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Our smartphones have become repositories of cherished memories, important information, and, at times, crucial evidence. Printing text messages from your Samsung device is a practical way to preserve these snippets of communication, whether for legal documentation, sentimental reasons, or merely to have a tangible copy. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods to print text messages from Samsung devices, catering to different preferences and requirements.

how to print text messages from samsung

Part 1: How to Print Text Messages from Samsung via Samsung Messages Backup

When it comes to seamless text message printing, utilizing a professional tool can be an efficient and straightforward option. In Part 1 of our guide, we delve into the process of printing text messages using Samsung Messages Backup. This tool not only simplifies the printing process but also provides a convenient way to back up your digital conversations into a accessible form.

Why Choose Samsung Messages Backup

(1) Transfer text messages from Samsung Galaxy to computer easily.

(2) The transferred SMS can be saved in HTML/Text/CSV/Back Files/XML File formats. The CSV format allows you to arrange the text conversations in Excel so that you can print out the conversations clearly.

(3) You can send/read a text message on the computer directly.

(4) Transfer all kinds of data between Android phone and computer easily. The software supports text messages, contacts, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps, and documents.

(5) Back up and restore your Android devices.

(6) Story compatibility makes the program works perfectly on all of the Android phones on the market, including Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S22 Ultra/S22/S21 Ultra/S21/S21 FE/S20/S10/S9, Galaxy Note 20/10/9/8, Galaxy A05s/A05/A54/A34/A24/A14/A04/A73/A53, Galaxy Tab A9+/Tab A9/Tab S9 Ultra/Tab S9/Tab S8 Ultra/Tab S8+/Tab S8/Tab A8/A7/Tab S7/Tab S7 FE/Tab A 8.4, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Motorola, HTC, etc.

download windows version of samsung messages backupdownload mac version of samsung messages backup

How to Transfer & Print Out SMS from Your Samsung Galaxy?

To do that, you need to export your wanted text conversations to a computer in CSV format and print out the SMS with Excel.

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to a computer via USB cable.
  2. Preview and select the SMS you wanted.
  3. Transfer text messages from Samsung to your computer.
  4. Open the CSV format file with Excel and print it out.

Here are the details:

Step 1. Connect your Samsung phone to a computer.

Download and install the program on your computer and then run it. The original interface will be empty and ask you to connect your phone. Just connect your Samsung to your computer using a USB cable. You need to enable USB debugging on your Samsung phone.

enable usb debugging on your samsung galaxy

Step 2. Make your Galaxy be detected successfully.

Follow the on-screen prompts to let your device be recognized. Once that's done, the new interface of the program will display various information about your phone like the model, serial number and memory status.

print sms from samsung galaxy with professional software

Step 3. Preview and select your wanted text conversations.

It displays all the different categories on the left panel. Find and click on "SMS". Now the right panel will display all the conversation you have saved on your phone. Just check the boxes of the individual conversations you want to print.

preview and select text messages on samsung

Step 4. Transfer text messages from Samsung Galaxy to PC/Mac.

After making a selection, click "Export" and select "Export to CSV". Then select a local folder to save the CSV file.

Step 5. Print out the text messages from Samsung.

Open and arrange text conversations with Excel. After that, on the Excel, find "Print" under "Files" from the upper-left corner. After setting the necessary criteria (number of copies, page range, etc.), click the "Print" button to have your text messages printed.

print out text messages from samsung

Apart from printing out SMS, you can also use this software to:

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Part 2: How to Print Text Messages from Samsung for Free via Screenshots

If you don't want to use an intermediary software then instead of printing the messages from your Galaxy as actual texts, you can have them printed in image form. In this way, you won't need a computer if your Samsung device is equipped with an OTG feature. It's obviously the more practical choice if you want to print a single portion of a conversation or a conversation that can be wholly displayed in a single screen.

To do that:

  1. On your Samsung Galaxy, go to the "Messages" and find the conversation you want to print.
  2. Take a screenshot of your text. Simultaneously press and hold "Power" + "Volume Down".
  3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to a printer via OTG.
  4. Send your screenshot to the printer and print it out.

It's a pretty quick way to make a printout of your text messages but the problem is, to make a hard-copy of a long conversation, you'd have to take a lot of screenshots. So it's best that you stick with short text with this one.

take a screenshot for the samsung texts and print it out

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Part 3: How to Print SMS from Samsung Phone via Word

Microsoft Word is a great helper to print text messages from Samsung Galaxy devices. Furthermore, it has a mobile version so that Samsung users can install it on phones and tablets directly. All the process is simple and safe.

Here's the guide:

  1. Download and install Word on your Samsung phone from the Galaxy App Store.
  2. Open it, sign in with your Microsoft account, and create a new file.
  3. Open the Messages app, and find the target message.
  4. Copy the message content, and paste to the Word file that you created just now.
  5. You can copy many messages to the file.
  6. Once done, click the "More" > "Print" icon to print out your text messages.

print samsung text messages via microsoft word

Part 4: How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy via Mobile Apps

If you don't want to use a computer but still need to print out long conversations and text messages from a Samsung phone, there are free apps available on Play Store that you can use. Since there are quite a few such apps, we'll just stick to SMS Backup & Print.

SMS Backup, Print & Restore

SMS Backup, Print & Restore, which is called SMS Share 2 previously, lets you share your text messages from your phone using any sharing method available on your Samsung phone. Whether it's Facebook, email or Whatsapp, you can use the sharing medium through this app to essentially create a copy of your text messages at a source that you can easily access from another device (computer) or your phone itself and download it as an imported file.

It allows you to print out the SMS and MMS from your Samsung Galaxy directly or you can send the text conversations to an Email for printing.

print sms from samsung galaxy with free app

SMS Backup+

The methods listed here are not the only ways to create a hardcopy of your text messages. Any program or application, like SMS Backup+, that can back up your messages externally can be used as an intermediary to take the printout. SMS Backup+, for instance, can be synced to your Gmail account, which will then act as the storage for your SMS.

These messages can then be viewed by clicking on the "SMS" tab on the left panel of your account along with "Inbox". You can then download any text from there on your computer or your phone and print it out.

transfer and print sms from samsung phone freely

By the way, using SMS Backup & Restore can also save all your messages into a XML file, and then you can open the file with your computer to print your messages without effort.

Part 5: FAQs on Printing SMS from Samsung

Q1: Can I email text messages to print them?

Yes, you can export text messages via email and configure your email settings to facilitate the printing process. This is an easy and effective ways to print your SMS, but you still need to copy your messages to one file, and then send the file to another device via email if you cannot print it on your Samsung device directly.

Q2: How can I address print quality issues?

Adjust print settings on your device and ensure that your printer has sufficient ink and the correct type of paper to improve print quality.

Q3: Do I need consent to print someone else's text messages?

Yes, you should obtain consent and authorization before printing someone else's text messages to comply with privacy laws.

Q4: Can printed text messages be used as evidence in legal cases?

Printed text messages can be considered as evidence in legal cases, but their admissibility depends on various factors, including the context and legal considerations.


As we conclude this guide, we hope you've found valuable insights into the diverse methods available for printing text messages from your Samsung device. Whether you opt for built-in features, screenshots, document-oriented approaches, or specialized programs like Samsung Messages Backup, etc., the choice ultimately rests on your preferences and specific needs. As technology continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest advancements in text message printing methods will ensure you can effortlessly translate your digital conversations into tangible keepsakes.

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