How to Export LG W41/W31 Contacts to HTML for Printing?

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It is simple to transfer contacts onto an Android-based device like LG mobile phone by exporting them from your mail app and then importing them into Gmail. But if you need to export contacts from your LG Android phone to computer and save them as specified file format, you need to draw support from additional tool. For example, many people prefer to save their LG phone contacts as HTML format because it is easy to view and print an HTML file.

Then, how to export contacts from an LG phone and save as HTML format? Samsung Messages Backup can give you the solution. It's specially designed for users to transfer and manage Android data. With it, you can not only transfer contacts from your LG phone and save as HTML, but also allows you to transfer SMS, photos, videos, music, apps and more between Android and computer, and even send text messages from computer to any phone number.

The following guide will show you how to extract contacts from LG phone and save them as HTML file on your computer. Before that, please click the DOWNLOAD button below to free download the Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Transfer Contacts from LG Optimus/G3/G2 to HTML for Printing

Step 1. Launch the LG contacts exporter

To get started, install and launch the Android Assistant on your computer. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to connect your LG phone to the computer via a USB cable or Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Export LG contacts to HTML

Once click "Contacts" on the left panel, you will see a list of all your contacts. Select the contacts you want to print out and click the icon says "Export", choose HTML as output format and then all the selected contacts will be export to computer as HTML file.

Step 3. Print LG phone contacts out

After the contacts transfer completes, you can find the exported contacts in the output folder on your computer, which is an HTML file. Now, you can press CTRL+P on your keyboard to get them printed with a local printer.

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