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Samuel Anderson


Samuel Anderson, a seasoned authority in the realm of mobile technology, has been engaged in Samsung-website for more than 8 years. He boasts a formidable skill set encompassing Android Unlock, Location Changer, and Screen Mirror functionalities. With an unwavering dedication to truth and innovation, Samuel has emerged as a trusted resource for navigating the complexities of Android and iOS devices.

How to Find Downloads on Android Phones and Tablets Quickly

Summary "How do I view downloads on Android? I downloaded a file yesterday, but now I can't find it. There are so many folders in the File Manager app, so I'm confused." It's e...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2024-05-07
How to Spoof Pokémon GO Without Danger [iOS and Android included]

Summary Pokémon GO is the augmented reality mobile game that has taken the world by storm. It provides different services and Pokémon with players according to their location. If you wa...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2024-02-27
Which Is the Best Fake GPS App? Check the List - 10 Excellent Options

Summary GPS technology makes it incredibly easy to get accurate directions to home, work, or a store. But unfortunately, this level of accuracy has one big downside, your privacy. Luckily, there are ...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2024-02-27
Use iTools for Pokémon GO Step by Step [Detailed Guide in 2024]

Summary Pokémon GO enthusiasts often seek innovative ways to enhance their gaming experience, and for some, that includes exploring third-party tools like iTools. In the latest guide, we delve...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2024-02-18
Power Button Not Working on Samsung: Effective Solutions and Fixes

Summary In the world of smartphones, the power button is a crucial element, often taken for granted until it encounters an unexpected glitch. If you find yourself grappling with a non-responsive powe...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2024-02-18
How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen without Losing Data for Novice Users

Summary We set a password on our Samsung Galaxy phones to avoid others access to the private data without permissions. You are allowed to set PIN/pattern/fingerprint as a password on modern Samsung d...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2024-02-06
How to Unlock Samsung Phone When You Forgot Password: 5 Useful Ways for You

Summary Setting a password can make the Samsung phone secure, so many people are used to set a password. However, sometimes people would forget the password. So, how do you unlock a Samsung phone if ...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2023-12-20
How to Share Location Between iPhone and Android: Unveil Location Mystery

Summary In the interconnected digital world, many people are curious about how to share location between iPhone and Android devices. At the same time, location sharing comes with importance and neces...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2023-12-18
Mock Location on Android: Necessary Tricks You Need to Know

Summary With ever-evolving mobile technology, Android users and developers find themselves exploring an array of features that enhance user experience and streamline application testing. Among these ...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2023-12-07
Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Summary: Get the latest on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, set to release on August 9, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York. Discover what to expect, from rumored design, features, specs, and price, to upgraded cameras,...

Samuel Anderson Samuel Anderson 2023-11-15
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