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Most people think iPhone and Macbook are a perfect match. But what about HTC and Mac? Are they the worst partners? Just kidding. Today you will know what the seamless HTC to Mac transfer is. Even if they are not the perfect match, you can also transfer photos, contacts, and more files from HTC to Mac without a hitch.

Then, you won't be annoyed with the HTC to Mac file transfer anymore, because you will get to know 5 effective solutions in this article right away.

htc to mac transfer

Part 1: How to Complete HTC to Mac Transfer in 1 Click?

It is an all-in-one HTC to Mac file transfer tool - Samsung Messages Backup. It can help you easily connect HTC to MacBook, and transfer almost all data from your HTC phone to Mac in 1 click. Even though your phone is HTC One M8, it can work well in data transfer and management.

Key features of this HTC file transfer for Mac:

- Not only support you to transfer contacts from HTC to Mac, but also send text messages, videos, music, apps, etc.

- Back up all data types to Mac at a time.

- Restore your backup files from Mac to HTC without effort.

- Scan data quickly and support you to preview files on the interface.

- Allow you to selectively transfer data from Android to Mac and vice versa.

- Let you directly take screenshots of your HTC device and save the pictures to Mac.

- Offer multiple features to manage your HTC files on Mac, such as installing apps, editing contacts, deleting videos, and more.

Powerfully, it can work well with most HTC phones, and other Android devices, like HTC Wildfire E3/Wildfire E2/Wildfire E1, HTC Desire 22/Desire 21/Desire 20 Pro/Desire 19s/Desire 12s, HTC One M9/One M8, Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9, LG Q92 5G/Q52/Q31, ZTE, Motorola, Google, OnePlus, OPPO, etc.

Download the HTC to Mac transfer software for free below.

download mac version of htc to mac data transferdownload win version of htc to mac data transfer

Guide on how to transfer photos from HTC One to Mac with this program:

Step 1. Install the Software

After downloading the software on the computer, please directly install and launch it.

Step 2. Connect HTC to Mac

Use a data cable to connect your HTC handset to Mac, and enable the USB debugging feature on HTC. The program will recognize your phone swiftly.

fast transfer htc to mac

Step 3. Export Photos from HTC to Mac

Click the "Photos" category, and select the pictures you want on the interface. Then tap the "Export" button to transfer the photos to Mac.

seamlessly transfer photos from htc to mac


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Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from HTC One to Mac via Android File Transfer?

Android File Transfer is a nice choice to transfer pictures from HTC to Mac, because it supports you to access the folders and files on HTC via USB. Also, it can help you copy other media files to the MacBook, like songs, videos, and so on. By the way, it can work with Mac OS 10.7 or upper.

Here's how to transfer photos from HTC to Mac via Android File Transfer:

Step 1. Download the Software

Please download the program on your MacBook, and drag it to the Applications for installation.

Step 2. Access HTC Device

Connect HTC to MacBook with a data cable, and choose the "MTP" option on your phone. Then you will see the pop-up window.

Step 3. Copy Files from HTC to Mac

Open the DCIM folder and directly drag and drop the photos to the computer. Wait for a while, and the transfer will be over.

export htc pictures to mac via android file transfer

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Part 3: How to Transfer Contacts from HTC to Mac via HTC Sync Manager?

HTC Sync Manager, a useful HTC file transfer program for Mac, can back up multimedia data from an HTC handset to the computer. Additionally, you can also move your iPhone contacts, calendars, SMS, etc., to a new HTC via this HTC Sync Manager. However, it is no longer supported after March 27th, 2020, on the official website.

Tutorial on how to transfer contacts from HTC to Mac via this HTC file manager for Mac :

Step 1. Install the HTC File Transfer for Mac

You can download it from the website, and install it on the Mac computer.

Step 2. Choose Data Types

Connect the cellphone to the computer via USB, and tap the "Home" tab you like on the top menu. Then you can select the "Transfer & Backup" option.

Step 3. Transfer HTC Contacts to Mac

You can click the "Back up now" icon under the "Backup & Restore" mark, and select the "Contacts" option. Then it will start to transfer your contacts to Mac.

transfer files from htc to mac with htc sync manager

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Part 4: How to Transfer HTC Files to Mac via Google Drive?

As one of the most popular synchronization tools, Google Drive veritably supports you in completing the HTC One M8 to Mac file transfer. It is a kind of wireless transfer software, and works for multiple file types. After you upload your files, you can view them on any device without hassle.

Here's how to download pictures from the HTC phone to Mac using Google Drive:

Step 1. Install Google Drive on HTC

Please download and install the app from the app store. Then open it and sign in with your Google account.

Step 2. Upload HTC Files

Hit the "Plus" icon, and choose the "Upload" option. Then you can select the pictures you want from HTC, and transfer them to Google cloud space.

Step 3. Download Pictures to Mac

Browse Google Drive on Mac, and log in with the same account. Then you can see the uploaded pictures on the interface. You can now download them to the computer via Wi-Fi.

use google drive to download pictures from htc to mac

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Part 5: How Do I Transfer Files from HTC to Mac Using an SD Card

Nowadays, an SD card can save lots of files, so that it is a practical option to transmit data from HTC to Mac. Some Mac computers support inserting SD cards, but some not. If so, you can make use of an SD card reader. Then you can access your micro card on Mac.

Steps on how to send files from HTC to Mac via an SD card:

Step 1. Move Files to SD Card

Install the SD card on your HTC phone, and move the files from internal storage to the SD card.

Step 2. Insert the Card to Mac

After that, remove the SD card from your smartphone and insert it into the MacBook.

Step 3. Transfer Files to Mac

Open your SD card in Finder, and highlight the content you plan to transfer. Then copy and paste them to your Mac folder. Once the process is over, you will complete the data migration.

move htc data to mac via sd card

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After getting these 5 ways described above, there is no difficulty in the HTC to Mac transfer now. More convenient, this HTC to Mac file transfer software - Samsung Messages Backup, allows you to check and transfer your HTC files on Mac directly. If needed, you can back up the whole HTC phone to Mac in 1 click. It is worth a try.

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