How Can I Permanently Delete Text Messages on Android?

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After deciding to buy a brand-new phone, you may consider selling your old Android phone or giving it away. But before that, you have something to do. That is: permanently delete everything from your phone, especially those containing your personal information, like private messages, contacts and many more.

Well, you may think that's easy! Don't ever think it is just a matter of deleting the unwanted files within the device itself! That's not enough indeed, since such deleted files can be easily recovered as long as you have a professional recovery tool at your hand. So in order to permanently erase text messages from Android phones, you need to turn to a powerful data eraser for help.

Here, you can't miss this Android Data Eraser software, which allows you to permanently delete text messages on Android within simple clicks. Aside from text messages, you can also use this software to delete other files from Android, including contacts, music, videos, photos, apps and many more. The files deleted with this software have no chance of being recovered. More importantly, all brands of Android devices can all be supported, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony and many more.

Simple Guide on Permanently Erase Text Messages from Android

After opening the installed software on the computer, get your Android phone connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will detect your device and display all the file folders on the main interface.

Now, you can enter the Messages folder on the left panel to preview more detailed file information. Then tick out the files you want to delete on Android. And finally click on Erase option to permanently delete text messages on Android as wanted and needed!

Within a little while, this Android Data Eraser software will successfully delete text messages on Android phones!

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