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Do you have the habit of backing up all important files? As mobile phones are becoming increasingly important in both daily life and work, some people try to copy all phone data to PC as a backup. Yet something is not quite perfect. We can easily backup all media files, like music, photos, videos, etc, but neither contacts nor text messages, which are stored on the internal memory of our phones, can be exported to PC without an assistant program. As there are so many softwares are available for you to transfer contacts from HTC to computer, then which program could be the best choice?

Here I'd like to recommend you the Coolmuster HTC Contacts Backup, which can help export contacts from HTC to PC perfectly. With this program, every single detail of your contacts list will be saved to your computer. In fact, apart from keeping backups on your computer, you may need to transfer contacts from HTC to computer in other cases. For example, you need to make a roster of your classmates, but you don't want to type the whole numbers on your phone to computer one by one, then you can use this program to copy HTC contacts to computer, so that all names and phone numbers will be saved to PC immediately and you can finish your task within several minutes. In addition, you can also take those backup files for further usages.

Now you can try this program on PC by yourself. Download a free trial Windows/Mac version on your computer, and backup all contacts according to the following guide.

Steps to Copy Contacts from HTC Evo/Desire/Inspire/Wildfire/HD2/Hero to PC?

Step 1. Link Your HTC Device to Computer and Run this Program

To begin with, connect your HTC to PC via USB. Then launch the program on your computer, and you will see a main interface as follows. This menu is to help you enable USB debugging on your HTC phone when you operate this assistant program for the first time. With this process, your HTC will be able to detected by the program, and then this software will automatically install a USB driver on PC. After that, it will scan your phone data soon.

Step 2. Scan Your HTC Phone

After scanning for several seconds, you can see your phone info are shown with details, including model, state, system version, etc. Moreover, all files are ranked on the top menu, such as apps, music, photo, video, contacts, and so on.

Step 3. Preview HTC Contacts and Ready to Export

Now enter the "Contacts" folder and click "All contacts", you can preview the whole contacts list with full names and numbers. You can mark those needed contacts on the choice boxes, meanwhile, there is a search box helping you find the specific contacts quickly. After picking out your requisite contacts, press the "Backup" button, then you will finish exporting contacts from HTC to computer soon.

As you can see, this Coolmuster HTC Contacts Backup program can be handled with several simple steps. No matter you want to transfer contacts or text messages from HTC to computer, this program must be your best choice!

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