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"How do I view downloads on Android? I downloaded a file yesterday, but now I can't find it. There are so many folders in the File Manager app, so I'm confused."

It's easy to download files on an Android device. When the download is complete, we'll see a popup on the screen, and can touch it to access the downloaded files. However, the popup cannot exist all the time, so it's important to understand how to find downloads on Android devices, especially when you need to send your downloads to others.

how to find downloads on android

Part 1: Where Are Downloads on Android?

Simply put, all your files are stored on Android File Manager, so you can access your downloads with this app on your Android device. Even if you download files with different apps, the files will be saved and oragnized by File Manager. This app is a chief for all your Android files and data.

Additionally, please note that not all downloaded files are saved in the "Downloads" folder, Many apps have their own folders to store their data. Thus, finding your downloads depends on what apps you download from.

Part 2: How to Find Downloads on Android [4 Ways]

As mentioned above, the downloaded files will be stored in different folders on an Android phone or tablet. In fact, you can also access your downloads with different apps. Check the approaches below to view your Android downloads.

2.1 Find Downloads on Android via File Manager

The built-in File Manager application is the best location to find downloads on Android devices, since it organizes all data. As long as your File Manager works correctly, you can see downloads with it. By the way, on Samsung Galaxy devices, this app is called My Files.

Here's how to see downloads on Android via File Manager:

Step 1: Open File Manager/My Files on an Android device, and then click "Downloads" under "Categories".

Step 2: Then you can view your files downloaded from websites/the Internet/emails or other apps. It can detect and manage most downloaded files from different apps.

find downloads on android via file manager

2.2 View Downloads on Android via Files by Google

If your smartphone is a Google Pixel device, or you are accustomed to using Files by Google, you can view your downloads on your Android handset with this app. Files by Google is very similar to the pre-installed File Manager, and it allows you to view and manage your files without any hassle. This app is free to use and has no ads in it. If your original File Manager app is broken, you can choose Files by Google.

Here's how to open downloaded files on Android with Files by Google:

Step 1: Run Files by Google on your Android gadget, and click the "Browse" tab at the bottom.

view downloads with files by google

Step 2: Click the "Downloads" directory, and view your recent downloads on this phone.

view android downlaoded files with files by google

2.3 Open My Downloads on My Phone via Google Chrome

As you download files from Google Chrome on your Android phone or tablet, you can access the downloads with the Chrome app directly. However, if you clear the download record, you cannot open your files with this browser.

Find your downloads on your phone with Google Chrome:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome on your Android phone, and click the "More" icon at the top right.

Step 2: Choose "Downloads" to view your downloaded files. Next, click a file to open it.

open downloads with google chrome on android

2.4 Access Downloads of WhatsApp on Android

When you download files from WhatsApp on your Android phone, but you cannot find them in the File Manager app? Maybe you haven't got into the correct folder. WhatsApp has its own folder to save your media files and chats. If you don't know the path, you cannot access your WhatsApp downloads. By the way, you can also find your local backup of WhatsApp.

Find WhatsApp downloads on an Android phone:

Step 1: Go to File Manager on your Android phone, and then click "Internal storage".

Step 2: Locate the "WhatsApp" folder, and choose "Media". Then you can view your WhatsApp images, videos, documents, and other downloaded files.

access whatsapp downloads on android

2.5 Find Android Downloads by Category on Computer

Do you want to view your Android downloads on your computer and transfer the files to the computer for backup? If your answer is yes, please don't miss this Android file manager - Samsung Messages Backup. With this software, you can view your downloaded photos, videos, music, apps, and documents on a PC or Mac, and then manage them with multiple features, like exporting videos, creating playlists and photo albums, etc.

Key features of this Android file management software:

- List your downloaded files by category.

- Export your Android files to a computer without losing quality.

- Allow you to manage your pictures by deleting, moving, copying, organizing albums, etc.

- Back up and restore your downloads in 1 click.

- Support USB and Wi-Fi connections.

- Compatible with Android OS 4.0 and upper, including Android 14.

- Work for most Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/S24/S23/S22/S21/S20/S10, Tecno Pova 6 Neo/Pova 6/Camon 30 Pro/Camon 30/Spark 20 Pro/Spark 20/Spark Go 2024/Pop 8, OnePlus Ace 3V/Nord CE4/Nord N30 SE/12R/12/11/10/9/8/7/6, ZTE, OPPO, Vivo, etc.

Download the management software.

download windows version of android file managerdownload mac version of android file manager

Here's how to view your downloads on a computer:

Step 1: Install the Android file manager on your computer, and then choose "Android Assistant" to launch the program.

Step 2: Link your Android device to the computer with USB, and then activate USB debugging on your phone. Once done, the software will recognize your device swiftly.

use the android file manager on a computer to view your android downloads

Step 3: Click a category on the left panel. Then you can view your downloaded files on the interface. Now, you can manage your downloads on your computer if needed.

manage your downloads on the computer

Part 3: FAQs about Android Downloads

Q1: How can I get to the downloads of my Messages app on my Android phone?

The Messages app itself doesn't have a dedicated download folder where media files are stored. In this situation, you can go to File Manager and click the "Downloads" folder to check if there are any files that you downloaded from the Android Messages app.

Q2: How can I organize my downloads?

  • If you want to see your recent downloads directly, you can create a new folder to save your new downloads, and name it "Recent downloads".
  • You can also make a delicated folder, and then set subdivision folders in it according to file types, such as Images, Audio, Videos, etc. Then move your downloads to the correct folders.
  • As for those useless downloads, please delete them in time to free up storage space.

Q3: Can I restore my downloads after deleting them from my Android phone?

It depends. If there is a trash folder in File Manager on your Android phone, you can restore your deleted downloads within 30 days. Another way is to use your backups. Check if you back up your files to Google Drive or other cloud storage space. If you have, you can restore them easily. The last way is to recover your deleted files with professional recovery software. This kind of software is not free to use, but it can recover deleted data without backup.


See? It's straightforward to find your downloads on Android devices. File Manager is the most effective app, and you can find your downloads in it with ease. Other apps like Files by Google and Chrome Browser are also easy to use, but if you want to view and back up your downloads, Samsung Messages Backup is the best option. It can back up your Android files to a computer at once.

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