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Why do we want to transfer text messages from Android to computer? The reason may be the messages from our best friends or families, so we would like to keep memorable moments. Or these text messages are related to our work and they will be useful in the future. Anyway, you need your text messages and want to keep them safe, right?

If so, today's post will save you time, since it has provided 7 effective methods for transferring text messages from Android to PC with detailed steps. Now, get started.

how to transfer text messages from android to computer

Part 1: How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer via Pro Tools

In this part, you will get 2 tools to save Android text messages to a computer. They are professional SMS backup applications, so you can transfer a lot of text messages from Android phones to your PC in a short time with them. In addition, contacts, call logs, and more can be backed up to the computer easily if you want.

1.1 How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer with Android Backup and Restore

In order to transfer text messages from Android to computer efficiently, this Android backup and restore app - Samsung Backup and Restore, is worth a try. You can transfer all the messages from your Android device to a PC or Mac in 1 click. If you want to transfer Android contacts, photos, and other media files to your computer, it can also help you.

Key features of this Android backup software:

- Transfer messages from Android device to computer in 1 click.

- Fast restore the backup files from computer to Android device.

- Besides text messages, work with contacts, call logs, photos, videos, music, apps and documents.

- Freely select the data types from your Android phone on the interface.

- Connecting your Android phone/tablet to the computer via a USB cable/Wi-Fi is supported.

- Highly compatible with lots of Android phones and Android tablets, including Motorola Moto G Stylus/Moto G 5G/Moto G Power 5G/Moto G73/Moto G72/Moto G53/Moto G23/Moto G13, ZTE Axon 50 Ultra/Axon 40 Ultra/40 Pro/40/30/20/10/9, Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Google, OnePlus, and so on.

Download this message backup tool below.

download win version of android message backupdownload mac version of android message backup

Back up Android messages to PC via this software:

Step 1. Download the Backup Program

Please download and install this program on a computer. Run it directly.

Step 2. Make a Connection Between Android and PC

Next, use a USB cable to make a connection between your Android phone and the computer. Then you are required to enable USB debugging on the Android device. It will detect your phone immediately.

Step 3. Transfer Text Messages to PC in 1 Click.

- Once connected, you can tap on the "Backup" icon on the page.

transfer sms from android to computer in 1 click

- On this page, please tick off the "Messages" category on the panel. Finally, tap on the "Back Up" button to begin to transfer your SMS from Android to PC.

send messages from android phone to pc quickly

Check if you need:

Before you do the factory reset on your Android phone, please back up the phone in advance, which will protect your data from loss.

What if your Android phone gets into a boot loop? If you need help fixing the device, follow this tutorial.

1.2 How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer via Android Message Backup

Let's see the Android message transfer tool - Samsung Messages Backup. This software not only supports 1-click backup of Android messages but also displays the texts on the interface and allows you to transfer them selectively. Thus, you can preview your messages before the backup. Furthermore, you can receive, edit and send text messages on your computer directly. As for those useless SMS, you can check and delete them at once.

Here are the highlights of this message transfer software:

- Selectively transfer text message from Android to a computer.

- Message backup in 1 click is also supported.

- Support copying Android photos, videos, music, books, apps, call history, contacts and more to a computer.

- Manage your Android data with multiple features, like exporting, importing, deleting, editing, etc.

- Send and receive text messages freely on the desktop.

- You can choose to connect your Android phone to a computer or laptop via a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

- Compatible with Android OS 4.0 and upper.

Download this message transfer software below.

download win version of android message transfer download mac version of android message transfer

Tutorial on how to save text messages from Android to computer:

Step 1. Download and Install

Please download and install Android Message Backup on the PC. Then run the program and click the "Android Assistant" module to access Android Message Backup.

Step 2. Connect Android to PC

Next, you will get the primary interface on the screen. Connect your Android device to the computer via a USB cable. Please enable USB debugging on the phone.

how to transfer text messages from android to pc with android message backup

Step 3. Transfer SMS to PC

- The program will detect and recognize your Android device immediately. Then you need to click the "SMS" on the left panel.

how to transfer text messages from android to computer via android message backup

- Tick off the messages you want to transfer on the interface, and click "Export" to save them to your computer.

select and transfer android messages on the computer


If you need to print out text messages from Android phone, you will also get help from professional methods.

Want to get an app to transfer text messages to PDF quickly? Don't worry. You can take a look at this article.

Part 2: How to Save Android Text Messages to Computer for Free via Official Apps

This second part will show you with the help of official apps, how to transfer text messages from Android to computer for free. These apps are provided by different brands of Android phones. Although they are not as convenient as the pro apps above, they still can solve the problem.

2.1 Copy Text Messages from Android to PC via Samsung Smart Switch

Smart Switch is an official app which is developed by Samsung. It is suitable for Samsung users only. If you are a Samsung user, you can follow the steps below to save your SMS to a PC:

Step 1. Download Samsung Smart Switch

Download, install and run Smart Switch on your PC.

Step 2. Connect Android Device to PC

Connect your Android device to the PC with a USB cable. Then allow the software to access your phone when prompted.

Step 3. Back Up Messages to PC

- If you want to back up your messages only, please click "More" on the top right, and choose "Preferences" > "Backup items" > "Messages". Once done, click "OK".

- Then tap "Backup" to start the process. After that, your Android SMS is transferred to your PC.

back up android sms to pc via smart switch


You can't view or select your text messages on the computer with Samsung Kies, so it may not be convenient enough.

Want to find your disappeared text messages on your Android phone? Check it out.

2.2 Back Up Text Messages from Android to PC with Other Official Apps

In addition, LG has LG PC Suite, Huawei has Huawei HiSuite, Xiaomi has MI PC Suite, etc. They all can transfer messages from the Android phone to the computer. These apps offer services to their own users respectively. If you are a user of the mentioned Android brands, you can have a try. Below is a common guide for using these apps:

Step 1. Install

Install the app which you need on the computer and launch the app.

Step 2. Connect

Then connect your Android phone to the PC via a USB cable. Give the permission to the app if prompted.

Step 3. Backup

Choose the "Messages" options on the list and then click the icon to start the transfer.

transfer sms from android to pc via official apps

Maybe you like:

Sometimes, Huawei HiSuite or LG PC Suite is not efficient during the transfer. Here is the alternative to help you transfer Android files to the PC breezily.

You can easily complete the transition from an iPhone to an Android smartphone via these tips and tricks.

Part 3: How to Back Up Text Messages from Android to PC via 3rd-party Apps

If you don't want to choose the official apps, third-party apps are another choice. You can use these apps to transfer text messages to a computer fast. There are two apps that will be introduced which are helpful for many people. If needed, you can download one of them to try.

3.1 How to Transfer Text Messages to Computer via SMS Backup+

SMS Backup+ can back up your SMS, MMS and call history in Gmail and Google Calendar. And you can restore the backup messages back to your Android phone easily. However, you need to set the IMAP first, so it is a bit complicated. Here's how to back up text messages from Android to a PC via this app:

Step 1. Download SMS Backup+

Firstly, download SMS Backup+ on the Android device from the Google Play.

Step 2. Set the IMAP

Next, sign in to your Gmail account and go to the "Settings" on the Gmail page. Hit the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" to choose the "Enable IMAP" option.

download text messages from android to pc with sms backup plus

Step 3. Export Text Messages from Android to PC

Tap on the "Connect" so as to connect your Gmail. Choose your account and tap on "ALLOW" to grant the permission. Click the "Backup" option on the pop-up page. The transfer will start.

- The process will last for several minutes or half an hour (or longer). But you can browse the SMS on your Gmail and don't have to wait until it is over.

transfer text messages to computer by sms backup plus

(Tips: If you click the "Skip" option, you won't be successful in SMS backup on the PC.)

Further reading:

When you have a new phone, how to transfer data from Android to Android?

You can easily recover deleted text messages from your Android phone. Let's follow this guide.

3.2 How to Transfer Text Messages to Computer via SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is another 3rd-party app to back up your SMS on the PC. This app can back up SMS, MMS messages and call logs simply. If you want to transfer other data to the computer, SMS Backup & Restore can't help you. You'd better choose the Android Message Backup app on the first part. This is the guide for downloading text messages from Android to a PC using SMS Backup & Restore:

Step 1. Install SMS Backup & Restore

From the outset, you need to download and install SMS Backup & Restore on your Android phone. Then run the app, and click "Get Started".

Step 2. Choose the Messages Option

Allow the app the access your phone data, and tap "SET UP A BACKUP" if it's the first time that you use the app. Make sure the "Messages" toggle is turned on.

Step 3. Back Up the Selected Messages

- Then choose a location you want to save your Android messages, such as "Dropbox". Then log in to your Dropbox account. Finally, click "BACK UP NOW" to begin the message backup.

- Now, open Dropbox on your computer, and sign in with the same account. Then you will see the backup message file. Please download it to your computer.

transfer text messages from android to pc with sms backup and restore

Part 4: How to Download Text Messages from Android to Computer via Google Drive

Actually, you can also back up Android messages to a PC without installing any apps on your Android smartphone. As you know, you can back up data to Google Drive via the built-in Settings app. Thus, you can use this feature to achieve the message transmission. Follow the steps to make it:

Step 1: Open "Settings" on Android, and choose "System" > "Backup".

Step 2: Enable "Back up to Google Drive" and tap "Account" to input your Gmail account. Then click "Back up now".

back up sms to google drive on android

Step 3: Once done, browse Google Drive on your computer, and log in with this account. Next, click "Backups" to view your backup file. Finally, download it on your computer.

download text messags from android to pc via google drive



In this article, there are 7 methods in three parts on how to transfer text messages from an Android device to a computer. Whatever you select, you can transfer SMS easily. Besides, to directly transfer your Android messages to a computer in 1 click, you can try Samsung Backup and Restore. But if you want to preview and select specific text messages, please use Samsung Messages Backup. Both of them are widely compatible with Android phones and tablets, so they can serve you smoothly.

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