Import & Export Messages
Phone's memory is limited and want to backup some vital messages on computer to free up more space? You can connect your Samsung phones to PC and export them with one simple click. What's more, you can import any messages to your Samsung phones freely.

Group Texting to Save Time
Not a simple SMS backup software, this program is a practical desktop SMS assistant. You can use it to send messages from computer to any phones as you like. And if you want to send the same message to a batch of friends, it is no need for you to text them one by one. The mass texting function can help you reach the goal easily.

Save Messages As .xml or .txt
Unlike the free online backup tool or similar product on the Internet, this Samsung Messages Transfer can export and save the output info in .xml or .txt format on your computer. So that you can easily get access and read these important messages on your personal PC without any limitation.

Effectively Manage Phone Calls
When a call comes, and no time to answer it? Don't worry, this tool provide you with two ways: One is to directly hang it off; the other is to hang it off and you can send a message as a reply on your computer.

Restore Backed-up Files to Phone
Lost important files on your Samsung phones? You can use this tool to restore all or selected backed-up files to your Samsung phones as you like, including text messages, media files, apps, etc.

High Compatibility
If you think this program only supports Samsung mobile phones, then you're totally wrong. Actually, it is compatible with all android-system phones on the market, such as HTC, LG, Motorola and so on.


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Step-by-step Guide

How to Backup Samsung Messages on Computer?

Step1: Launch the program and plug your Samsung cell phones into computer via its USB cable.
Step2: Click "One-click Backup" in the main interface and choose the contents you want to backup. This method is more suitable for whole message backup.
Step3: If you only want to backup selected messages, you can click "SMS" in the left column, then you can preview the detailed message conversation on the program directly. Press "Import/Export" button in the top of the panel to transfer text messages from Samsung cell phones to computer.


User Review


"Really good software to backup the device! I've used it to backup all my messages from my girlfriend on computer in .xml format. No words losing. Thanks guys! "

-- By Michael

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