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Many people prefer to chat with their families, friends, colleagues and others via SMS texting on a mobile phone. A lot of information, big and small, are recorded in the phone's text messages. Send text messages is very convenient for the moment when you are unable or unsuitable to make calls. However, if you have many text messages needed to be sent to a large number of people, you may feel a little annoyed because texting on a Android phone screen is not very convenient. Worse still, texting on a phone with small screen is quite slow.

Have enough to send and receive text messages on a small Android screen? Why not try another way out? Now, the Samsung Messages Backup enables you to achieve the goal to getting rid of texting on a phone, but doing that on a computer's keyboard. Well, we all know that typing with a computer keyboard is much faster than typing on a phone. This versatile Android SMS texting software gives you the ability to send text messages to a person or many people effortlessly. It also allows you to transfer and manage Android phone data on computer directly.

Coolmuster Android SMS texting software is fully compatible with all Android based phones and tablets, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc. The following part is going to show you the step-by-step guidance.

Take Steps to Send and Receive Android Texts on Computer

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to the computer

First of all, install and run the Coolmuster Android Assistant on the computer. Connect your Android phone to the same computer via USB cable. Once detected by the program, your Android phone, along with its data, will be displayed in the program window.

Step 2. Send and receive Android short messages from computer

Go to the "Contacts" tab and click "All SMS" on the left to enter the SMS managing window. Then, you can click the "Send" option to bring out the SMS texting window. Now, you can type the phone number who would receive the message or choose him from your contact list directly, type the contents and then press on "Send" to send out this message.

That's the way on how to send and receive text messages from computer for Android users. Quite simple, isn't it? Then, why not free download the trial version of the software to give it a shot?

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