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Recently, Android apps play a more and more important role in the life of Android users. They like to install many interesting Android apps on their Google Nexus phone or tablet and enjoy them in their spare time. However, what if you change from your old mobile phone to a new one but want to continuously play the apps on your old phone? Can we transfer these Android apps, namely these APK files from one device to another easily?

Many people guess the answer must be "NO". But here in this article, we will give you a positive answer. To realize the apps transfer from one Nexus to another, a transfer tool for Android device becomes necessary. Coolmuster Android Assistant is highly recommend to transfer Android apps between two Android devices in simple steps. It is able to transfer all apps from your Nexus phone or tablet to computer and then restore these apps from computer to the other Nexus device. What you need is only a computer, an Android Assistant and two Nexus devices with two USB cables.

Now, let's try Coolmuster Android Assistant together. First of all, download and install the program via the following button.

Tutorial on Sharing Apps between Two Google Nexus Phones

Step 1. Launch the Nexus apps transfer on your computer

After you have installed the Android Assistant, launch it on your computer and connect your Nexus device to the program via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Then, you will see the main interface of Android Assistant as below.

Step 2. Copy apps from source Nexus to computer

You can see all files on your Nexus will be scanned and listed on the left panel, including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Book, Files, Contacts, and so on. Just choose the "Apps" button, select the apps you need and hit the "Export" button to transfer them from your source Nexus to computer.

Step 3. Restore apps from computer to new Nexus device

When the transfer finishes, you can disconnect your source Nexus and link your new Nexus phone/tablet to the same computer again. The program will re-detect the new device and then you can choose "Apps" and click the button of "Restore" to transfer apps from computer to your new Nexus device.

Ok, you can feel free to download Android Assistant on your computer and try.

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