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In the fast-paced world of mobile technology, upgrading to a new smartphone often marks an exciting chapter, accompanied by the promise of enhanced features and capabilities. If you're making the switch to the all-new Pixel 8 Pro or Pixel 8/Pixel Fold/Pixel 7, the problem of how to seamlessly transfer data to Pixel from an old phone is likely at the forefront of your considerations. Fret not, as we've curated a comprehensive guide to make the transition as smooth as possible.

transfer data to pixel

Part 1: How to Transfer Data from Old Phone to Pixel 8 Pro/8 in 1 Click

How do I transfer everything to a new Pixel 8/8 Pro/Fold? If there is a tool that can copy all data from an old phone to the new Pixel phone in 1 click, will you choose it? Anyway, this switch to Pixel tool - Samsung Data Transfer, does exist. This software can copy photos, videos, contacts, SMS, apps, music, and more at once to a new Pixel phone even if you have finished the setup. What's more, the transferred data will not cover the existing files.

Highlights of this Google Pixel transfer tool:

- Efficiently transfer various data types from one phone to a Pixel phone.

- Besides Pixel to Pixel transfer, it can copy data from other Android devices to Pixel and vice versa.

- Import iOS data to Pixel with ease, including contacts, media files, text messages, etc.

- Support Android 4.0 or upper (Android 14 included) and iOS 5.0 or higher (iOS 17 included).

- No quality loss or ads during the transmission.

Download the Pixel transfer tool.

download windows version of pixel data transferdownload mac version of pixel data transfer

Directly transfer data from an old phone to Pixel 8/Pixel 8 Pro:

Step 1: Install the tool on a computer after downloading it. Then run it, and click "Mobile Transfer".

Step 2: Connect your old phone and Pixel smartphone to the computer via their data cables. Then enable USB debugging on the phones. You will get to the connected interface. Plus, tap "Flip" if the new phone isn't placed on the "Destination" side.

transfer data from old phone to new pixel phone

Step 3: Select the file types you want to send, and tap "Start Copy" to transfer the files to your Pixel 8/8 Pro.

start transferring data to the pixel phone

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Part 2: How to Transfer Data from Old Android Phone to Google Pixel 8/7 via Google Backup

Google's ecosystem offers a robust backup solution, ensuring a hassle-free migration of your data. Discover the ins and outs of leveraging Google Backup to effortlessly transition from your old Android device to the latest Pixel model. In general, you can restore apps, Google accounts, media files, call history, alarms, etc., when switching to Pixel during the setup.

Transfer data from an old Android phone to Pixel 7/Fold/8/8 Pro with Google Backup:

Step 1: On your old Android phone, please open the Settings app, and choose "Accounts and backup" > "Back up data". Then click "Turn on" > "Back up now". The data will be synchronized to your Google account.

Step 2: Take out your new Pixel phone, and power it on. Then set the language. When seeing the "Set up using another device" screen, please skip it. Next, set the network.

Step 3: On the "Sign in" screen, enter your account info correctly, and tap "Next" to continue the setup.

Step 4: When getting to the "Restore data from an old device" screen, please choose the backup file that you did on the old phone just now, and pick the content you want. At last, click "Restore". After finishing the setup, your data will exist on your new Pixel device.

transfer data from one phone to a new pixel phone with google backup

Part 3: How to Transfer Data from Old Phone to Pixel via Switch to Pixel

Google's "Switch to Pixel" feature is designed to simplify the data transfer process. Uncover the convenience of this native tool as we guide you through the steps to seamlessly switch from your old device to the cutting-edge Pixel. Furthermore, you can use this feature after completing the initial setup on your new Pixel phone, and it is available for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

Switch to Pixel directly:

Step 1: Please fully charge your old phone and new Pixel phone, and update to the latest OS first. Then turn on Bluetooth and Locations features, and connect both devices to a strong Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Turn on the new Pixel device, and click "Get Started". Then choose "Pixel or Android device" or "iPhone or iPad".

choose phone type

Step 3: Use your old phone to scan the QR code displaying on Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro. If your new device is Pixel 7 or Pixel Fold, you need to connect both mobile devices with a USB cable and Quick Switch Adapter.

scan the qr code for connection

Step 4: Enter your old phone's screen lock to your Pixel phone, and go on. While viewing the "Copy data from your Android device", please tap "Next" to choose the content.

Step 5: After that, click "Copy" to continue. As you see the "All set!" words on the screen, please hit "Swipe up to go home". The data migration is complete.

choose data before switching to pixel

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Part 4: How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Pixel via Google Drive

Switching from a Samsung device to a Pixel? Fear not, as Google Drive comes to the rescue. Dive into this section to learn how to harness the power of cloud storage to effortlessly move your data between these two Android powerhouses. This way is suitable when you intend to transfer some specific media files.

Steps on how to transfer data from Samsung to Pixel:

Step 1: Install Google Drive on both mobile devices, and log in with the same Google account.

Step 2: Open the app on Samsung, and click "+" > "Upload" to select files from the Samsung phone. Then the data will be saved on Drive.

Step 3: Open the app on Pixel, and you will see the uploaded Samsung files. Now, you can download and access the files on the new Pixel phone.

sync data from samsung to pixel using google drive

Part 5: How to Transfer Files from Old Phone to Pixel 8/7 via AirDroid

AirDroid is a useful transfer platform to send files from one device to another. As long as your smartphones are linked to the same network, you can transfer files between them without restriction.

Here's the guide:

Step 1: Download the AirDroid Personal app on your old phone and new Google Pixel phone. Then create an account, and log in on both devices.

Step 2: On your old phone, please choose your Pixel device, and click the "Paperclip" icon to choose what you want to send from the old phone.

Step 3: Tap "Send", and you will receive the files on your Pixel device.

use airdroid to transfer files from an old phone to a new pixel phone

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Part 6: How to Transfer Data to New Pixel Phone via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a universal transfer tool for Android devices. If your old phone is Android, you can send files to Pixel with Bluetooth, even though there is no USB cable or stable Wi-Fi for the connection. However, it is slower than other tools to send large files. By the way, Bluetooth is not supported to connect iOS and Android devices.

Here's how to transfer data to a new Pixel phone via Bluetooth:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings, and click "Connected devices" > "Connection preferences" > "Bluetooth". Then enable it on both phones.

Step 2: Tap "Pair new device" on Pixel, and choose your old phone device to pair.

Step 3: Once done, go to "File Manager" on the old Android phone, and locate the files that you plan to send. Select them, and click "Share" > "Bluetooth" > your Pixel device. Finally, click "Accept" on Pixel. Then files will be saved on the new phone.

send files from old android phone to pixel with bluetooth

Part 7: FAQs of Switching to Pixel

Q1: Can I transfer data to a new Pixel phone after the setup?

Yes, you can go to Settings and choose "Finish setting up" to transfer your data to a new Pixel phone after the setup. However, this feature is only supported on Google Pixel 8 Pro/8/Fold.

Q2: Are there any prerequisites or settings to enable for seamless data transfer?

Seamless data transfer can depend on various factors, including the type of data, the devices involved, and the method of transfer. Here are some general considerations and prerequisites for achieving seamless data transfer:

  • Compatibility
  • Network Connection
  • Data Transfer Protocol
  • Permissions and Security
  • Software and Drivers
  • Data Format and Compatibility
  • Storage Availability
  • Update Software/Firmware
  • Check for Interference

Q3: What steps can users take to ensure the security of their data during transfer?

Ensuring the security of data during transfer is crucial to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or interception. Here are steps users can take to enhance the security of their data during transfer:

  • Use encryption protocols to secure the data being transferred. This ensures that even if the data is intercepted, it cannot be easily understood without the encryption key. Common encryption protocols include SSL/TLS for web-based transfers and SFTP for file transfers.
  • Choose secure communication protocols. For example, use HTTPS instead of HTTP for web-based transfers, and use secure file transfer protocols like SFTP or SCP instead of unsecured alternatives.
  • Consider using a VPN to create a secure and encrypted connection between the devices or networks involved in the data transfer. This helps protect the data from being intercepted by unauthorized parties.
  • Enable two-factor authentication whenever possible.
  • Ensure that strong and unique passwords are used for any accounts or services involved in the data transfer.
  • Verify that the SSL/TLS certificates are valid and belong to the correct entity when using secure websites or services.
  • Keep the software and firmware of devices and applications involved in the data transfer up to date.
  • Only provide necessary access permissions to users and devices involved in the data transfer. Restrict access to sensitive data to authorized individuals or systems.
  • Avoid transferring sensitive data over public or unsecured networks. If possible, use secure and private networks, especially for critical data transfers.
  • Consider the physical security of devices involved in the data transfer. Ensure that devices are not easily accessible to unauthorized individuals who may tamper with the data transfer process.

Q4: Are there any recommended settings or configurations to optimize the new device?

While the exact settings or configurations that are considered optimal can vary based on personal preferences and use cases, here are some general recommendations to optimize your Google Pixel device:

  • Update Software: Ensure that your device is running the latest version of the Android operating system. Regular updates often include performance improvements, bug fixes, and security patches.
  • App Updates: Keep your apps up to date. App developers release updates to address bugs, enhance performance, and add new features.
  • Adjust Display Settings: Tweak display settings like brightness, sleep timeout, and adaptive brightness to suit your preferences and improve battery life.
  • Manage Storage: Regularly review and clean up unnecessary files, photos, and apps to free up storage space.
  • Review and Manage Permissions: Regularly review app permissions to ensure that apps have access only to the data and features they need.
  • Security and Privacy Settings: Keep your device secure by using features like screen lock, fingerprint recognition, or facial recognition.


As you start this journey of transitioning to your new Pixel device, equipped with cutting-edge features and a refined user experience, we trust that this comprehensive guide has eased the path for you. Whether you opt for the efficiency of a one-click transfer - using Samsung Data Transfer, or embrace the Google services, AirDroid or even Bluetooth, the seamless migration of your data ensures that your new Pixel 8 Pro or Pixel 8/7/Fold becomes an extension of your digital life. Bid farewell to the worries of data transfer, and welcome the exciting possibilities that your new Pixel phone has to offer. The future is in your hands – your data, flawlessly transferred, awaits you on your Pixel device.

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