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With the development of mobile phone industry, people are able to shoot videos with higher resolution. Then moms can be satisfied with taking videos to record the growth of their babies with HTC smart phone instead of an extra camera. While, after saving too many videos on HTC mobile phone, phone's storage capacity will reach its limit. Then we will be not able to add new videos or files to our phone unless remove some data from HTC device. In this situation, you can transfer videos from HTC phone to computer. So that you can not only make room for new files, but also save those precious videos on PC as a backup.

In this page, I'd love to share you powerful HTC video transfer program - Samsung Messages Backup, to help transfer videos between HTC phone and computer. Then no matter you want to backup videos to PC or copy movies from computer to HTC, you can work this software to achieve that with simple operations. In fact, this HTC Video Transfer tool can be used to share all files (including photos, music, videos, apps, books, contacts, messages, etc) between your HTC phone and computer. Now you can download the free trial version to have a try.

Guide to Export Movies Between HTC Phone and Computer/PC (Windows/Mac)

Step 1. Download the Right Version on Computer

As this program provides you with both Windows and Mac versions, you should choose the right one according to your computer. Then install and open it on PC. By the way, both Windows and Mac users can follow this guide to transfer videos between HTC phone and computer.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging

After connecting your HTC smart phone to computer via USB, you should enable USB debugging to get your device detected by this software successfully. Then press "USB debugging opened" and "Next" to continue.

As soon as it detects your HTC phone, this HTC Video Transfer software will begin to install USB driver on computer.

Step 3. Deeply Scan HTC Phone

After installing USB driver, this program will automatically scan your smart phone deeply. After a while, you can see that all files on your HTC phone are listed on the menu. In addition, you can view some detailed info of your HTC device, such as Model, State, SysVersion, Storage, etc.

Step 4. Transfer Videos Between HTC Phone and Computer as Needed

Touch the "Video" option on the list, you will be able to preview all videos on your HTC smart phone. In addition, it also displays some icons on the menu. If you want to export HTC videos to PC, you should mark your wanted videos first. Then hit the "Export" icon, all targeted videos can be saved to computer in a short time.

preview photos

While, if you want to copy movies from computer to HTC phone, please press the "Import" button to select movies. Moreover, you can see there is a "Delete" option on the panel, which enables you to directly delete videos/movies on computer by working HTC Video Transfer - Samsung Messages Backup.

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