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In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, the seamless transfer of data, especially cherished photos, has become a pivotal aspect of our digital lives. Whether upgrading to the latest model, switching between work and personal devices, or simply sharing memories with friends and family, the need to transfer photos from Android to Android is a common occurrence. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various scenarios prompting photo transfers and explore a plethora of methods to ensure your memories make the journey intact.

how to transfer photos from android to android

Part 1: When Do You Transfer Photos from One Phone to Another?

Before we embark on the journey of transferring photos, it's essential to understand the scenarios that lead us to do so. From the excitement of unboxing a new device to the meticulous organization of memories, we explore the reasons behind the decision to transfer photos from one Android phone to another.

  1. Upgrading to a New Phone
  2. Switching Between Operating Systems
  3. Running Out of Storage
  4. Backing Up Photos
  5. Sharing with Others

Part 2: How to Transfer Pictures from One Phone to Another

In this central segment, we unravel the diverse methods available for transferring photos between Android devices. From lightning-fast transfers using specialized Android photo transfer tools to leveraging the native capabilities of Google services, we guide you through a spectrum of techniques tailored to your preferences and needs. Each sub-section provides step-by-step instructions, ensuring a smooth transfer experience regardless of your tech proficiency.

2.1 Using Android Photo Transfer (Fast)

To transfer pictures from Android to Android in 1 click, you can use this Android photo transfer software - Samsung Data Transfer. This tool is designed to help users transfer data between different mobile devices, including Android to Android transfers, Android to iOS, iOS to Android and iOS to iOS transfers. Furthermore, it keeps your images in their original quality and format.

It's also good at transferring contacts, videos, music, text messages, etc. It can transfer all files at once so long as you select the file types.

Standout features of this Android picture transfer tool:

- Efficiently transfer photos from Android to Android without damaging quality.

- Scan all your Android photos fast.

- The photo transfer of iPhone to Android is also supported.

- Smoothly transfer photos from Android to Android via USB or Wi-Fi.

- User-friendly interface without ads.


- $25.95/year

- $35.95/lifetime

Download the photo transfer software.

download win version of android photo transferdownload mac version of android photo transfer

Here's how to transfer pictures from one phone to another in 1 click:

Step 1: Download and install the data transfer software on your computer, and open it. Then choose the "Mobile Transfer" option.

Step 2: Connect both Android phones to the computer via USB cables (You can also connect them with the same Wi-Fi network). Then turn on the "USB debugging" mode on your phones. The program will display your devices on the panel.

send photos from android to another phone at once

Step 3: Select the "Photos" category, and click "Start Copy" to transfer your photos.

copy photos from old android to new android

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2.2 Using Google Account in Settings

How do you transfer photos from one phone to another using your Google account? Actually, it's easy, and you don't need to install any app on your Android phones. If you want to transfer photos from an old Android phone to a new Android device, and the new device's OS is upper, you can use this way. By the way, please confirm that there is a stable network you can use.

Here's how to transfer photos from an old phone to a new phone via Wi-Fi using a Google account:

Step 1: On your old phone, please open the Settings app, and choose "Accounts and backup".

Step 2: Click the "Back up data" under "Google Drive", and hit "Google Photos".

Step 3: Enable "Back up & sync". Then your photos will be backed up to Google Photos. If there is not sufficient storage, you can buy more or manage your storage space.

Step 4: Take out and power on your new Android phone, and input your Google account during the setup. Then restore your photos to this new phone.

sync photos from android to android via google account

2.3 Using Google Photos

Using Google Photos is another helpful way to transfer photos between Android devices with Wi-Fi. Besides, this way is easier than the previous one. What you need to do is to install Google Photos on your phones.

Transfer photos from Android to Android without a computer using Google Photos:

Step 1: Install the Google Photos app on both Android devices, and open it on your old Android phone.

Step 2: Sign in with your Gmail address and password, and then go to "Settings" on the app to turn on the "Back up & sync" icon. If you don't want the auto-sync feature, you can skip it, and upload your photos manually.

transfer pictures between android devices using google photos

Step 3: Open the app on another Android phone, and log in with the same account. Then you will see your uploaded photos. Now, you can save them to your new gadget.

sync photos manually

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2.4 Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a practical function on many devices, and we can use it to send pictures from one Android phone to another without a data cable. However, it will send images more slowly than other tools when you plan to transfer quantities of photos.

Send photos from one Android phone to another via Bluetooth:

Step 1: Turn on the "Bluetooth" feature on both phones by scrolling down their home screens and clicking the "Settings" icon like a gear. Then choose "Connections" and toggle on "Bluetooth".

Step 2: When your device shows up on the Bluetooth list, click it to pair to your other Android device.

Step 3: Once the connection is okay, go to File Manager or Gallery to select the images you want to send. Click "Share" > "Bluetooth", and choose your device. Next, click "Accept" on the target phone. You will receive your photos soon.

send images from android to android via bluetooth

2.5 Using Nearby Share

Nearby Share is a feature on Android devices that enables the easy and quick sharing of files, links, and other data between devices that are in close proximity to each other. It's essentially a file-sharing protocol designed to make it simple for Android users to exchange content without the need for a third-party app or additional hardware. Thus, you can use it to transfer gallery from Android to Android.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Please switch on Nearby Share on your phones. Tap "Settings" > "Connected devices" > "Connection preferences" > "Nearby Share". Next, turn on "Device visibility".

Step 2: Find your photos, and choose one. Then click "Share" > "Nearby", and select your Android device. Finally, tap "Done".

use nearby share to transfer images between android phones

Tips: Some Android devices have no Nearby Share, but they have Quick Share, which is similar to the former, and you can use it to send pictures or files as well.

2.6 Dropbox

Using Dropbox can share your photos from one Android phone to another wirelessly. It offers you 5GB of free cloud storage space, and the Plu plan is $9.99 per month with 2TB of storage. Thus, you can buy it if there are more than 5GB photos that you desire to transfer.

Here's how to get pictures off an Android phone using Dropbox:

Step 1: Install Dropbox on your source Android phone, and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Click the "Menu" icon, and choose "Settings" > "Camera uploads" > "Back up my photos" > "Allow". Then your photos will be synced to Dropbox automatically.

Step 3: Install Dropbox on your new Android phone. Run it and sign it with the account that you use on your old Android device. Then click the three-dot icon next to the photo, and choose "Save to device". Then the image will be downloaded locally.

use dropbox to transfer photos from old android to new android

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2.7 Using Android Photo Manager

If you want to preview and select your Android photos before transferring them to your target Android device, this photo manager - Samsung Messages Backup, will be ideal. It displays various Android files by category, and you can view them on the interface directly. It's easy to export what content you want. You can also manage your Android photos and other files with this software.

Here's how to transfer Android photos to another Android phone selectively:

Step 1: Download the software on your PC or Mac, and install it according to the pop-ups. Then click "Android Assistant".

download win version of android photo managerdownload mac version of android photo manager

Step 2: Link your Android phones to the computer via USB. Once connected, please choose your old Android phone on the top left corner.

Step 3: Choose "Photos" to view and select the images you want, and click "Export". Now, please choose a folder belonging to your new Android device, and then click "OK" to save the photos to this phone.

export photos from android to android selectively

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Part 3: Can Android Beam Send Photos from Android to Another Phone?

Yes, Android Beam can be used to send photos from one Android phone to another. Android Beam is a feature that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to transfer files, links, or other data between two NFC-enabled Android devices. However, it's important to note that Android Beam is available on devices running Android versions up to and including Android 9 (Pie).

Thus, if your Android phone runs Android 10 or upper, you cannot use Android Beam to send your photos.

Part 4: Why Didn't My Photos Transfer to My New Android Phone?

Encountering issues during a photo transfer can be frustrating. In this segment, we troubleshoot common problems, addressing why your photos may not have seamlessly made their way to your new Android phone. From connectivity issues to potential software conflicts, we provide insights to ensure a successful transfer.

Check Connectivity: Ensure that both your old and new Android phones have a stable internet connection, especially if you are using cloud-based services like Google Photos or another online storage solution.

Verify Account Credentials: Ensure that you are using the correct Google account on both devices, especially if you are relying on Google Photos or another Google service for the transfer.

Check Storage Space: Verify that your new Android phone has sufficient storage space to accommodate the transferred photos. If the storage is full, it may prevent successful transfers.

Use the Right Transfer Method: Choose the appropriate transfer method based on your preferences and the capabilities of your devices.

Update Apps: Ensure that all relevant apps, including Google Photos or any file transfer apps you are using, are updated to their latest versions. Outdated apps may have compatibility issues.

Restart Devices: Restart both your old and new Android phones. This simple step can sometimes resolve connectivity or syncing issues.

Verify File Formats: Check the file formats of your photos. Ensure that they are in common formats such as JPEG or PNG, as these are widely supported across devices.

Consider Alternative Transfer Methods: If one method is not working, consider trying an alternative transfer method. For example, if Bluetooth is not successful, try using Samsung Data Transfer or a cloud service.

Part 5: FQAs on Transferring Photos Between Android Phones

Q1: Can I transfer photos without an internet connection?

Yes, Samsung Data Transfer, Bluetooth, Nearby Share, and USB cable transfer methods can be used without an internet connection.

Q2: Are there any compatibility issues when transferring between different Android devices?

Generally, compatibility is not a significant issue, but it's advisable to check the file formats and ensure both devices are running compatible Android versions.

Q3: Can I transfer photos selectively, or does it have to be all or nothing?

You can usually transfer photos selectively by choosing specific images or folders during the transfer process, but it also depends on which tool you use. For instance, Samsung Data Transfer can copy all photos only, and Google Photos, Dropbox, Nearby Share and Samsung Messages Backup allow you to select images.

Q4: Is there a limit to the number of photos I can transfer at once?

The limit may vary depending on the method used, but generally, you can transfer a large number of photos at once with methods like cloud services or USB cable transfer.


As we learned this comprehensive guide on transferring photos between Android phones, we hope to have empowered you with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate this digital terrain effortlessly. Whether embarking on the exciting journey of setting up a new device or simply seeking to safeguard your cherished memories, the ability to transfer photos seamlessly is a skill every Android user should master.

Samsung Data Transfer is a USB and wireless transfer tool to meet different situations, and it can copy all your images at once without losing quality. Using a Google account, Google Photos, and Dropbox can transfer your photos without a computer. Anyway, choose one to your liking.

Embrace the technological symphony that connects your past, present, and future, ensuring that the memories captured on one device continue to resonate on the next.

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