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You have now called it quits with Apple. You now want to give Android a chance, and your ideal catch is the Samsung Galaxy Phone. Samsung Inc. is the biggest manufacturer across the globe, and after all, the company has their own range of smart watches so you can quickly and easily replace your Apple watch as well. Now, how do you transfer data from an iPhone to a Samsung?

Well, you may not be forced to perform anything by opting to start things from scratch – but in the real sense, there is a lot of data that you would want to move into the new Samsung device to make the process smooth. Here is how to make the transition process as smooth as possible.

Method 1: One-click to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

Samsung and iPhone users can transfer data from one device to the other by using third-party programs such as the iPhone to Samsung Data Transfer - Samsung Data Transfer. This program is designed to transferal types of files including text messages, contacts, music, videos, photos, and applications. It fully compatible with almost all Samsung device and iPhones, including the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9/Note 9 Plus/S9/S9 Plus and iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, etc.

The first step is downloading and installing this software on your computer. There is a version for both Mac and Windows users.

download win version of iphone to samsung transferdownload mac version of iphone to samsung transfer

Step 1: Install the mobile transfer software on your PC

After downloading the app, install and open it to access the main interface.

launch mobile transfer

Step 2: Connect Samsung and iPhone to the computer

Use two USB cables to connect the phones to the PC. The application will detect the two gadgets instantly and display them in the program interface. The entire list of transferable files will be listed on the interface.

transfer files from iphone to samsung

Step 3: Transfer files between Samsung and iPhone

Select the file categories and then choose the files you need to move. You can start the data transfer process by clicking on the "Start Copy" button.

transfer data from iphone to samsung

Note: click on the "Flip" button if you are needed to change the position of the two phones. This act typically changes the destination phone and source phone.

Method 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Wirelessly with Samsung Smart Switch

You should first install Smart Switch Mobile application on your Samsung phone if you want to move data from iPhone to Samsung. Install or update the Smart Switch application from Google Play Store.


* The Smart Switch app supports iCloud backups done with iOS 4.2.1 and upper.
* The wireless transfer with Smart Switch requires you to back up your iPhone data to iCloud in advance.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Install Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Please download and install Smart Switch app on your iPhone, and go to Samsung Settings > "Accounts and backup" > "Smart Switch" option. Then launch the app on both devices.

Step 2: Connect wirelessly to iCloud

Please tap the "Receive data" option on the Samsung phone, and choose the "iPhone/iPad" > "Connect wirelessly to iCloud" option.

Step 3: Log in to iCloud and transfer data to Samsung

Please sign in with your Apple ID that you have backed up your iPhone data to iCloud. Then select the data types you want to import on the screen, and hit the "Import" icon to transfer the iCloud backup data to your Samsung device.

wirelessly import iphone data from icloud backup to samsung galaxy via smart switch

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Method 3: Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung via USB Cable with Samsung Smart Switch

It is essential to install the Smart Switch Application to your Samsung phone before transferring iPhone data to it. Look for the app on your Samsung device and update it from the Google Play Store.

Note: if you are transferring huge files, you should make sure that your two devices have sufficient charge. The transfer may be interjected if one of the phones runs out of charge.

Step 1: Run the app

First of all, run the app on both mobile devices. Then choose the "Send data" icon on the iPhone, and the "Receive data" on Samsung.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to Samsung via USB

Tap the "Cable" option, and connect the iPhone and the Samsung phone with a USB cable and an USB OTG adapter. Then click the "Trust" option on iOS, and tap the "Next" on Samsung.

Step 3: Choose the content you want to send to Samsung

Now, pick the file types on the screen, then tap the "Transfer" icon to send the iPhone data to your Samsung phone. After the process is over, you can view the sent files on Samsung.

send iphone files to samsung via USB with smart switch

Method 4: Restore iTunes Backup of iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S9

This section will show you step by step process on how to restore iTunes backup to your galaxy phone via iTunes to Samsung Data Transfer. Both Mac and Windows users can use the steps outlined below.

download win version of itunes to samsung transferdownload mac version of itunes to samsung transfer

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Ensure the iTunes to Samsung data transfer software identifies your Samsung Galaxy

After downloading and installing the iTunes to Samsung Data Transfer program, launch the application. Use a USB cable to link your galaxy to the PC. By doing this, your phone will be instantly recognized by the program. From the main interface, chose the "Restore" option.

transfer itunes backup to samsung galaxy

Step 2: Choose the correct iTunes backup contents for transfer

To restore iTunes backup to your Samsung phone, please select the "Restore from iTunes backup" option on the left side. You will be able to see a list of iTunes backup files alongside the backup date and device name. Select an iTunes backup file that have the contents that you want to transfer.

restore itunes backup to samsung galaxy phone

Step 3: Choose contents to import from iTunes to the Galaxy

Here, check the boxes of the file types that you want to move from your iTunes backup to the Samsung device. These files may include text messages, contacts, call logs, photos, calendars, and more.

After the selection, click the "Restore to Device" button to sync iTunes backup to your Samsung device instantly. Afterward, you can access your backed up files on your Samsung Galaxy phone as you want.

transfer files from itunes backup to samsung

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Method 5: Retrieve iCloud backup of iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S9

If you have just switched from iOS platform to Android platform, there are several ways in which you can transfer the backed up data in iCloud to the Samsung phone. Here is how to do it:

Since iCloud works for iDevices such as iPhone and iPad, it will not allow you to sign in directly via Android phones such as Samsung. Nevertheless, you can log in to iCloud on your computer, download the files you want, and transfer them to your Samsung phone via a data cable.

Also, you can use the software mentionded in Method 4, its iCloud to Samsung Data Transfer feature, to complete the transfer at a time. The process will be straightforward.

Step 1: Start the application and select the related mode

Launch the software, and click the "Restore" > "Restore from iCloud backup" tab.

Step 2: Log in to iCloud to access your backed up files

Input your credentials to log into iCloud. You should ensure that you are logging in to the iCloud account that has the backed up data.

one click to transfer icloud backup data to samsung

Step 3 : Choose contents and files to transfer from the iCloud to the Samsung device

From the list of backed up files in the iCloud account, select the files that you need to restore. Then click the "Download" button to save the files from iCloud to your computer.

download icloud backup files to your computer

After a few minutes, you will access your iCloud backed up files. Finally, select the files you want, and tap the "Restore to Device" icon to transfer them to your Samsung device.

transfer icloud backup to samsung s9

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