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Answered: How Long Does Smart Switch Take? [Complete Tutorial]

Summary There is lots of data on your smartphone and want to transfer data with Smart Switch? However, how long does Smart Switch take? Will it cost ...Learn more >>

How to Take a Screenshot on a Motorola Phone - 4 Easy Approaches

Summary Taking screenshots on our mobile phones becomes a daily behavior, which is convenient when we need to capture the screen images. However, som...Learn more >>

What to Do with Old Cell Phones: A Full Guide Uses for Old Phone

Summary When we throw away our old phone casually, that will be a loss to us and a damage to our environment. First of all, there is a lot of data st...Learn more >>

What to Do Before Getting a New iPhone: A Checklist for a Smooth Transition

Summary Planning to upgrade your iPhone to the newest release? Are you ready for the changeover? Ensure you read this guide to know what to do before...Learn more >>

Recover Deleted Photos from Recently Deleted on Android via 4 Ways

Summary Have you ever accidentally deleted precious photos from your Android device, only to realize later that you need them back? Fear not, you can...Learn more >>

How to Recover Files from Formatted SD Card in Android in 3 Ways [Solved]

Summary Forgot to move your files before formatting your SD card? Then you might desire to know how to recover files from a formatted SD card in Andr...Learn more >>

Where Are Apps Stored on Android and How to Access App Files with Ease?

Summary When you install apps on your Android phone, do you know where are the apps stored on the Android device? If you want to access app files on ...Learn more >>

How to Recover Files from Corrupted SD Card: Repair Card and Retrieve Data

Summary It's handy to store files on an SD card as an extension of storage space on our mobile phones and computers. However, it is easily corrup...Learn more >>

How Long Does Verizon Keep Text Messages? Retrieve SMS Easily

Summary Are you using Verizon mobile services on your Android phone? When you accidentally delete useful text messages from your phone, you may want ...Learn more >>

How to Back Up and Recover BBM Chat Without Hassle | Proven Guide

Summary BBM, BlackBerry Messenger, was an instant messaging app, but it shut down in 2019. If you want to back up and recover BBM chat, it will be a ...Learn more >>

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