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Do you know how to print out text messages from LG phones? As far as I know, plenty of LG users have asked this question online, because they have such need in many cases. Generally speaking, there are two main reasons why people choose to print LG SMS messages. Firstly, as we usually store our text messages on limited phone memory, when the upper limit is reached, we can't receive any new message unless we delete those old texts or transfer them or other storages. In this situation, many people decide to print out text messages from LG, which can not only help us save SMS completely, but also allow us to read them whenever we want. In addition, some people need to print LG SMS messages for other uses. For example, someone has received some insulting messages from other people, he or she decides to send them to the court for protecting his or her own rights, then it is a good choice to print them from LG phones.

As you can see, we need to print out text messages from LG for freeing more phone memory, keeping an evidence, better reading or many more usages. However, we are not able to achieve this before operating a third-party program. As you know, in order to print out text messages successfully, we should transfer them to computer first. According to the information mentioned above, we often save our SMS on phone memory, where we have no access on computer. Then we should turn to an assistant program for help.

Today, many softwares are available on the market, but we'd better choose the best one. Now I'd like to recommend you this Coolmuster LG Messages Backup for LG G6+/G6/G/5/G4/V30+/V20/V10/Google/X Power and etc., with which we can print out SMS from LG phones without any loss. There is a free trial version for you, you can download it and have a try on your computer.

Guide: How to Print Text Message Conversations from LG Phones

Step 1. Download & Install the Program on PC, Connect LG to PC

First of all, download and install this program on your computer correctly. Then launch it with double click. Connect your LG phone to computer via a USB cable, you will get an interface as following. Then you should enable USB debugging on your mobile phone, so that this program will be able to detect your device successfully. By the way, you just need to finish this process for once, next time when you open the software on PC, it will automatically recognize your LG phone.

Step 2. Install USB Driver on PC and Scan LG Phone

After detecting your mobile phone, this assistant program will install USB driver on your computer. A few minutes later, it will scan your phone data, and you can get a menu as shown soon.

Step 3. Print Out SMS Messages from LG

As you can see, all files are listed on the top of the panel. Press "Contacts", and then touch the "All SMS" option, you will preview the whole text message conversations on the menu with detailed time, date, name, contents, etc. Choose your needed text messages and hit "Backup" button, then you will finish exporting SMS from LG to computer within minutes.


Now open the backup file on your computer, you can freely print them out as you want. In addition, with backups on PC, you will be able to take them for other uses whenever you need. It's indeed helpful for all LG phone users, you can't miss it.

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