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This article is to solve the cases that you want to get a better Android File Transfer alternative. Therefore, it will offer you 5 great alternatives to Android File Transfer here, and you can make a comparison among them and choose the best one. Now, it is time to check out the article on Android File Transfer alternatives. Let's go ahead.

android file transfer alternative

Part 1: Professional Android File Transfer Alternative – Android File Backup App (Best)

Now, there are too many Android File Transfer alternatives, but you need to know which is the best. This Android File Transfer - Samsung Messages Backup, is the most professional application to manage your Android files. And it has more functions than Android File Transfer that it can help you cope with your Android files conveniently.

Highlights and key features of this professional Android File Transfer alternative:

- You can backup Android files to Mac with the super toolkit in 1 click.

- Support to manage data on the computer with editing, adding, deleting, importing, exporting, copying, and etc.

- Work with a variety of data, like apps, contacts, messages, music, photos, videos, books, and more.

- It can scan the SD card which you insert on your Android phone for transfer.

- Preview and select files one by one on the Mac clearly.

- Restore the Android files from the Mac computer to the Android smartphone in 1 click.

- Besides the Mac version of this app, it has the Windows version as well.

- Support Mac OS X v.10.9 and later.

- The powerful capacity make it compatible with different kinds of Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6, Samsung Note 10+/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8, Motorola G Stylus/Moto G Powerful/Razr/E6/E6 Play/E5G8 Play, ZTE Axon 10 Pro/Axon 9 Pro/Blade 10/Blade 20/Blade Z Max/Blade Max View, Sony Xperia 1 II/Xperia 1/Xperia 5/Xperia 10 Plus/Xperia 10, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google, Vivo, and so on.

Drawbacks of this Android File Transfer alternative for Mac:

- You need to pay for the license to get all useful features.

- Can't transfer files from Android to Android directly.

Download the Android Messages Manager for free below.

download mac version of android file transfer alternativedownload win version of android file transfer alternative


As a cross-platform on Android File Transfer alternative, it is worth registering with the licenses. What's more, its affordable licenses for your choice are favorable. And there is part of the licenses for your inference, and you can get more choices on the official website.

android file transfer alternative

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Part 2: Third-Party Alternatives for Android File Transfer

The second part is planning to show you 4 third-party alternatives for Android File Transfer. Although you would think they are not professional enough, they are also the choices for you. If they are helpful for you, that would be our wish.

2.1 Useful Android File Transfer for Mac – HandShaker

HandShaker is a usual method for transferring the file from an Android phone to the Mac. If you are eager to utilize it on the large screen of the Mac to manage Android files, it is a good helper. In addition, you can connect your Android device to the Mac wirelessly.

Strongpoints of this useful Android File Transfer for Mac:

- Transfer Android files between Android phone and the Mac at a dramatic speed.

- Wireless connection between the Android mobile phone and the Mac.

- Also support to manage Android external SD card.

- It can merge your photos on your Android phone and the Mac at the same time.

Drawbacks of HandShaker for Mac:

- When your WiFi isn't steady, you can't connect your Android to the Mac easily.

- Sometimes it cannot detect your Android phone fast.

transfer files with the alternative to android file transfer

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2.2 Practical Alternative to Android File Transfer – AirMore

AirMore is a practical application that you can transfer your Android files to your Mac and free you from the USB cable. Go to the AirMore website on the browser and you can make use of it conveniently.

Strongpoints of this alternative to Android File Transfer - AirMore:

- No wires are needed for connection between the Android phone and Mac computer.

- You can transfer videos, music, photos, contacts, messages, and more at ease.

- The transfer is secure, which it will get the approval from you at first.

- Move, copy, and edit the files on the Mac with clicks.

Drawbacks of AirMore:

- Some users said it is not easy to connect.

- The scanning rate is very slow for all the files.

wireless sync with android file transfer for mac

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2.3 Nice Android File Transfer Alternative for Mac – Smart Switch

Smart Switch is an official app for Samsung users to transfer and restore files seamlessly. You can transfer files media files from the Samsung phone to other Android devices without trouble. However, you can't preview the Android files on the Mac directly. All in all, Smart Switch is a nice Android File Transfer alternative on the Mac for you.

Strongpoints of this alternative to Android File Transfer Alternative on Mac - Smart Switch:

- Ticking off the data types on the Mac and you can backup the data on the Mac without hassle.

- It can restore the backup files from the Mac to the Android in no time.

- Many files are covered, such as music, calendar, videos, and even the settings of your Samsung devices.

- You can choose to connect via the USB cable and WiFi freely.

Drawbacks of Smart Switch:

- It is not effective with the former versions of Android phones which is lower than Android 4.3.

- You can't transfer files between other brands of Android phones except for Samsung.

android file transfer on mac alternative to manage files

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2.4 Helpful Alternative for Android File Transfer – SyncMate

SyncMate is helpful for you as an alternative for Android File Transfer, and you can transfer files from the Android to the Mac breezily. Its strong compatibility with many Android phones, iOS, cloud and Windows devices will make you satisfied because it has its own sync service.

Strongpoints of this alternative for Android File Transfer - SnycMate:

- It can sync the files from your cloud account, like Dropbox, OneDrive, and etc.

- Support many files on your Android phone, including images, films, audios, and more.

- Help you transfer files from the Android device in the background automatically.

- Supply you with the flexible transfer which you can select the files to transfer manually.

- Support folders sync smartly, which is no need to copy or move folder manually.

Drawbacks of SyncMate:

- A little expensive with the licenses.

- No scan on the data from the Android phone.


- Personal for 2 Macs: $39.95
- Family for 6 Macs: $59.95
- Business for 10 Macs: $99.95
- Unlimited for Macs: $199.95

android file transfer alternative for syncmate

Tips: Is Android File Transfer safe?

Actually, you may believe in Android File Transfer if you download it from the official web. It will be effective for you to transfer files from the Android phones to the Mac. It is designed for Android users to manage files on the Mac.


If you are searching for the alternatives to Android File Transfer on Mac, please read this article and share it with your friends. It will offer sincere information about these 5 Android File Transfer alternatives. Thus, you can believe in this article without worry. And the most recommended alternative app is Samsung Messages Backup for Mac. Why not download for free to have a try?

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