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Do you like playing games and downloading various apps on your Motorola mobile phone? Sometimes, you may want to share the interesting apps with your friend who is also using a Motorola phone. How to transfer apps between two Motorola Android phones? Most people choose to share apps by pointing to the URL of the source or sending the scanned barcode via any medium to the recipient. But those two methods are not simple.

In fact, apps can be shared between two Motorola Android phones with a single click. What you need is Samsung Messages Backup, which can help you sync any app from one Motorola phone with your computer, and then restore the backed up apps to the other Motorola phone with 1 click. Apart from apps, Android Assistant can also help you backup and restore photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages and more on your Android device.

What you need is the two Motorola phones, a computer, the Android Assistant and a USB cable. Next, we will show you how to copy apps, namely APK files from one Motorola phone to another.

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Tutorial on Sharing Apps from One Motorola Phone to Another

Step 1. Launch Android Assistant on your computer

After you have downloaded and installed the Android Assistant on your computer, run it and connect the source Motorola phone to the same computer with a USB cable. The program will detect the connected Motorola phone automatically.

Step 2. Sync Motorola apps to computer

Open the "Apps" option from the left column and choose all the apps you want, click the "Export" button and within a few seconds, all your selected apps will be saved successfully on your computer.

Step 3. Restore apps from computer to another Motorola

Eject your source Motorola phone and turn to connect the other Motorola phone to the computer again. Android Assistant will detect the new Motorola phone and you can open the "Apps" option again. Click the button of "Restore" on the top line to transfer the backed up apps from your computer to the new Motorola phone.

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