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Are there many important text messages stored on your OnePlus? Have you backed them up to a secure location? No? It is easy to lose messages because of careless deletion. Sometimes you may not even notice that the messages have been deleted immediately. In this situation, you'd better know how to retrieve deleted messages on OnePlus.

This article will help you find your deleted messages with or without backup. You can select a way you want to recover your text messages.

how to retrieve deleted messages on oneplus

Part 1: How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on OnePlus via OnePlus Data Recovery?

"How do I Retrieve deleted messages on my OnePlus 7 Pro? I don't have any backup, so is it possible to regain my deleted messages?" Are you facing the same situation? If so, you can ask this OnePlus data recovery - Samsung Data Recovery for help. It can recover text messages and other file types from internal storage and SD cards without backup.

Furthermore, most OnePlus phones and other Android devices are compatible with this software, including OnePlus 9 Pro/9/8/7/6/5/4/3, OnePlus Nord 2/Nord N200/Nord CE/Nord 100, Samsung, Honor, OPPO, ZTE, Xiaomi, Vivo, LG, HTC, Sony, and more.

Key features of this OnePlus data recovery software:

- Recover deleted text messages on OnePlus without changing the file format.

- Support you to preview, select, and save the recovered text messages on your computer.

- Restore deleted contacts, photos, documents, call logs, music, and videos with high quality.

- SD card recovery feature is also available.

- Recover deleted songs, books, videos, pictures from micro SD card without root.

- Seamlessly back up files from OnePlus to a computer, including existing and deleted files.

Please feel free to download the OnePlus file recovery program for free below.

download win version of android messages managerdownload mac version of android messages manager

Here's how to recover deleted text messages on OnePlus 7 Pro via this software:

Step 1. Install the Recovery Software

To begin with, please download and install the recovery program on your computer. Then choose the "Android Recovery" module.

Step 2. Connect Your OnePlus Phone to Computer

- Use a data cable to connect your OnePlus 7 Pro and the computer, and enable the USB debugging feature on OnePlus. After that, you can select the file types you want on the interface.

choose the messages option for recovery

- Next, pick a scanning mode and tap the "Continue" icon. The program will scan your phone data at once.

select a scan mode to recover oneplus deleted text messages

Note: It will remind you to root your OnePlus phone for thorough recovery. And you can click the "full guide" words to learn how to root your phone. By the way, the root is needed when you recover deleted data from internal memory.

Step 3. Swiftly Recover OnePlus Messages

Choose the "Messages" category, and you can preview all text messages on the interface. Please select the messages you want, and click the "Recover" button to save them on your computer.

recover deleted text messages on oneplus without backup


These 3 ways will help you seamlessly retrieve contacts from your SIM card.

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Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on OnePlus via Google Account?

As you know, you can back up multiple data types to Google cloud space via your Google account. As long as you have backed up your OnePlus phone to Google Drive, you can easily retrieve deleted messages on OnePlus. Please note that it will restore your messages via the synchronization feature.

Guide on how to restore deleted text messages on OnePlus via Google account:

Step 1. Choose Your Google Account

Launch the Settings app, and choose the "Accounts" > "Google" icon. Then choose the Google account that you have backed up your text messages.

Step 2. Sync SMS on OnePlus

To restore the backup text messages on your OnePlus phone, you can tap the "Menu" icon on the top right corner. Next, click the "Sync now" button to sync the backup messages to your phone.

retrieve deleted messages on oneplus using google account

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Part 3: How Do I Retrieve Deleted Messages on My OnePlus via SMS Backup & Restore?

SMS Backup & Restore can back up SMS and MMS to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and your local location. If needed, you can fast restore the backups to any Android mobile device. So, did you use this application to back up your OnePlus messages? If yes, let's restore them to your OnePlus device.

Here's how to recover deleted text messages on OnePlus 6 via SMS Backup & Restore:

Step 1. Choose the Restore Option

Open the app, and click the "Menu" icon to choose the "Restore" option on the panel.

Step 2. Choose a Backup Location

There are 4 backup locations on the screen, and you need to choose the location where you stored your backup messages.

Step 3. Restore the Backup Messages

Then select the backup message file, and tap the "RESTORE" icon at the bottom right. The app will import the messages to your phone.

restore text messages on oneplus via sms backup and restore

Tips: Can it restore the text messages to another mobile device? Certainly, it can. If you back up your SMS to a cloud location, you can install the app and restore the SMS to another smartphone.

Part 4: How to Recover Deleted Messages from OnePlus Switch Backup?

Most users know OnePlus Switch that can transfer data from one mobile phone to a OnePlus phone without the hassle. In fact, it can also back up and restore data on OnePlus cellphones. It can save the backup data on the internal storage space, but if you remove the backup data, you will fail to retrieve your deleted messages on OnePlus.

Tutorial on how to retrieve deleted messages from OnePlus Switch Backup:

Step 1. Run OnePlus Switch

Please open the app, and click the "Backup and Restore" icon at the base.

Step 2. Restore Deleted Messages on OnePlus

- Hit the "Restore Backup" option, and select a backup file on the screen. Then you can select the "Messages" data type, and tap the "RESTORE NOW" button.

- Once the restoring process is over, please tap the "DONE" icon.

retrieve deleted sms from oneplus switch backup

Final Words

If you have a message backup, you can easily retrieve deleted messages on OnePlus. If not, you can also use this OnePlus data recovery - Samsung Data Recovery software to recover your deleted text messages without backup. With it, you can directly view and select the deleted SMS before recovering. Also, you can recover other deleted OnePlus files without a hitch.

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