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Summary: Wondering how to backup contacts from Android phone to computer in case of data lost? Please read the most effective ways to transfer contacts from Android phone to computer (Windows PC or Mac) easily with one click.
transfer android contacts to computer Most of Android phones with average configuration will become increasingly inefficient in operational capacity over time with mounting applications installed on your Android devices, making Android phone or tablets running slower and slower. Sometimes, even it could be hard to make a call on your Android phone for it gets stuck. So restoring Android phone to factory settings becomes the most direct solution to get rid of this situation.

Some of my friends have no idea on how to back up contacts on Android, so the contact list gets lost after resetting Android to default factory settings, which is quite troublesome. To avoid this problem, here this article will show you how to transfer contacts from Android phone to computer for backup with the safest and quickest ways.

Method 1. How to Export Android Contacts to Computer by Google Account
Method 2. How to Save Contacts from Android Phone to PC/Mac with One Click

- Q: Is It Possible to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to Computer via USB Cable?
- Answer: No, using USB cable can't transfer Android contacts to computer.

- Reason: Sometimes when you add new contacts to your Android smart phone, you will be asked to save them to the SIM card or your phone memory. No matter which location you select to store your contacts, they are invisible when you connect your Android phone to computer via USB, unlike media files that saved on the Micro SD card. So the traditional way is not available to transfer Android contacts to computer, using USB cord to connect Android phone and computer.

- Conclusion: Since contacts are likely to be lost due to various factors without warning, lots of users tend to transfer contacts to computer as a backup. However, contacts are not allowed to be viewed on computer directly, not to mention copying them. Under these circumstances, a third-party software will be helpful for you to backup Android contact to computer.
export contacts from android to computer

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Method 1. How to Export Android Contacts to Computer by Google Account

If you have Gmail account and you have synced your contacts to Google, you can try to export contacts from Android phone to computer for backup through Google account. It is a free and easy way. Now, please follow the instructions as below to export contacts from Android phone to computer via Google account step by step.

Steps to Transfer Contact List from Android Phone to Computer with Google Account:

Step 1. Unlock your Android phone with your password, go to "Settings" > "Accounts" and tap the Google icon under Accounts page. Then please log into your Gmail account with your gmail address and password. Now you can check whether you have enabled "Contacts" option to sync contacts from Android to Google.
transfer android contacts by google

Step 2. Tap "Contacts" option in your Google account, and tap "More" > "Export" options. Later you will see an interface of "Export contacts" where contains various options to deal with Android contacts.

Step 3. On the Export contacts window, please choose the contact(s) or contact group under "Which contacts do you want to export?" option, and also choose the export format at the bottom as you need. You can either export contacts in Google CSV format, Outlook CSV format or vCard format as you like.
export android contacts by goolge

Step 4. After selection, please click "Export" button to start transferring contacts from Android phone to computer.

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Method 2. How to Save Contacts from Android Phone to PC/Mac with One Click

Best Backup Tool to Transfer Android Contacts to Computer:

In order to transfer contacts from Android phone to computer effectively and securely, it is strongly recommended you a professional contacts transfer tool for Android phone - Coolmuster Android Contacts Backup (Windows/Mac), which allows you freely transfer contacts from Android devices to computer, either Windows PC or Mac books.

Features of Coolmuster Android Contact Backup:

As a professional data transfer for Android phones or tablets, this program can remove the limitation of accessing Android contacts on computer and enable users to backup all detailed contact information to PC or Mac in XML, XLS, CSV, HTML, or other contact formats, including the attached contact names, contact numbers, contact addresses, contact email, contacts' home fax numbers, contact groups and etc. And it is fully compatible with almost all Android devices in different device models, including Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, OPPO and etc. (For example, it supports almost Samsung models, such as Samsung Galaxy S9+/S9/S8+/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Note 7/Note 6/Note 5/Note 4, Samsung J3/J3 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A5 and etc.)

Actually, this program is not only an Android contacts transfer, it can also transfer and manage many types files on Android phone, including contacts, text messages (SMS), music, photos, videos, books, apps and etc. To manage Android contacts with this program, you can add new contacts, edit existing contact information, delete unwanted contacts, export contacts from Android to computer in batches or individually, import contacts from computer to Android phone directly and etc.

Here are the free trails of the program in Windows and Mac version, you can download the right version on your computer and transfer contacts from Android phone to computer easily by yourself.

Steps to Save Contacts from Android Phone to Computer (Windows/Mac):

This guide will take the Windows version as an example, please download the Windows or Mac version according to your own needs.

Step 1. Download, Install and Open the Program

Please download, install and operate this program on your compute, then link your Android phone to computer via USB cord. After connecting your Android mobile phone to computer, you will get a interface as shown.

Please follow the steps to open USB debugging on your phone. After that, choose "USB debugging opened" and "Next", this Android Contacts Backup software will detect your Android device immediately.

enable USB debugging

Step 2. Scan & Preview Android Files Thoroughly

As soon as the program identifies your Android smart phone, it will start to install USB driver on PC and then scan your phone data. After a while, you can see all files are arranged on the interface, including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Book, Files, Contacts, etc.

Besides, when you click "My Android" option on the interface, you will get some detailed info of your Android phone, such as Model, State, SysVersion, Power and so on.

android contacts manager

Step 3. Selectively Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to Computer

Click the "Contacts" option on the left panel, you can preview the whole contacts list with full name, phone number and other contact info that are attached. Now you can selectively choose one or more wanted contacts for transfer. After marking contacts, please hit the "Export" button to choose desired export format for contact (such as XML, XLS, CSV format) and start to export Android contacts to PC within seconds. Also you can choose the file location on your computer as you like.

transfer contacts from android to computer

How about this Coolmuster Android Contacts Backup software? If you own a Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC, HUAWEI, ZTE or other Android device, just try this program to backup contacts from Android phone to PC. You won't be disappointed.

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