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Now, the awareness of backing up important files from your device is growing stronger and stronger. Along with the phenomenon, more and more backup tools are showing up in response to the needs of different users, among which Carbon Backup is an example, which is a backup tool allowing Android users to back up data to the computer in case of sudden data losses. Sounds good, right? However, according to many Android users, you can only backup via USB. Also, it wants you to be rooted, so you have to root your device before using this software. Pretty troublesome?

Why not get another better choice? Here, you can have a try of this Carbon Backup Alternative, which is powerful and professional to back up everything from your Android phone to the computer in one click. With this software, you are able to easily and quickly transfer various files like contacts, messages, music songs, videos, photos and etc. from Android phone to the computer without any restrictions. Moreover, this software offers you two modes to begin file transfer, i.e. you are free to choose file transfer via USB cord and via Wifi as wanted. Worry that the steps are too troublesome? No need! This software allows you to use the minimum time to transfer the maximum amount of files between Android device and computer. Best of all, this software is fully compatible with all brands of Android phones!

Below is the free trial versions of this software! Why not download the right one and give it a try by yourself?

Step-by-step Guide on Using This Carbon Backup Alternative

Step 1. Get Android Phone Linked to the Computer

After opening the installed software on the computer, you can get your Android phone to the computer via the USB cord. Then you may see the below interface, follow the steps to enable USB debugging on your device and continue.

Step 2. Scan for Wanted Files

Then this software will detect your Android device and show you the below main interface. As you can see now, all file folders are arranged on the left panel. You can then enter each tabs to choose the files you want to transfer from Android phone to the computer.

Step 3. Copy Files from Android to Computer

Once you have selected the wanted files, you can then click on the Export option to begin the file transfer now. After that, just wait for the transfer process to complete within a little while.

This alternative to Carbon Backup can offers you more than simple file transfer from Android device to the computer. You can also import files, install or uninstall apps on your Android phones. Well, to get more shining points of this software, why not just give it a try by yourself?

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