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Now, more and more people love taking photos with a cell phone. It is necessary for everybody to know how to transfer photos from Android to a laptop because the space of the phone is limited. Sometimes people might lose valuable photos by chance. In these situations, people are always annoyed even crazy. Then what kinds of methods will be introduced for you? Take it easy, they are all easy to operate and transfer your photos. So, why do you wait? Let's go!

how to transfer photos from android to laptop

Part 1: How to Transfer Photos from Android to Laptop with Android to Laptop Transfer

If you need to transfer photos often, Android to Laptop Transfer -- Samsung Messages Backup will be your best choice. This application is both easy to handle and quick to transfer. With it, you will never worry about running out of your storage space on your Android phone. You can transfer your pictures whenever you want.

Besides photos transfer, Android to Laptop Transfer has many advantages.

- Transfer music, videos, text messages, contacts, call logs, and other types of data between Android phone and laptop.

- Back up your apps, contacts, call history, messages, and media files from your Android to PC in safety.

- Restore Android phone or tablet on your laptop easily.

- You can also add, delete, edit Android phone contacts and other data on a laptop via Android to Laptop Transfer.

- It is convenient for you to import or export the data with 1 click between Android and laptop.

Last but not least, Android to Laptop Transfer supports all kinds of Android phones, such as Huawei Mate X3/Mate Xs 2/Mate X2/Mate X, Honor 80 Pro/80/70 Pro/70/60 Pro/60/50 Pro, Xiaomi 13/12/11/10, Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21, HTC, LG, ZTE, Motorola, OPPO, Vivo, etc. More powerfully, Android to Laptop Transfer is compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

Please download the suitable version here.

download win version of android to laptop transfer download mac version of android to laptop transfer

1.1 How to Transfer Photos from Android to Laptop with 1 Click

How to move photos from android phone to laptop? In this section, you can learn the simplest way to transfer photos from an Android phone to a laptop. Pictures are so many? Don't worry, it will finish just with 1 click.

Here's the guide for you.

Step 1. Download and Install the App on Laptop

Firstly, install the app on your laptop and launch it, then you will get the interface as below.

launch android to laptop transfer app

Step 2. Connect Android Device to Laptop

Secondly, please connect your Android device to your laptop via a USB cable. Enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone. Then, the app will check your phone automatically.

the main interface after successful connection

Step 3. Choose Super Toolkit

After the software recognizes your Android, you can see the list of the contents of Android on the left. Now, please click "Super Toolkit" on the top.

Next, tap on the "Backup" icon on the left and just tick out the "Photos" option. Finally, tap on "Back Up" at the bottom of the interface. And you will see complete pictures are transferred to your laptop after a while.

transfer all the photos from android to laptop with 1 click

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1.2 How to Transfer Pictures from Phone to Laptop Selectively

Sometimes you want to transfer part of pictures from Android to laptop, but how to move photos from Android to a laptop? Here is the solution for you to transfer the photos which you want. I believe you will enjoy using it.

Step 1. Launch the App and Connect Android to Laptop

This step is as same as above, please use a USB cable to connect your phone and laptop.

Step 2. Scan Your List and Choose "Photos"

In this step, you can click "Photos" and "Phone Gallery" on the list. Then you will see your pictures on the right.

Step 3. Select the Photos and Export

Please tick the pictures which you desired. After that, hit the "Export" icon on the top right and you can select a location on your laptop to store your pictures.

transfer photos from android to laptop selectively

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Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from Phone to Laptop Using Google Photos

How to upload photos from phone to laptop with Google Photos? Google Photos is a classical and handy software for people. You can back up your pictures and videos freely and wherever you are, you can log into your account on your Android device, computer, laptop to watch your photos. What's more, you can search for the photos by typing the keywords on the app. Google Photos is absolutely smart and safe software. By the way, its max limit of the pixel is 1600 million per photo.

Here's the guide on using Google Photos to back up photos from Android:

Step 1. Download Google Photos and Sign in

At first, please download the app on your laptop and on your Android phone. Install it successfully.

sign in google photos with google account

Then, use your Google account to sign in to Google Photos on your phone. If you don't have a Google account before, please create one.

Step 2. Set in Settings

After signing in, tap on the menu icon on the top left corner, then click "Settings" on the list. Next tap on "Back up & sync"option. Ensure the feature is on.

transfer pictures in google photos

Step 3. Start to Backup the Photos

When you have selected the photos, please click "Start" on the interface. Wait for a minute to finish the process.

Step 4. Sign in on the Laptop

Now, go to your laptop and sign in to Google Photos with the same account. You will see the photos that you back up from your Android device.

If you want to keep the pictures on the laptop, you can download them. Therefore, you have transferred photos from Android phone to laptop with Google Photos.

Part 3: How to Transfer Pictures from Phone to Laptop with USB Cable

How do I transfer photos from Android to a laptop? As far as I am concerned, transferring data with a USB cable is an easy way for us. To transfer photos from an Android phone to a laptop with a USB cable is simple, too. But different versions of laptops have different steps to transfer photos. Here are two parts to introduce the solutions about transferring pictures from Android phone to laptop of Windows system or Mac system.

3.1 Transfer Photos from Android Phone to Windows with USB Cable

How to transfer photos from Android to the Windows system of your laptop? Please follow the steps.

1. Link Your Phone to Your Laptop via USB Cable

You need to prepare a USB cable to link the laptop and Android device. Don't forget to enable USB debugging on your Android device.

2. Go to "This PC" and Find DCIM

After linking, please go to "This PC" on your laptop. You can see your Android driver here. Enter it and find the "DCIM" folder. Generally, your photos are in the "DCIM" folder.

3. Copy the Pictures and Paste

In the "DCIM" folder, highlight the photos that you need to transfer, and one-click the mouse on the right side. Choose the "Copy" option.

After that, you need to choose a folder on your laptop to paste the copied pictures. If the quantity of the pictures is large, the transfer process will last a few minutes.

transfer photos from android to laptop by usb cable on windows

3.2 Transfer Pictures from Android to Mac with USB Cable

As we all know, Mac is different from Windows, we cannot preview or edit the files on the Android device on Mac. So how to upload pictures from Android phone to laptop or Mac? This part will tell you the steps of the Mac version in detail.

1. Download Android File Transfer on your MacBook

Because we cannot manage Android's files directly on MacBook, so we need third-party software -- Android File Transfer to transfer pictures from Android to MacBook. Install this app on your Mac and launch the program.

2. Connect Android to laptop with USB Cable

Prepare a USB cable in advance. Link your Android device to MacBook. Notice whether they connect successfully. Then Android File Transfer will recognize your Android device.

3. Open Mac Finder and Enter the Software

Now, go to the Mac Finder which you can see is a blue smile face. Turn to your Android drive.

4. Open DCIM and Transfer the Photos

You can get the DCIM folder in Android drive, enter it and you can see your pictures are here. So you can select the images that you wish to transfer. In addition, you can select your pictures in the Pictures folder.

You can use drag & drop to move your photos from Android to Mac. Wait a while, the transferring process will finish.

transfer photos from android to mac via android files transfer

Part 4: How to Transfer Photos from Android to Laptop Using Bluetooth

There is no doubt that every Android phone and most laptops have Bluetooth. However, how to upload photos from Android phone to laptop via Bluetooth? Can we make use of Bluetooth to transfer pictures from Android to a laptop? Of course, we can. It is a simple way for everyone. However, if you need to transfer lots of photos, it will be slow in this way.

Here's how:

1. Turn on Bluetooth

Please turn on the Bluetooth both on your laptop and Android device. On a laptop, click "Control Panel" and "Settings", then find "Devices" in it, and you can see Bluetooth here.

On an Android device, you can find Bluetooth in Settings without any difficulty.

2. Match your Android Device and Laptop

On your laptop, select "Add a device" and then the Bluetooth on the laptop will search for your Android device. You will see your Android Bluetooth on this list.

Next, double click the phone icon on your laptop, it will give you a code for matching. Choose "Yes" on the laptop.

3. Select Photos to Transfer

When your devices are connected, please open your Photos on your Android phone, select the pictures you hope to transfer.

And then, tap on the "Send" option and select the Bluetooth icon, which is meaning sending the pictures via Bluetooth.

4. Choose a Destination to Save Pictures

On the laptop, you need to choose a destination like a desktop or a folder to save the sending pictures. Finally, click the "Finish" button. Wait for several minutes to complete.

transfer photos from android to laptop via bluetooth

Part 5: How to Download Pictures from Phone to Laptop with Microsoft Photos

If you are a fan of Microsoft, you will like Microsoft Photos probably. With it, you can view and edit your photos and videos, create special albums for yourself. And how to download pictures from Android phone to laptop with Microsoft Photos?

Here is the guide for you.

1. Download it at Microsoft Store

Firstly, you need to download Microsoft Photos on your laptop, then follow the hint to install.

2. Plug Android device into Laptop

Secondly, plug your Android phone into your laptop via a regular USB cable correctly.

3. Enter the App and Import your Photos

After connection, enter Microsoft Photos with your Microsoft account and you can see the main interface as below. If you don't have a Microsoft account, please create one.

Then click on the "Import" icon on the top. Then it will pop out a menu page, please select "From a USB device". The application will scan for USB devices, just choose your Android device.

import pictures with microsoft photos

4. Look for your Images on Android

When you chose your Android device, Microsoft Photos will look for your photos on your Android phone at once. This step will take a bit of time. Just leave it alone. The photos will load up.

5. Select your Pictures to Upload.

In this section, you can select the pictures you'd like to import. If you are going to import them entirely, you can tap on the "Select all" button at the top.

The "Select new" option is used to scan the pictures which have not been transferred. So if you are the first time to use the app, your whole photos are new, these two options will be the same.

6. Import Selected

You can click "Import selected" at the bottom when you have selected the photos.

By the way, you can also change the photo organization by tapping on "Change how they're organized", then you may choose how to group the items you import. The imported pictures will list by day, by month, or by year.

At the end, to transfer pictures from Android phone to laptop is finished.

select photos on microsoft photos

Part 6: How to Transfer Pictures from Android to Laptop with Google Drive

Google Drive is a kind of practical tool for backing up your photos and other files. Many people are fond of using Google Drive to backup their photos from Android to laptop and then release the space on their Android phone.

The guide as below on how to move pictures from Android to laptop:

1. Download and Install Google Drive

If your laptop or Android device doesn't have Google Drive, please download it here or on Google Play freely.

2. Launch It with Google Account

Next, launch the application on your Android phone, and you are required to log in with a Google account. If you have no Google account, please create one.

3. Upload the Photos

After signing in, you can see the "+" icon on the interface, tap on it. Then select the "Upload" option from the list.

Now, a pop-up page will be shown, you can see "Images" and "Gallery" options on it. Click one and you can preview your photos on the app.

After that, tick out the pictures that you plan to transfer, and tap on the "Done" icon when you finish selecting.

4. Turn to your Laptop and Download the Pictures

Sign in to Google Drive with the same Google account on your Laptop till the upload ends. You can find your pictures are all here. If you want to back up to your laptop, just download them on a place that is located on your tablet.

At last, your photos are transferred from Android phone to laptop.

transfer pictures from android phone to laptop with google drive


After knowing these 6 practical and fantastic solutions on how to transfer photos from Android to laptop, you could take photos anywhere and anytime. And you won't worry about the storage space on the Android device. If your friends are in trouble with this problem, why not show them this article to help them out? Besides, please write down your valuable opinion in the comment part at your convenience. Thank you for your reading.

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