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OneDrive is a place for you to save your private files, such as contacts. It offers a large free online storage that you can store your contacts from any platform by using a Microsoft account (,,, and MSN). In this article, we are going to set Windows phone as an example, to tell you how to backup contacts from Windows phone to OneDrive. In the beginning, you should be prepared with the following things:

1. Your Windows phone (Lumia 930/830/640/630/535/530/520, etc.)
2. Your Microsoft account that you have used to log in to OneDrive.
3. Turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi when doing backup.

Guide on Backing Up Contacts from Windows Phone to OneDrive

Step 1: Go to settings

Turn on your Windows phone, tap "All apps" from the screen. Then you will have a list of all kinds of apps in your phone. Scroll down the page and choose "Settings".

go to settings

Step 2: Add an Account

Choose, "emal+accounts". Then you can tap the option "add an account". This allows you to set up email, contacts, and others.

add an account

Step 3: Sign in Microsoft Account

Choose a mailbox type from the list. For example, you can choose "", which includes,, and MSN. Just enter your email address and password and click "Sign in". Then, you will log in to your account successfully and the sign-in information will be saved automatically.

sign in

Step 4: Backup Windows phone contacts to OneDrive

Now, you can click the button of "Yes" and your Windows phone's contacts can be backed up to OneDrive automatically with your Microsoft account.

backup contacts to onedrive

After you have your contacts backed up on OneDrive, you can access it or download it anytime you like.

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