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You can find many methods to transfer your contacts, messages, photos and other data types, but except call logs. As you have the need to transfer your call logs, perhaps you would have no idea. Today, this post shares 3 easy tips to you about how to transfer call logs from Android to PC, in order to help you do the call log transfer in convenient ways.

how to transfer call log from android to pc

Tips: Where are call logs stored on the Android phone? If you are curious about the call log data location on the Android phone, maybe you would be hopeless, for you can't find this data on your File Manager of the Android phone.

Part 1: How to Transfer Call Logs from Android to PC with Android Manager in 1 Click

To export Android call history in 1 click, this Android manager - Samsung Backup and Restore, has an effective feature to make it. That means it can help you quickly download call logs from Android phone to PC. What's more, besides call logs, it can back up at least 7 types of data from Android.

Major features and highlights of the Android Manager:

- Not only back up all the call logs from your Android phone to the computer in 1 click but also transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, apps and documents.

- Easily Restore the previous backup files from the computer to any Android devices.

- Support 2 ways of connection between Android device and computer: USB connection and Wi-Fi connection.

- Remain the original data format and quality.

- You can select the data types on the computer before backing up and restoring.

- Compatible with almost all the Android phones and Android tablets, including Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8, Samsung Tab A/S/S6, Sony Xperia 1 IV/Xperia 5 IV/Xperia 10 IV/Xperia Pro-I/Xperia 1 III/Xperia 5 III, HTC U12 Life/U12+/U11/U19e, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, and more.

Download Android call log transfer software for free below.

download win version of android call log transfer software

Guide on how to transfer call logs from Android to PC in 1 click:

Step 1. Download and Install the Program

To start with, please download and install this Android call log transfer program on the computer and launch it directly.

Step 2: Connect Android Phone to PC

Make your Android phone connected to the PC with a USB cable. Then enable USB debugging on your Android device. It will recognize your Android phone instantly.

back up call logs on the computer

Step 3: Back Up Call Logs

Clicking on the "Backup" icon, you will see your Android content on the interface. To back up the call logs, please choose the "Call Logs" category and tap on the "Back Up" button. It will begin the auto-backup of your call logs from Android to the computer.

back up call history from android

Note: Can you view the backup call logs on the PC? After you finish the call log transfer on the computer using this backup manager, you can open the file and view it with suitable software.

Part 2: How to Copy Call History from Android Phone to Computer with Android Assistant Selectively

This Android Assistant - Samsung Messages Backup, is an all-in-one Android File Transfer, which enables you to back up everything from Android phones or tablets to computers, either Windows PC or Mac computer. With it, you can not only selectively export call logs from Android to computer, but also you can import call logs from the computer to the Android phone without hassle. Additionally, you can delete the unwanted call logs on the computer as well.

Download the Android assistant for free below.

download win version of android assistantdownload mac version of android assistant

Tutorial on how to selectively copy call history from Android phone to computer with Android Assistant:

Step 1. Install the Software

At first, please download and install the Android assistant on the computer. Then enter it and choose the tab named "Android Assistant".

Step 2. Access and View Call Logs

- Next, to access and view Android call logs on the computer, please link your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. Then you need to enable USB debugging mode on the smartphone to make a successful connection.

- After connecting, you can choose the "Contacts" and "Call Logs" options on the left panel. Now, you can clearly view your call logs.

back up call logs from android to computer

Step 3. Export Call Logs from Android to PC

You can select the call logs you want on the interface. Once selected, please tap on the "Export" icon and choose one output format to start transferring call logs from Android phone to the computer.

selectively back up call logs from android to computer

Bonus: How to transfer call logs from Android to Android without hassle? If you want to transfer all the call logs from Android to Android, please don't miss the tips about Android to Android file transfer.

Part 3: How to Do When You Mistakenly Deleted the Call Logs?

When you mistakenly deleted the useful call logs on your Android phone, what can you do? Luckily, there is a way you can get back the deleted call logs. That is a call log recovery - Samsung Data Recovery, which can help you find and retrieve the deleted call logs and other Android data, including contacts, photos, videos, music, text messages, and documents.

Here's how to recover deleted call logs from Android phone:

Step 1. Install and Connect

Download and install this data recovery program on the computer, and then launch it to make a connection between your Android phone the computer using a USB cable. Once done, please tick off the "Select All" and click the "Next" button.

transfer call logs to computer

Step 2. Scan Call Logs

Then you need to choose a scanning mode on the page and choose the "Call Logs" category to begin scanning your existing and deleted call logs. It is obvious to view the deleted call history because they are in red. And you can turn on the "Only display the deleted item(s)" icon to view the deleted call logs only.

Step 3. Retrieve and Transfer the Deleted Call Logs

You can select the desired call logs by ticking off the checkboxes. To retrieve and transfer the deleted call logs from Android to computer, please tap on the "Recover" icon. After a while, it will be over.

recover and copy call history from android phone to pc


Now, you have 3 different ways to solve the problem of how to transfer call logs from Android phone to PC. Please choose your preferred one to keep your call logs safe on the computer. If you want to back up your call logs from Android to computer in 1 click, please choose Samsung Backup and Restore. If you have any questions about the article or the software, please don't hesitate to leave your comments below to let us know, we will resolve your problems as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

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