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Some Huawei users have switched to OnePlus phones. It's not weird because OnePlus is excellent among the brands of Android devices. If you have already purchased the latest OnePlus smartphone, congratulations. Next, you can learn 4 powerful tips to transfer data from Huawei to OnePlus. You can get rid of slow data migration; instead, these methods will help you automatically move Huawei data to OnePlus.

transfer data from huawei to oneplus

Part 1: How to Transfer Data from Huawei to OnePlus via Android Transfer?

This Android transfer software - Samsung Data Transfer, is a one-stop transfer tool for Huawei and OnePlus. With simple clicks, you can transfer almost all Huawei files to your OnePlus device, including contacts, photos, music, applications, videos, SMS, and more. Thus, you can move the data you want at once. By the way, you can also move files from OnePlus to Huawei without a hitch.

Main features and highlights of this Huawei to OnePlus transfer tool:

- Directly copy Huawei data to OnePlus without data loss.

- Support various file types, like contacts, call logs, videos, photos, apps, text messages, documents, music, etc.

- Support you to select the data you want by category on the interface.

- Allow you to connect Huawei and OnePlus phones to a computer via USB/Wi-Fi connection.

- Easily copy data from iOS to iOS, from iOS to Android, and vice versa.

- Work for many Android and Apple mobile devices, like OnePlus 9 Pro/9/9R/9RT 5G/8 Pro/8/8T/7 Pro/7/6/5/3/2/One, Huawei P40/P30/P20/P10, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra/11 Pro/11/10/9/9 Lite/9T Pro/9T/9 SE/8, LG, HTC, Motorola, ZTE, OPPO, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and the like.

Download the data transfer software for free below.

download win version of huawei to oneplus data transferdownload mac version of huawei to oneplus data transfer

How to transfer data from Huawei to OnePlus in 1 click:

Step 1. Install and Launch the Software

After downloading the software, please install it on the computer, and click the "Mobile Transfer" module to launch it.

Step 2. Connect Mobile Phones to the Computer

Use USB cables to connect Huawei and OnePlus devices to your computer, and enable USB debugging on both devices. Then the connection and recognition will be successful.

Step 3. Copy Huawei Files to OnePlus

- To move data from Huawei to OnePlus, you need to make sure your Huawei device is on the "Source" side. If not, click the "Flip" icon. Then check the data types on the middle panel, and tap the "Start Copy" button to move the data to OnePlus.

rapidly transfer data from huawei to oneplus

- When the transfer is over, you can view the data on your OnePlus phone.

fast move huawei data to oneplus


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Part 2: How Do I Transfer Data from Huawei to OnePlus Using OnePlus Switch?

OnePlus Switch, renamed Clone Phone, is a helpful app to move data from an old phone to a new OnePlus phone. Thus, it is easy to switch Huawei to OnePlus effortlessly. With it, you can copy your phone numbers, calendars, photos, apps, movies, and more. But sometimes it cannot recognize a new phone.

Here's how to migrate data from Huawei to OnePlus via the Clone Phone app:

Step 1. Open the App

On your OnePlus phone, please go to Settings > Advanced, and launch the app. Then download the app on your Huawei from Google Play.

Step 2. Scan a QR Code for Connection

Tap the "I'm a new phone" > "Other" > "NEXT" icon on the OnePlus phone. Then go to the Huawei phone, and click the "START" icon to scan the QR code on OnePlus for connection.

Step 3. Select and Move Data from Huawei to OnePlus

Once connected, you can select the data you want on the Huawei device. Then click the "START" > "OK" option to transfer your desired files to your OnePlus smartphone.

migrate huawei data to oneplus via oneplus switch

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Part 3: How to Copy Data from Huawei to OnePlus via an SD Card?

If you have installed an SD card on your Huawei phone, you can make use of it to complete the data migration from Huawei to OnePlus. However, OnePlus mobile phones don't support SD cards. So you cannot directly paste the Huawei data to OnePlus. Nevertheless, you can utilize a card reader and a computer to make it.

Guide on how to transmit Huawei data to OnePlus via an SD card:

Step 1. Copy Data to the Memory Card

Open the File Manager on your Huawei, copy the data you intend to move from the internal storage, and paste it to the external storage space.

Step 2. Uninstall the SD Card from Huawei

Please remove the micro SD card from your Huawei phone with a card tray ejector, and connect the card to your computer via a reader. Next, link your OnePlus phone to the computer via USB, and select the "MTP" option on the prompt.

Step 3. Import the Data from the SD Card to OnePlus

Access the drive of your SD card on the computer, and copy the data you would like to transfer. Then access OnePlus's drive, and paste the data to it. Once done, you can view the data on your OnePlus cellphone.

copy files from huawei to oneplus via an sd card

Tips: Can Huawei Phone Clone transfer data from Huawei to OnePlus? Unluckily, it can't. Huawei Phone Clone only supports you to transfer data from a mobile phone to Huawei.

Part 4: How Do I Transfer Photos from My Huawei to OnePlus via Google Photos?

Huawei and OnePlus devices support Google Photos, so that you can transfer photos from your Huawei to OnePlus with this app. Moreover, you can sync all the photos via a network. Of course, it can also transfer videos, as long as there is adequate space on your Google account.

Here's how to sync Huawei photos to OnePlus via Google Photos:

Step 1. Install Google Photos

Please download and install this application on both smartphones, and sign in with your Gmail account.

Step 2. Upload Pictures from Huawei

To automatically upload photos, you need to allow Photos to access your gallery, click the "Photos Settings" option, and enable the "Back up & sync" feature.

Step 3. Sync Photos to OnePlus

Open Google Photos on OnePlus, and make sure you have logged in with the same account. Then refresh it, and you will view your Huawei photos on OnePlus. If needed, you can download the photos to a local folder.

sync photos from huawei to oneplus via google photos

Final Words

You have learned 4 effective ways to transfer data from Huawei to OnePlus from this article. Furthermore, the Huawei to OnePlus transfer tool - Samsung Data Transfer, can move most data in 1 click without data loss. With it, you can move all the Huawei data to OnePlus at once. Up till now, this reliable tool has helped a lot of people. Hence, it is worth a try.

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