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It is common that we encounter data loss on the mobile phone. Today, we will talk about LG data recovery, and we introduce 4 top methods to solve how to recover deleted data from the LG phone although you do factory reset. Therefore, please keep calm when meeting data loss on your LG phone and have a try on these effective ways.

lg data recovery

Part 1: The Best LG Data Recovery App - Recover Data from LG Phone Easily

Have you deleted some important data on your LG phone by mistakes? Desire to recover them? In fact, it is really probable to recover deleted data from LG phone if you have the best LG data recovery app - Samsung Data Recovery. With it, you can retrieve deleted contacts, call logs, photos and more. Read the following and you will know more details. By the way, please turn off WiFi, data network, Bluetooth and stop using the LG phone before doing recovery. This can prevent new data take place of the deleted data.

Main features and highlights of this LG data recovery app:

  1. Not only recover deleted contacts from LG phone with ease, but also retrieve deleted text messages, call history briefly.
  2. Recover deleted media files on LG phone that contains music, photos, video.
  3. Recover deleted folder on Android phone.
  4. Support to recover deleted data from SD card without root.
  5. You can backup the existing and deleted files from the LG phone to the computer.
  6. Support to preview and select files on the computer before the recovery.

What's more, this LG data recovery app can work with multiple LG phones and other Android phones. So, you can use the app with LG G9/G8X/G8/G7/G6/G5, LG Aristo, LG Tribute, LG Stylo, HTC U19e/U12 Life/Desire 12, Sony Xperia, Samsung, ZTE, Google, OnePlus, OPPO, and more.

Please download the LG Data Recovery for free below.

download win version of lg data recoverydownload mac version of lg recovery tool

Detailed tutorial on how to recover deleted LG data with the LG recovery tool:

Step 1: Do Preparations

At first, you need to download and install the LG recovery tool on the computer. Then run the program and choose the "Android Recovery" module.

Step 2: Connect LG Phone to PC

Second, connect your LG phone to the PC via a USB cable and enable USB debugging on the LG cell phone.

Step 3: Recover LG Data with this LG Recovery Tool

- Once connected, please click the "Next" icon and select one of scanning models. Then it will remind you to root your LG phone.

recover data via lg data recovery app

- On the next page, you can see your LG data on the left list. Click the data which you need to recover. And the deleted data will show up on the right side.

- Now, tick the desired files and tap on the "Recover" icon. The LG recovery tool will begin to recover the deleted files from LG phone.

recover files with lg cell phone recovery tool

Tips: Can I recover data from factory reset LG?

Someone has a question that whether we can recover deleted data after factory reset. Actually, as long as the deleted data are not overwritten by new data, you can recover lost files with the professional recovery tool, such as the LG phone recovery software.

Part 2: The Powerful LG Recovery - Restore LG Data with LG Data Backup App

Some LG users backup their valuable data from cell phone to the computer, and if the backup data is large, it is a bit slow to restore the backup data to the LG phone. If you meet the same matter, you can get help in this part. Here is a effective restoration tool and you can restore the data in 1 click.

Guide on how to restore backup data with the LG mobile recovery software:

Step 1: Download and Install the Powerful LG Recovery tool:

Please download the restoration tool on your PC or laptop. Then install it and hit the "Android Assistant" option.

Step 2: Link LG Phone to the Computer

Next, with the LG USB cable, you can link the LG phone to the computer quickly. The app will detect your phone fast. Enable USB debugging on the LG phone. Then you can get the home page as below.

lg phone recovery software

Step 3: Restore Data on LG Phone in 1 Click

- Please tap on the "Super Toolkit" tab and click the "Restore" option on the interface. Then you can see the pop-up page, choose your device and click the "Restore" icon at the bottom.

- Wait for some moments, and the backup data will be restored on the LG phone.

restore lg phone with lg cell phone recovery program

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Part 3: The Direct LG Phone Recovery - Restore and Backup Data from LG Phone

As we know, nearly every manufacturer of mobile phone will set a local backup and restoration in the cell phone. If you open and use the backup function on the LG phone, you can restore the backup data on the LG phone directly. You needn't download any apps on the computer or LG cell phone.

Here's how to use the direct LG phone recovery:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Please go to the "Settings" app at the beginning, and then scroll down to click the "Backup & reset" option on the screen.

Step 2: Click the Restore Icon

Then you can see the backup and restoration options on the page, please click the "Restore" icon.

Step 3: Pick out to Restore the Data

At last, you can pick out the backup data types on the LG phone and tap on the "Start" icon. The data will go back to the LG phone soon.

lg data recovery with lg backup and reset

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Part 4: The Strong LG Cell Phone Data Recovery Program – Restore Data from Google Drive

Have you backed up the data to Google Drive? If you use Google Drive, you can restore the data from Google Drive easily. You and recover the deleted files from the trash bin of Google Drive, but you can't retrieve the files if you delete the data which are in the trash bin. So it is also a LG data recovery program.

Steps on how to recover deleted data from Google Drive:

Step 1: Enter Google Drive

Above all, you need to enter Google Drive on the LG phone. Then sign in with your Google account.

Step 2: Go to Find the Trash

When entering Google Drive, please click the "Menu" icon on the page. Then you will find the "Trash" option.

Step 3: Restore the Deleted Data from Trash

In the "Trash" folder, select the data which you want to restore. Then tap on the "Restore" icon on the top right. And you will see the deleted data come back to your LG phone.

use google dirve as a lg phone recovery

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If you are a LG user and encounter the data loss, you will get the helpful ways from the mentioned above. The complete LG data recovery app - Samsung Data Recovery, can recover deleted data on LG phone without any difficulty. And you can use it backup your LG phone together. Finally, please feel free to contacts us for help and questions.

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