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With the latest iPhone released in the smartphone market, it instantly captures lots of people, including part of HTC users. If you are ready to switch your HTC phone to a new iPhone, you probably want to transfer HTC to iPhone, such as your photos, contacts, and other important files.

Whether you are familiar with the new iPhone or not, you can make use of these 4 easy ways to transfer data from HTC to iPhone without hassle. So let's go on to have a read.

transfer htc to iphone

Part 1: One-Click to Transfer HTC to iPhone with HTC to iPhone Transfer

This HTC to iPhone transfer tool, Samsung Data Transfer, can achieve data transfer in 1 tap. Without superfluous design, its interface is so simple that you can make it without trouble. So you can transfer HTC to iPhone efficiently.

What's more, regardless of HTC, iPhone, or other Android phones or tablets, it can perform well with its powerful compatibility.

Main features and highlights of this mobile phone transfer software:

- Transfer contacts from HTC to iPhone and vice versa.

- Copy the significant documents from Android to iOS.

- Support to transfer data from Android to Android, including contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, music, apps, and documents.

- Also effective with iPhone to iPhone and iPad to iPad data transfer.

- Allow you to freely select data types on the interface.

- Compatible with most HTC phones, iPhones, and other Android and iOS devices, like HTC U20/U12 Life/U12+/U11/U19e/U Ultra/U Play, iPhone 11 Pro/11/XS/X/XR/8/7/SE/6, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, ZTE, iPad, iPod, etc.

Download the HTC to iPhone transfer program for free below.

download win version of htc to iphone transferdownload mac version of htc to iphone transfer

Here's how to transfer your stuff from HTC to iPhone in 1 click:

Step 1: Download the Program

First of all, please download and install the software on your computer, and launch it directly.

Step 2: Connect HTC and iPhone to Computer

Connect both phones to the computer with their USB cables. Then enable the USB debugging mode on the HTC phone and make the iOS device trusted the computer. It will recognize your devices at once.

Step 3: Transfer Files from HTC to iPhone

- To transfer files from HTC to the iPhone, please tick off the data types on the middle panel and tap on the "Start Copy" icon.

transfer files from htc to iphone

- Wait for a few minutes, you will get the data on the new iPhone.

transfer htc to iphone in 1 click

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Part 2: Transfer Data from HTC to iPhone with Google Drive

Using Google Drive can wirelessly transfer data from HTC to iPhone, and what you need to do is to download Google Drive on mobile phones. It will help you sync your HTC data on the iPhone through Wi-Fi or mobile data. Therefore, please make sure a steady network during the transfer.

Guide on how to transfer files from HTC to iPhone using Google Drive:

Step 1: Install Google Drive on HTC and iPhone

Please download and install it from the app store or Google Play to your cell phones.

Step 2: Sign in with Google Account

Next, please sign in with an identical account on both handsets. If you don't have an account, you can sign up on the screen as well.

Step 3: Sync Data to iPhone

- Now, to synchronize data from HTC to iPhone, please tap on the "Plus" icon on your HTC phone and choose the "Upload" option to select the target files from HTC.

- Once done, you can see the files on your iPhone's screen when opening Google Drive. Then you can download the data on the iPhone.

transfer contacts from htc to iphone with google drive

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Part 3: Transfer Data from HTC to iPhone via Move to iOS

When the iPhone is a receiver, you can transfer the HTC data to the iPhone via Move to iOS, a convenient transfer tool. This way is suitable for new iPhones since it works while you set up the new iPhone. If you have finished the setup steps, please erase the iOS device and restart it.

Tutorial on how to transfer HTC to iPhone via Move to iOS:

Step 1: Download Move to iOS on HTC

Please download the app on your HTC phone and begin to set up your new iPhone.

Step 2: Open the App and Wait for a Code

As you see the Apps & Data screen, please choose the "Move Data from Android" option, and open the app on your HTC phone. Then click the "Continue" icon and set it up, until you see the Find Your Code screen.

Step 3: Move Data from HTC to iPhone

- On the iPhone, please tap the "Continue" icon and it will appear a code. Please enter the code on your HTC device.

- Next, you can select the different kinds of data types on the HTC phone, and tap on the "Next" button. Now, wait for a while until the data transfer is complete on the iOS device.

transfer data from htc to iphone using move to ios

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Part 4: Transfer Contacts from HTC to iPhone via Email

If you just want to transfer contacts from HTC to iPhone, you can make use of email. It can achieve the transfer in a short time, and you can breezily download and import the files to your iPhone. In this way, you can manually transfer your contacts as a VCF file, but it's still simple.

Here's how to transfer contacts from HTC to iPhone using Email:

Step 1: Export Contacts to HTC Storage

Unlock your HTC phone and open the People app. Then tap on the "More" > "Manage contacts" > "Import/Export contacts" > "Export to phone storage" option.

Step 2: Send Contacts to iPhone via Email

After that, please go to the Mail app on HTC, and tap on the "Plus" icon. You can the "Attach" icon to add your contact file and type your email address to send it.

Step 3: Download and Import Contacts on iPhone

Please log in with the same mail account that you can receive the contact file. Then tap on the attachment and click the "Share" > "More" > "Copy to Contacts" > "Create New Contacts" option. Finally, the contacts will be added to your iPhone.

move contacts from htc to iphone via email

Wrapping Up

Is it easy, isn't it? Now you can transfer HTC to iPhone with these 4 ways mentioned above whenever you want. So you would not fret about it anymore. Moreover, Samsung Data Transfer can't move your HTC files to the iOS device with just a single tap. Anyway, we hope you will pick out a favorite method here. Thanks for your reading.

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