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No matter how great is your HTC phone, you would encounter losing data from HTC phone. However, methods are more than difficulties. When you get the hang of 4 useful ways about HTC Data Recovery in this article, getting back the deleted data from HTC is not a painful thing anymore. Let's see the guide together.

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Part 1: HTC Data Recovery – Recover Deleted Data on HTC (Best)

HTC Data Recovery - Samsung Data Recovery is a cross-platform for recovery which can work out how to recover deleted files from HTC phone. This HTC Data Recovery can recover many different sorts of data on HTC, such as contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, documents, and more. What's more, you can preview the deleted data before recovery.

Highlights and key features of the HTC Data Recovery tool:

- Recover deleted contacts from HTC phone, and it can retrieve deleted call history, messages, pictures, videos, music, books, and other documents quickly.

- Retrieve deleted files from the SD card which you plugged in the HTC.

- Backup existing and deleted files from HTC phone to the computer.

- There are 2 scanning modes available for all the files on HTC.

- Support multiple formats of data, like JPG, PNG, BMP, HEIC, EPUB, DOCX, XLSX, PDF, MP4, M4V, ETC.

- You can choose to recover deleted contacts, call logs and SMS as HTML or XLM format which is easy to read and print,

- This app works with almost all HTC and other brands of Android phones, including HTC U12 Life/U12+/U11 Life/U11 Eyes/U11/U19e/ U Ultra/U Play, HTC Wildfire R70/Wildfire X/Desire 19s/Desire 12s/Desire 850/Desire 650/Desire 628Exodus 1s/One X10, LG G9/G8/G7/G6/G5, ZTE Axon 10 Pro/Axon 9 Pro/Blade 10, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, and so on.

Download this HTC Data Recovery tool below:

download win version of htc data recovery tool download mac version of htc recovery tool

1.1 Recover Deleted Data on HTC Quickly

As an authoritative recovery application, this HTC file recovery app can recover all the deleted files on HTC in simple steps. Follow the tutorial below, you would find it powerful and convenient to retrieve various data from HTC internal storage.

Tutorial on how to recover deleted data on HTC internal storage:

Step 1: Download this HTC Recovery App

From the outset, you need to download this HTC Recovery tool on the computer. Then you are required to allow the app to install on the PC automatically.

Step 2: Make HTC Phone linked to the PC

After entering the app, please make your HTC cell phone linked to the PC via a USB cable and enable USB debugging on the phone. The program will detect your HTC device in no time. Then tap on the "Next" icon and select one scanning mode on the page.

recover deleted files on htc

Step 3: Recover Deleted Data from HTC

- In this step, you can get to the interface that you can see the categories of your HTC data. Click the categories you want to recover, and the deleted data will appear on the right side.

- At an end, tapping on the "Recover" button at the bottom right.

how to recover deleted data from htc phone

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1.2 Recover Deleted Photos on SD Card of HTC Phone Fast

Maybe you are used to having an SD card to store plenty of photos on your HTC phone, sometimes you would lose them from the SD card by the wrong tap or other accidents. In order to regain the deleted files on the SD card, this part will teach you how to recover deleted photos from SD card of HTC phone.

Here's how to get back deleted photos from HTC SD card fast:

Step 1: Install HTC Recovery App

When downloading and installing this HTC Recovery app on the PC, you can run the program immediately.

Step 2: Insert SD Card

After choosing the "SD Card Recovery" tab, please insert your SD card into the computer with an SD reader. Then you tick off the card on screen.

htc recovery from sd card

Step 3: Retrieve Deleted Photos from SD Card

Finally, clicking the "Photos" option, you can see the deleted images on the screen. Making a selection and hitting the "Recover" icon, you can regain the deleted pictures soon.

htc photo recovery software

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Part 2: HTC Photo Recovery Software – Recover Deleted Photos on HTC Using Google Photos

Google Photos is another HTC Photo Recovery software, and you can find it is so helpful with your photos on HTC phone. When you deleted the photos on HTC accidentally, they are still on Google Photos, but if you don't restore them within 60 days, you would lose them temporarily.

Main features of Google Photos:

- Backup millions of pictures with 15 GB free storage.

- Restore deleted images from the internal trash bin.

- Save the deleted photos within 60 days.

- Recover deleted photos on HTC device directly.

Steps on how to recover deleted photos on HTC using Google Photos:

Step 1: Log in Google Photos

First, please log in to Google Photos on HTC phone with your Google account.

Step 2: Click the Menu Icon

Then you need to click the "Menu" icon on the top left. You can see the "Trash" option on the screen.

Step 3: Restore Deleted Photos

In the trash bin of Google Photos. you can find the deleted photos. Now, click one of the deleted photos and hold on, and you can tick off the photos you want. At last, touch the "Restore" button and the deleted photos will be restored on the HTC phone.

recover deleted data from htc via google photos

Tips: You can restore deleted data on HTC with Google Drive as well.

Part 3: HTC Recovery Tool – Recover Deleted Files from HTC Backup

HTC backup is an easy-to-use method to recover deleted files from HTC phone. More and more people use this way to restore their data when switching a new HTC phone. Anyway, it is a practical way for you to recover deleted files from your HTC phone.

Main features of HTC backup:

- Restore deleted files on the HTC phone directly.

- When recovering too much data, the process of recovery would be a bit longer.

- The backup files are in order with date, so you can recover deleted files according to the date.

- You can't preview the data before recovering.

- It is recommended to connect via WiFi.

Here's how to recover deleted files from HTC backup:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings App

On your HTC phone, there is a built-in Settings app. Entering it, you can see the "Backup & reset" option.

Step 2: Sign in with the Same Account

Then you need to sign in with your account that you backup the data. And you will see the backup history on the screen.

Step 3: Select Backup Data to Recover

- On the list, please select the data which you desire, and tap on the "Next" icon. Next, you need to follow the instructions on the screen.

- Eventually, touching the "Restore" button, you can restore deleted data on HTC backup.

recover deleted data from htc via htc backup

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Part 4: HTC Recovery Software – Restore All Data on HTC in 1 Click

It is nice that you have done data backup on the computer before you lose the data. Because it would be simpler to recover the deleted files on HTC. And this part will show you how to restore all the data on HTC in 1 click. Let's see the magic.

Main features of this HTC Recovery software:

- Restore the whole data from the computer to HTC in 1 click.

- Back up HTC files on the PC/Mac easily.

- Besides HTC phone, you can also transfer files from Android to PC using USB cable.

- Support kinds of data, such as apps, contacts, SMS, call logs, music, videos, photos, e-books, and so on.

- You can connect your HTC phone to the computer by WiFi as well.

Guide on restoring all the data on HTC with HTC Recovery software:

Step 1: Run the App

To start with, please download the HTC Recovery software and install it on the computer. Then run the app.

download win version of htc recovery softwaredownload mac version of htc data restoration app

Step 2: Link HTC to the PC

Secondly, you can link HTC to the PC via a USB cable. At the same, enable USB debugging on the smartphone.

Step 3: Use Super Toolkit to Restore Deleted Data

- Once linked successfully, you will see the home page as below. Then you need to click the "Super Toolkit" button on the top menu bar.

restore htc data

- On this page, please tap on the "Restore" option and you will get the pop-up window. Then choose the data you want from the backup list, and hit the "Restore" icon. After a while, the deleted data will be recovered on your HTC device.

restore htc in 1 click

  • Why do we choose the professional tool to recover deleted data on HTC?
  • In advance, professional recovery tools are safe, which you won't worry about leaking your important messages. The second point is that professional tools can help you recover deleted data most quickly. Last but not least, you can get professional help from the team which develops the apps.


If you know the importance of the data recovery, you'd better use the best HTC data recovery application - Samsung Data Recovery. This app is containing the security of information, the ability of recovery, and the simplicity of operation. With these advantages, you have no reason to reject the excellent HTC recovery app.

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