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Think Google Pixel phones are the satisfying replacement for your iPhone? Plan to switch your iPhone to Pixel? But how to deal with switching from iPhone to Pixel? You might spend lots of time moving data from iPhone to Pixel if don't know the useful tips.

To help you transfer data without trouble, this article has provided 3 effective ways, even the operating systems of iPhone and Google Pixel are different.

By the way, it also displays the Pros and Cons of switching the iPhone to the Pixel phone at the end of this post.

switch from iphone to pixel

Way 1: Transfer from iPhone to Pixel Using Google Account

As long as you sign up for a Google account, you can transfer from iPhone to Pixel with it immediately. There is 15 GB of cloud space to store your data. When adding your Google account on your mobile phones, you can synchronize data without any delay. However, it only supports sync contacts, calendars, emails, and notes from the iPhone.

Steps on how to transfer data from iPhone to Pixel after setup:

Step 1. Add Your Google Account on iPhone

Enter the Settings app and click the "Passwords & Accounts" > "Add account" > "Google" > "Continue" icon. Then you can input your Google account on the iPhone and sync the data to your Google account.

Step 2. Type the Same Account on Your Google Pixel Phone

For switching from iPhone to Pixel 3, please add the same Google account on your Pixel phone: enter the Settings app > "Accounts" > "Add account" > "Google" option.

move data from iphone to pixel with google account

Step 3. Transfer from iPhone to Google Pixel

Then go back to the page called "Accounts", and select your Google account > "Account sync" > "Menu" > "Sync now" icon. You will transfer data from the iPhone to the Pixel.

sync data from iphone to pixel with google account

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Way 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Pixel with Pixel Transfer Software

If you do want a fast iPhone to Pixel transfer tool, Samsung Data Transfer can satisfy you. It can transfer contacts, books, music, videos, and photos from the iPhone to the Pixel phone in 1 click. It is time-saving for you. Besides, you can flip the locations of two phones without hassle.

Main features and highlights of the Pixel transfer software:

- Move multiple file types from an iPhone to a Google Pixel phone;

- Also support to transfer data from Samsung to Pixel, including messages, call logs, contacts, videos, music, apps, documents, and more;

- Detect mobile phones and scan the data out in a short time;

- Read-only mode makes your data safe without leaking;

- Allow you freely choose to clear data before copying on the Pixel Phone.

With the powerful compatibility, this transfer program is effective with almost all the Google Pixel, iOS devices, and other brands of Android phones, such as Google Pixel 4a/4 XL/4/3a XL/3a/3/2 XL/2/XL, iPhone 11 Pro/11/XS/X/XR/8/7, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, ZTE, Sony, Samsung, and so on.

Download the iPhone to the Pixel transfer program for free below.

download win version of iphone to pixel transfer softwaredownload mac version of iphone to pixel transfer software

Guide on how to quickly transfer from iPhone to Pixel:

Step 1. Download and Install the Software

Please download and install it on your computer. Then launch it directly.

Step 2. Connect iPhone and Pixel to Computer

Then connect your iPhone and Pixel phone to the computer with their USB cables. Enable the USB debugging feature on the Pixel smartphone, and make the iPhone trusted the computer. It will recognize your devices in no time.

transfer data from iphone to pixel in 1 tap

Step 3. Transfer from iPhone to Pixel 4

For switching from iPhone to Pixel, please tick off the desired data types on the middle panel and tap the "Start Copy" button to begin the process. After finished, you can get the files on your Pixel phone.

fast transfer from iphone to google pixel

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Way 3: Move Data from iPhone to Pixel with Quick Switch Adaptor

Quick Switch Adaptor aims at efficiently moving from iPhone to Pixel, so the data transfer won't be annoying anymore. As long as your cell phones are iOS 8 or later and Android 5 or upper, you can transfer files from iPhone to Pixel in this easy way.

Before beginning, please confirm your iPhone utilities are up to date and turn off the iMessage and FaceTime.

Tutorial on how to move data from iPhone to Pixel with Quick Switch Adaptor:

Step 1. Set Up Your Google Pixel Phone

First of all, please switch on your new Pixel phone and set it up. If you have done it, please go ahead.

Step 2. Connect iPhone and Pixel

- Unlock your iPhone and plug one end of the cable into your iPhone. Then insert the other end into the Quick Switch Adaptor.

- Next, plug the adaptor into your Pixel phone and click the "Trust" icon on the iPhone. Then you can skip to sign in with your Google account.

Step 3. Transfer from iPhone to Pixel

Now, please tap on the "Copy" icon to start the data transfer. Once finished, please disconnect the USB cable and the adaptor from the devices.

transfer files from iphone to pxiel with quick switch adaptor

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Extra Bonus: Pros and Cons of Switching from iPhone to Google Pixel

"Should I switch from iPhone to Google Pixel?" This question will haunt you when you want to replace your old iPhone. Now, there is some authentic information about switching the iPhone to Google Pixel in the following. It is helpful for you to decide whether or not to switch your phone.


- Google Pixel series has a powerful camera. For example, Pixel 4 has a 12.2 MP main carema and 16 MP telephoto lens.

- Its hotspotting function is more reliable than iPhone's. You can hotspot your computer with your Pixel phone in a short time.

- It supports the fast-charging feature, so you can charge your Pixel phone quickly. By the way, Pixel 4 supports wireless charging up to 11 watts.


- The battery life is weak. Its battery capacity is only 2800 mAh. Generally, it can play YouTube videos for about 8 hours.

- It doesn't support micro SD card expansion.

- The screen brightness is not as good as the iPhone.


No matter whether you switch from iPhone to Pixel or not, learning the switching skills is useful in daily life. By the way, this iPhone to Pixel transfer tool - Samsung Data Transfer can swiftly migrate your data. If you would like to save your time, it will be the best choice. At last, we hope these tips would help you solve switching from iPhone to Pixel in reality.

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