also allows users to delete, add, import, edit or send messages, contacts, call history, media files on Samsung devices from PC directly.

There are two ways available to get Samsung or other phones connected to your PC or Mac: one is via USB cable and the other is via WiFi. And the additionaly function like "1-click Backup & Restore" will help you backup or restore the whole contents between phones and computer.

Supported Devices
Supported File Types

Detailed Features

What makes it remarkable is that the program has a considerate design. All functions have been located in the right place and the simple UI design allows you to control it ASAP. Now, let's see the detailed features of the best Samsung Manager one by one.

As a professional message manager, it allows users to export or backup Samsung messages to 5 different formats: HTML, Text, CSV, XML and Bak; import message backups from PC/Mac to any devices; send/re-send/forward messages from PC to any phone; copy or delete any wanted/unwanted message or conversations from Android with 1 click.

Contacts/Call Logs
Directly get access to phone's internal memory, scan and display all contacts and call logs info; export contacts list/call history from Samsung or other phones to computer; import or load backups from computer to any device; add new contacts from PC or delete unwanted contacts/call logs on computer; export/import contacts to/from Outlook.

Music, Videos and Photos
Media files can be well organized in the program. You can use it to import or export music, photos or videos between Samsung phones and computer without hassle and delete extra files from devices selectively or in a batch. What's more, it is easier for you to find a target file on the computer than on a small-sized screen.

Detect and display all installed apps in the program one by one. And you're allowed to view them and uninstall any unwanted apps from your device in a batch at your will. What's more, you can also install APK file from other sources on your Samsung or other phones easily. Backing up Apps on PC/Mac is also supported.

If you like to read eBooks on mobile phones in the daily life, then you also need a handy tool to help you manage these books well. The Samsung Backup here is going to help you manage these books effectively, such as backup, import new book, delete books, and so on.

1-Click Backup & Restore can be found in the Super Toolkit area. With these small functions, you can backup the whole Samsung contents to computer within few clicks. Besides being able to backup data, it also offers one-click restore from previous backups.