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Are your sony phone running more and more slowly and always prompting you with a window says there is insufficient room on your phone? It's time to check your Sony memory to see whether there are too many files stored in your Sony phone. Music is one of the largest file types in your phone and you'd better free up your phone memory space by exporting these music files from Sony to computer. Then, a question is coming - how to transfer music files from Sony to computer? And after you deleting all old music files from your Sony phone, you must can't wait to import your favorite music files from computer to Sony. Then, there is another question - how to copy songs from computer to Sony phone?

To transfer music files between Sony Ericsson/Xperia and computer, there is a professional Sony music transferring program comes in handy. It is the Samsung Messages Backup that empowers you the ability to copy songs from Sony phone to computer and from computer to Sony mobile phone. Apart from that, other files like photos, messages, contacts, videos and apps can also be transferred between Sony Ericsson/Xperia and computer. Can we use this software if we are using other Android devices? Yes! Android Assistant, just as its name implies, can work on almost all Android brands, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and so forth.

Now, both the Windows and Mac versions of the Android Assistant are available. You can free download the trial version of the software and follow the steps below to go through the process of music transferring between Sony and computer.

Steps to Export/Import Sony Music Files to/from Computer

Step 1. Link Sony phone to PC and Run the Program

Connect your Sony Xperia to the computer where has the Android Assistant installed. Launch the program and follow the instructions on the following program interface to enable USB debugging on your Sony phone. After that, please choose "USB debugging opened", so that the program can recognize your Sony phone smoothly.

Step 2. Import music files to Sony phone from computer

Once detected by the Android Assistant, your HTC phone will be shown in the primary interface and all Sony phone files are displayed on the top menu. Just choose "Music" tab to enter the music managing window. Then, you can click "Import" button to copy songs from computer to the connected Sony phone.

Step 3. Export Sony music files to computer

If you want to export music files from Sony phone to computer, you can click the "Export" button instead of the "Import" and then a path choosing dialog will pop up, from which you can choose a destination to save the exported Sony phone music files.

Congratulations that you have successfully transferred music files between Sony phone and computer. If you like, you can follow the similar way to transfer more data between computer and any Android device.

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