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As one of the global leaders in mobile phone manufacturing, Samsung holds the largest slice of the smartphone market. Similarly, the Galaxy series has received a pleasant reception from users all over. Their top-notch innovative features have greatly piqued users' interest. These days, users spend more of their time on Samsung smartphones than before. This is true since today's smartphones are more than just mere gadgets for making phone calls and sending messages.

Certainly, there are plenty of files on your Samsung device, and their safety should be your top priority. Samsung file transfer can be a better way to back them up. Here, you will learn the best ways to transfer files from Samsung to PC.

samsung file transfer

Method 1. Samsung File Transfer to PC with Samsung Messages Backup

The most uncomplicated way to copy all your Samsung files to a PC is to use professional transfer software. Samsung Messages Backup is the top on the list for the best Samsung transfer files to PC tool that efficiently shares data between Android devices and computers. You can transfer various data types, including contacts, documents, apps, messages, call logs, photos, videos, and music.

Apart from data transfer, Android Assistant is also an incredible management tool. It allows you to send text messages on a computer, delete them from the phone, and import them from the computer. Moreover, you can delete unnecessary files and apps you're not using on a computer. Besides, managing albums and moving pictures between albums is also possible with this app.

Key highlights of this Samsung file transfer software:

- Transfer Samsung files to PC at once.

- Import files from a computer to Samsung with ease.

- Allow you to preview and select the files you want before transferring them to your computer.

- Manage and organize your Samsung files on a computer with different features.

- Support Wi-Fi and USB connections.

- Compatible with Android 4.0 and upper.

- Support most Samsung and other Android mobile devices, like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5/Z Flip5/Z Fold4/Z Flip4/Z Fold3/Z Flip3, Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S22/S21/S20/S10, Galaxy Tab A9+/Tab A9/Tab S9 Ultra/Tab S9/Tab S8 Ultra/Tab S8+/Tab S8/Tab A8/A7/Tab S7, Xiaomi, Sony, OnePlus, Honor, Motorola, etc.

Download the Samsung file sharing software.

download win version of samsung file transferdownload mac version of samsung file transfer

Here's how to transfer files from Samsung to PC with this software:

Step 1: The first thing to do is to install the software on a PC and launch it. Then tap on the "Android Assistant" module and access the tool.

Step 2: After launching the software, connect the Samsung phone/tablet to the PC using a USB wire, and the tool will detect the phone. Make sure USB debugging is activated.

achieve samsung file transfer with a professional transfer tool

Step 3: From the primary interface, choose one category on the left panel, and select the files you want to transfer. Click the "Export" button on the screen. It will save your Samsung files to your PC.

transfer files from samsung to pc

Plus, you can use Wi-Fi to connect your Samsung device to your PC as long as both devices are linked to the same network.

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Method 2. Transfer Files from Samsung to PC via Smart Switch

If you want a quick way to copy files from Samsung Galaxy to PC, Samsung Smart Switch is the ideal option. It's a powerful data transfer tool you can rely on to seamlessly transfer important files between Samsung and PC. Aside from sending data to computers for backup, Smart Switch can also transfer files from Samsung to another mobile phone. It makes the data transfer a breeze.

Steps on Samsung S22 USB file transfer on PC using Smart Switch:

Step 1: Install Smart Switch on the PC, and after that, plug in your Samsung device to the same PC with a USB cable.

Step 2: Open the Smart Switch app, and it will start detecting the files on the phone. Click on "Backup" on the computer to start backing up data from the phone and save it to the PC.

Step 3: Choose the files to transfer, like videos, pictures, and documents, and tap on "OK" to start the transfer procedure. Wait for the transfer to finish, and all your files will have been copied from the Samsung phone to the PC.

use smart switch to transfer files from samsung to pc

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Method 3. Copy Files from Samsung Galaxy to PC with USB

The use of USB is probably the most straightforward way to copy Samsung files to a PC. Here, you don't need any additional apps. The native File Explorer on the PC can easily detect the connected phone as USB storage and allow you to move data between the sources smoothly. Often, you can copy pictures, media files, and documents through this method. But since it doesn't support the transfer of other files, users find it unreliable.

To accomplish samsung USB file transfer, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start by connecting your phone to the PC with a USB charging cable.

Step 2: When the PC detects your phone, you'll get a notification on the phone. Click on it to select "File Transfer" as your transfer mode.

Step 3: Open "This PC" on your PC and open the phone's storage in the "Devices and drives" section. Browse all the files saved on the phone.

Step 4: Copy and paste the files from the phone to a folder on your PC.

copy samsung files to pc manually via usb

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Method 4. Samsung File Sharing to PC Using Bluetooth

Apart from using USB, you can wirelessly transfer data from Samsung to PC without any app using Bluetooth. However, the process is very slow, and both devices should be closer to each other. If you've many files to transfer, Bluetooth will not be the best option. But, for small-sized files, like photos and documents, you can give it a try.

Here are the steps on Samsung file sharing via Bluetooth:

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on Samsung phones and PC. To enable Bluetooth on your Samsung, head to "Settings", choose "Connections", and enable "Bluetooth". On the PC, head to "Start" and "Settings" > "Devices". Find the "Bluetooth and other devices" option and enable "Bluetooth".

enable bluetooth on pc

Step 2: Let the phone scan for nearby active Bluetooth connections. Your PC's name should show up in the list. Click on its name on the phone to pair the devices with a pin.

Step 3: Open the "My Files" app on Samsung and choose the files you need to transfer to the PC.

Step 4: Click on the "Share" button at the lower section of the screen. Choose the "Bluetooth" option and choose your PC from the devices available.

Step 5: On the PC, tap on "Send/Receive files" via Bluetooth and choose the "Receive files" > "Accept" option to allow data transfer from Samsung to PC.

share files from samsung to pc via bluetooth

Method 5. Send Samsung Files to PC via Microsoft Phone Link

Phone Link, also named Your Phone, can help transfer photos from your Samsung device to a Windows PC. This feature lets you connect a Samsung phone to a Windows 10/11 PC for seamless multitasking. This rebranded application works on all devices running on Android 7.0 and up and a PC running on Windows 10 or 11.

Here's how to transfer files from Samsung to PC using Phone Link:

Step 1: Download the Phone Link app on a Samsung phone. If your PC is running on newer Windows versions, you will find the app already installed.

Step 2: Launch the app on the PC and connect the phone to the PC by scanning the provided QR code. Grant permissions to the app on the phone.

Step 3: When the phone has been paired to the PC, you can start data transfer by dragging and dropping the files to the PC. Alternatively, you can save the images directly from the context menu.

share samsung files to pc via phone link

Method 6. Transfer Data from Samsung to PC via Google Drive

For those who prefer wireless data transfer, we recommend sharing files through the cloud. Google Drive is an impeccable cloud-based storage service that enables you to save, share as well and access files from anywhere. You can store photos, videos, documents, etc. Not only that, you can also share the files with other people through a link. Besides, you can access your files on the cloud on any platform, whether a PC or a Mac, thus offering an easier way to share files between Samsung phones and PCs.

How to sync files from Samsung to PC wireless:

Step 1: Launch the Google Drive application on a Samsung phone, tap on the "+" button, and click "Upload".

Step 2: Choose the files you need to share and wait as they upload.

Step 3: Head to the Google Drive website on a browser on your PC and ensure you are signed in using the same Gmail account as your smartphone. Check the uploaded files and download them on your PC.

sync files from samsung to pc via google drive

FAQs on Transferring Samsung Files to PC

Q1. What is the difference between MTP and PTP USB connection modes on my Samsung device?

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode is used for transferring media files, while PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) mode is primarily for transferring photos and images. Select the mode based on the type of files you want to transfer.

Q2. Can I transfer files wirelessly from my Samsung device to a PC?

Yes, you can transfer files wirelessly using Samsung Messages Backup if both your PC and Samsung device use the same network. Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth and Google Drive for the wireless transfer.

Q3. Can I transfer files from a locked Samsung device to a PC?

In most cases, you need to unlock your Samsung device to access its files. However, you can use Samsung Smart Switch to create a backup of your device, which can be restored to another device or a factory-reset device.

Q4. What should I do if my PC does not recognize my Samsung device when connected via USB?

If your PC doesn't recognize your Samsung device, try different USB cables and ports, make sure the device is in File Transfer mode, and install the necessary USB drivers if required. Restarting both the PC and the device can also help.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, different methods exist for Samsung data transfer to PC. Among the above options stated, Samsung Messages Backup can transfer files effectively and safely, and allows you to manage your Samsung files on a computer. It can copy all files in 1 click, and keep your files with the original quality.

Also, other methods like Smart Switch, USB, Google Drive, Phone Link, and Bluetooth, can help in this case. So, try out this tool now and say goodbye to data transfer anxiety.

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