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Last year, I purchased the powerful LG Optimus G Pro. Then I always use it to watch videos, check the news and install various apps. In addition, as I have a three-year-old daughter, I usually operate my LG phone to shoot videos for my little daughter. Now I want to transfer videos from LG phone to computer as a backup, do you know how to achieve that?

Want to backup LG videos to computer? Take it easy. Generally speaking, if your videos are saved in different folders, it will be a little difficult to accurately identify the targeted ones after connecting your LG phone to computer via USB. Then you can try this LG Video Transfer software - Samsung Messages Backup, which can automatically classify all files on your LG phone into different categories, such as videos, photos, music, books, apps, etc. So that you can enter the "Video" folder to view the entire movies or videos on your LG smart phone.

After previewing all LG videos with LG Video Transfer, this software allows you to selectively mark your needed movies/videos. By the way, if you need to save the whole videos on your LG smart phone to computer, this program enables you to mark them with one click. After that, you can achieve to transfer videos from LG phone to computer within seconds. To be honest, this software is very easy to operate. You have no need to acquire any special skill to launch it.

Here are two free trial versions (Windows & Mac), please download the correct one according to your computer system.

How to Export Videos from LG Phone to Computer with LG Video Transfer

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging

At first, install and open this LG Video Transfer software on your computer. After linking your LG smart phone to computer via USB, you will get a menu as follows. In order to get your LG phone identified by this program as soon as possible, please act as the steps to enable USB debugging on your phone.

After opening USB debugging, please touch "USB debugging opened" and "Next" to continue.

Step 2. Install USB Driver, Scan LG Phone

After recognizing your LG mobile phone, this software will automatically install USB driver on computer and scan your LG device deeply. A few minutes later, you will see that all files are listed on the menu one by one. If you are going to export LG movies from to PC, please press the "Video" option to preview them first.

Step 3. Save LG Videos to Computer Within Seconds

As you can see, there are several options on the panel. Now you should pick out your needed videos. If you want to export all videos on your LG phone to PC, you can hit the "Select All" icon to mark them with one click.

preview photos

At last, touch the "Export" button. After setting the output location, you will save all videos to computer immediately.

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