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We set a password on our Samsung Galaxy phones to avoid others access to the private data without permissions. You are allowed to set PIN/pattern/fingerprint as a password on modern Samsung devices. However, sometimes we forget the password and can't access our own Samsung phones.

Here are some free ways to bypass Samsung lock screen. Method 1 or Method 2 should be the first choice for most of you. Method 3 and Method 4 have their limits to unlock your Samsung phone. If all the above methods fail to unlock your phone, try the last method to go through a factory reset.

how to bypass samsung lock screen

Method 1. How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen without Losing Data? - Forgot Password/Fail to Input Fingerprint

Forget the password, PIN, or pattern for your Samsung device? Or the fingerprint reader is dead on your Galaxy? Please don't worry, Android Unlock allows you to bypass your Samsung lock screen without any data loss in 5 minutes.

The software offers two work modes. The standared mode can unlock some Samsung/LG models without data loss, and the advanced mode can unlock more brands of Android phones. As the topic today is to remove password and fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy, we will show you the standared mode in the following.

Supported Samsung device: Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S10/S9, Note 20/10/9/8/7/4/3/2/Edge, Tab S8/S7/S6, etc. (Note: Not all supported models can be unlocked without erasing data.)

You can now free download Android Unlock and go on.

Step 1. Download the software and select "Unlock" from the toolbox.

tap on unlock from the home page toolbox

Step 2. Link your Samsung Galaxy to a PC, then select the "Unlock Android Screen" tab.

bypass samsung lock screen without data loss

Step 3. Fill in your device info to the blank. You are required to offer your device brand, name, model. Just open the dropdown menu to choose the detailed info so that the software will offer a customized recovery package to unlock your Samsung.

choose your device info

Step 4. Enter the download mode.

1) Turn off your Samsung phone.

2) Press and hold Volume Down + Home button + Power key at the same time.

3) Press the Volume Up to get into the Download Mode.

enter the download mode

Step 5. Wait for the program to download a recovery package.

wait for the downloading process to finish

Step 6. Confirm the info by typing "000000" to confirm your device info and click on "Remove Now" to unlock your Galaxy without data loss.

confirm the info

Step 7. Now, you can access your Samsung phone without any password.

remove the password on samsung galaxy

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Method 2. How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen with Samsung Find My Mobile?

Forget your password/PIN and want to unlock your Samsung Galaxy? Find My Mobile must be the first option for you because it is a built-in feature of all Samsung devices. To use this handy tool, you are required to log in your Samsung account on your device before it is locked.

If you have not yet set a Samsung account or logged in this account on your Galaxy, this tool can not work for you. In addition, some mobile phone carriers block this feature to protect users' private from mobile phone hackers. But if you have kept your Samsung account being logged in your device, try the method!

Supported Samsung devices: Samsung Galaxy S/Note/A/J series, and more.

Here's how:

  1. On a computer web browser, visit Samsung Find My Mobile Website.
  2. Click "Sign in" to log in your Samsung account.
  3. Once done, go to the "Lock my screen" section on the left panel.
  4. Enter a new PIN to unlock your Galaxy screen. This would be the new password for your Samsung device, please remember it.
  5. Click "Lock" on the bottom.
  6. Wait for a few minutes, the PIN you set on the web browser just now can be used to unlock your Samsung Galaxy.

how to bypass samsung lock screen with find my device

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As we talk above, a Samsung account should have been logged in your Samsung Galaxy before you failed to lock it with the old password. What if you are used to using a Google account on your Samsung phone instead of a Samsung account? Please don't worry, go ahead to Method 2.

Method 3. Bypass Samsung Lock Screen Using Google Account - Android Device Manager

Like Samsung, Google has its own "Find My Mobile" feature for all Android users, which is well-known as Android Device Manager. With the same rule as the Samsung Find My Mobile, before the failure of unlocking screen, you need to have logged in your Google account on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Supported Samsung devices: Samsung Galaxy A73/A53/A52/A33/A13, Galaxy J8/J7/J6/J5, and more.

To unlock your Galaxy with Android Device Manager, you need to:

  1. Open a web browser on your computer, visit Android Device Manager Website.
  2. Sign in your Google account that you used on the locked Samsung phone.
  3. Check if the default device displayed on the left panel is yours.
  4. If not, hit on the "Refresh" button and select the one as you need. If it is, go to next step.
  5. Click "LOCK".
  6. Enter a new password to replace the old one. Then click "Lock".
  7. The password/PIN will change to the new one you have set after a few minutes. Then you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy with the new password.

how to unlock samsung password with google android device manager

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Unfortunately, if you can't meet the conditions of Find My Mobile or Android Device Manager, you can jump to other methods on this page. Please go on.

Method 4. How to Bypass Galaxy Lock Screen with Google Login?

It is quite an effective method to unlock your Samsung Galaxy without losing data, however, it only works on Android OS 4.4 and lower. Many of you should have upgraded Android OS to a higher version, so this may be the easiest but useless one on modern Samsung devices.

If you need to unlock your aged Samsung phone, you can charge it and try this method. Apart from the Android version, the condition to use this method is that you can still remember the backup PIN or the Google account that you used on this phone.

Supported Samsung devices: Samsung smartphones running Android OS 4.4 and lower.

To do that:

  1. Enter a wrong PIN/password/pattern for 5 times.
  2. Click on "Forgot Pattern".
  3. Enter your Google account and sign in, or type the backup PIN.
  4. Then your Galaxy will be unlocked.

how to unlock samsung screen lock via google login

Here are the 3 ways for free to unlock your Samsung Galaxy. They are easy enough for novice users to bypass the lock screen without losing data. The last free way to remove the forgotten password is to perform a factory reset via Android Recovery mode.

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Method 5. How to Remover Forgotten Password via Android Recovery Mode?

Android users can access to the Android System Recovery Mode on each Android phone. You can restart the system, perform a factory reset and wipe cache partition. It can be used in these cases:

#1. Forget your password.

#2. The fingerprint reader is dead.

#3. Frozen screen/touch screen can't work.

Here's how:

  1. Press Power key and tap on "Power off" from the screen.
  2. Press the Power key and Volume Down key, you can see a "Start" on the top of the screen.
  3. Press Volume Down key two or three times and you can see "Recovery mode" in red on the top of the screen.
  4. Press Power key to enter it.
  5. Then you can see "No command" on the screen.
  6. Press Power key and Volume Up key at the same time for around 3 seconds.
  7. Keep pressing the Power key and hold down Volume Up key once.
  8. Use Volume keys to select "Wipe data/ factory reset" and press Power key to enter it.
  9. Then you can choose "yes, delete all user data" and then choose "Reboot system now" option to restart the phone.
  10. After that, your device should be able to access without entering password.

Notice: Performing a factory reset has a risk of losing all user data on your Galaxy phone although it is said to have a 50% chance for data recovery. And this way is a bit complex for novice users.

remove samsung forgotten password with a factory reset

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The Final Thoughts:

Here are the 5 easiest methods for novice users to bypass Samsung lock screen. Method 5 is not recommended for its complex steps and risks to lose data without recovery. Method 4 has limits on Android OS. Method 1 or Method 2 should be the first choice for most of you because they are easy to use, yet with preconditions.

If all the above methods failed, try the fifth method to remove the fingerprint password and back up files from your Samsung Galaxy to PC and send your phone to a repair shop.

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