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Maybe you want to do a factory reset to release your Android phone, but you have to know you will lose everything on your Android phone after the factory reset, including your contacts, SMS, call logs, memorable videos and photos, music, apps you downloaded, and etc. If you don't want to lose these useful data on your Android phone, you'd better read this article because it will tell you how to backup Android phone before factory reset completely.

how to backup android phone before factory reset

Part 1: How to Backup Android Phone before Factory Reset via Android Backup (Everything)

As a matter of fact, if you want to backup and reset Android phone in the correct way, you need make use of the professional tool. Android Backup - Samsung Messages Backup is a professional backup tool on Android. Users can backup everything from Android to computer without losing anything.

Key features and highlights of Android Backup:

- You can backup everything on Android in 1 click with Android Backup, such as contacts, SMS, call history, photos, music, videos, books, apps, and other documents.

- Support to preview the Android files on the computer.

- You can select the Android files which you want and then backup them on the computer.

- Support to restore the Android backup data from the computer to your Android phone.

- Support to receive, edit and send messages on the computer.

What's more, Android Backup is compatible with almost all the Android phone in different brands, like Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7, Samsung Note 10+/Note 10/Note 9/Note 9+/Note 8, HTC U12+/U11+/U11/10, LG G8s/G8/G7/G6, OPPO R19/R17/R15, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, and so on.

Download Android Backup below.

download win version of android backup download mac version of android backup

1.1 Backup Android Phone before Factory Reset in 1 Click

If you are eager to backup all the things on Android phone easily, you will get help here. With Android Backup software, you can backup Android phone before factory reset in 1 click. So you needn't spend a lot of time waiting for backup. Many people love this 1-click backup feature with Android Backup.

Guide on how to backup Android phone to PC before factory reset:

Step 1. Download and Install Android Backup

First of all, you need to download Android Backup on your computer, and then install and launch the program.

Step 2. Set Up a Connection between Android and PC

Next, please set up a connection between Android phone and the PC with a USB cable. Enable USB debugging on the Android phone. Android Backup will recognize your Android phone quickly.

how to backup android phone to pc before factory reset via android backup

Step 3. Backup Android Phone to PC in 1 Click

- After that, you will get the major interface as below. Please click the "Super Toolkit" on the top menu.

how to backup android phone to pc before factory reset with android backup

- Then tap on the "Backup" icon and you will see the pop-up window which contains all kinds of categories. You need to click the "Back Up" icon at the bottom. Android Backup will start to backup everything from your Android to the PC.

backup and reset android via android backup app

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1.2 Backup Android Phone before Factory Reset Selectively

If you would like to preview and select the data from your Android phone before backup and reset, Android Backup will give you a hand as well. You can scan your contacts, call logs, photos, messages, apps and more on the computer with Android Backup. And it supports to select the desired Android data to backup.

Here's how to backup apps and data on Android before factory reset selectively with Android backup:

Step 1. Install Android Backup

Please install Android Backup on your computer and run the application.

Step 2. Link Android Phone to PC

Then you need to link your Android phone to the PC via a USB cable and make sure to enable USB debugging on the Android phone.

Step 3. Preview and Select to Backup Android to PC

- After that, Android Backup will detect your Android phone in a short time. And you can see your Android content on the interface.

- For example, when clicking the "Apps" option on the left panel, you will see your Android apps on the right side. Please tick off the checkboxes next to the apps and then click the "Export" button on the upper.

- Choose a location on the computer to backup your Android apps. Besides, you can also view and backup other Android data with Android Backup to the computer.

how do i backup my android phone before factory reset via android backup

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Part 2: How to Backup Android Phone to PC before Factory Reset via Google Apps

Google apps are useful for Android backup before factory reset. You can use Google Photos to backup photos and videos, and backup songs, documents, folders with Google Drive to the Google cloud space. Every Google user has 15 GB free space. If your Android data is more than 15 GB, you need to enlarge your Google cloud space with payment.

2.1 Backup Photos and Videos before Factory Reset via Google Photos

In this part, you will learn about how to backup Android photos and videos via Google Photos. With Google Photos, you will use WiFi or data network to backup the videos and photos. If you haven't WiFi, videos and photos backup will cost plenty of data network.

Tutorial on how do I backup Android phone before factory reset with Google Photos:

Step 1. Download Google Photos

Please download Google Photos on your Android phone in advance. Once done, launch Google Photos.

Step 2. Sign in to Google Photos

Next, you need to sign in to Google Photos with your personal Google account. If you have no Google account, please sign up on the interface at first.

Step 3. Backup Android Photos and Videos

After signing in, tap on the "Menu" icon like three-line on the top left. Go to the "Settings" and click the "Back up & sync" and make it on. Your photos and videos will be backed up automatically to Google Photos.

how to backup android phone to pc before factory reset via google photos

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2.2 Backup Documents and Other Files before Factory Reset via Google Drive

Many people want to reset settings on Android without losing data because there are many important documents which is related to the work on the Android phone. In this case, you can choose Google Drive to backup Android documents and other files before factory reset.

Steps to backup documents and other files before factory reset via Google Drive:

Step 1. Install Google Drive on Android Device

On your Android phone, please go to Google Play to download and install Google Drive. Then enter Google Drive.

Step 2. Sign in to Google Drive

Use your Google account to sign in to Google Drive. If needed, you can sign up a Google account on the Google Drive primary page.

Step 3. Backup Android Files to Google Drive before Factory Reset

- Once signed in, please tap on the "Plus" icon and choose the "Upload" option. Then you need to select your files on the Android phone and upload them to Google Drive.

- If you need to backup many files, the process will become long.

how to reset android without losing data with google drive

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Part 3: How Do I Backup my Android Phone before Factory Reset to the Cloud

Part of people dislikes to download apps for backup Android before factory reset they will choose backup their Android phone to the Cloud which is the native backup feature on the Android phone. Different brands have different native backup clouds. They all can offer space to the users respectively. You can have a try with this way before Android reset.

Here's how to backup Android phone before factory reset to the cloud:

Step 1. Go to Settings App

On your Android phone, you need to enter the "Settings" app.

Step 2. Set Up Backup

- Different Android phones have a little difference, but you can follow the major steps to backup your Android phone to the cloud.

- For instance, on the Samsung phone, you need to click the "Cloud and accounts", and you will see the "Samsung Cloud" on the screen.

Step 3. Backup Android Data on the Cloud before Factory Reset

- Please enter the "Samsung Cloud" and toggle on the "Backup my data" icon. Then turn on the backup icon of each data types. The Android data will be backed up to the cloud automatically.

how to backup apps on android before factory reset with cloud

Tips: What happens when you factory reset your phone?

"How to reset Android phone without losing data?", "If I reset my phone will I lose everything?", "If I reset my phone what will I lose?" These questions are asked by most people. Now, I will tell you what happens when you reset your phone.

In fact, if you do a factory reset on your phone, your pictures, videos, apps information, music, audios and more will all lost. Your phone will be cleared like the new phone. If you don't want to lose the data on the phone, you need to backup your data before reset.


Now, you have known 5 proven methods on how to backup Android phone before factory reset from this article. And you can do a factory reset on your Android phone without any worry. With the professional help of Android Backup - Samsung Messages Backup, you can backup Android data easily before resetting Android phone. Please feel free to contacts us at your convenience.

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