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Contacts list and phone numbers have been recognized as the most important data on a phone. In our daily life, we may delete contacts due to a human error. Among Samsung users, this commonly happens. This page will concentrate on providing you with the best tips to recover deleted contacts from Samsung phone.

how to retrieve deleted contacts on my samsung phone

Some users would like to search for tricks to recover lost contacts on Samsung without a computer. That is no problem, but these tricks always require a previous backup. The related tips are posted in Tip 2 & Tip 3. If you have not backed up your contacts before the deletion, go to Tip 1 for the best choice. To start with, it is also important to learn some things on Samsung contact recovery at the first moment.

What Should You Do When Mistakenly Delete Contacts on Your Samsung Galaxy?

It can surely confirm that the deleted contacts will not be wiped off from your Samsung Galaxy at once. The bytes of these contacts were dispersed on your Galaxy internal memory space and be saved in an invisible format, in order to stand by to accept the new data.

If you can collect the dispersed bytes together, you can easily restore deleted contacts on your Samsung Galaxy. To do that, you should avoid new data writing in. If not, you will lose any chance to get your lost data back if it is covered by the new data.

Here are the first aids you should give on your Samsung:

  • Stop using your phone, don't take a photo, send SMS, or surf the internet.
  • Turn off the networks to avoid auto system upgrade.
  • Use the proper way to recover the lost contacts on your Samsung ASAP.

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Tip 1. How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Internal Memory without Backup? - Using Professional Samsung Contacts Recovery Software

As we all know, people are more likely to delete contacts by accidence with no time to back up them. Thanks to Samsung Data Recovery, you don't need to worry about that, because this software aims to retrieve deleted files from Android phones without backup. With it, you can find your lost contacts back to your Samsung Galaxy easily.

What Can Samsung Data Recovery Do for You?

(1) Recover deleted or lost text messages, contacts, call logs from Android internal memory/SIM card (root required).

(2) Retrieve deleted photos, videos, music, and documents from Android SD card without root.

(3) Back up existing files from Android device to the computer (for rooted & un-rooted Android devices).

(4) Preview the files before data transferring.

The software supports all of Samsung Galaxy phones, including Samsung Galaxy S23/S20/S10/S9/S7/S6, Galaxy Note 20/Note 10/Note9/8/7/6, Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A6, Galaxy J8/J7/J6/J5/J4, etc., so you don't need to concern the compatibility. Actually, other brands of Android are also supported, like HUAWEI, LG, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Motorola, HTC, and more.

How to Retrieve My Contacts on My Samsung Galaxy?

To do that, you need to root your Samsung Galaxy at first. Then:

  1. Launch the program and connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer.
  2. Enable USB debugging.
  3. The program will scan for the files.
  4. Preview and select contact items.
  5. Recover contacts from Samsung to the computer.

For details:

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer via a USB cable.

Please download and install Samsung Data Recovery on your computer. Then, run the program and connect your Samsung phone to computer via a USB cable. You are required to enable USB debugging on your Samsung phone. Once done, you can see the main interface as below:

retrieve deleted contacts on samsung phone without backup

Step 2. Preview and select contacts.

On the main interface, tick on "Contacts" and other file types as you like and tap on "Next". Then, the program conducts an in-depth data scanning on your Samsung phone. When it finishes, you can preview the contacts and select the items. (The deleted ones are marked as red.)

preview the deleted contacts on samsung galaxy

Step 3. Start to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy.

Tap on the "Recover" icon and choose a local folder to save the contacts. If you have chosen other kinds of files for recovery, the software will create folders for saving each type of files by itself.

A Video Tutorial - How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy?

If you still have problems, you can watch the video tutorial of Samsung Contacts Recovery.

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Tip 2. Restore Deleted Contacts on Samsung from Cloud

Google and Samsung provide free storage space for Samsung users to save backed up files to their cloud services. You can set a frequency to back up your Samsung contacts to your cloud account automatically. If you have backed up phone numbers to the cloud, you can recover the contacts from the cloud backup without a computer.

We take the Samsung Cloud as an example to give a step-by-step guide.

Supported files: Contacts, call logs, messages, media files, calendars, phone settings, apps, and more.

Supported devices (not available on Verizon devices): Galaxy S23/S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6, Note 8/5/4, Galaxy J7/J3, Galaxy Tab S3/S2/A.

Here's how:

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Tap on "Accounts and backup".
  3. Click on "Backup and restore".
  4. Select the "Restore data" option.
  5. Choose "Contacts (Samsung account)" and other files you want to restore.
  6. Hit on "Restore Now " to save the backed up contacts to your Samsung phone.

Notice: The downloaded contacts will cover the existing ones on your Samsung Galaxy. It doesn't allow you to preview items and recover contacts one by one from the cloud.

how to retrieve contacts from samsung account

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Tip 3. Get Deleted Contacts Back to Your Samsung Galaxy with Apps

In the following, we list some apps for Samsung contacts recovery. You can install them on your Samsung Galaxy and have a try since they are free. However, most of them recover deleted contacts from backups. If you would like to search one to help retrieve phone numbers without backup, you have to root your phone.

Here are the apps:

#1. GT Recovery

GT Recovery is a handy trick to recover files from Android phone. It can let you get your deleted Samsung contacts back easily if you root your Samsung Galaxy. It may be able to try to recover deleted files without root, yet it is a big chance to meet failure because it can only scan the cache files on your phone to try to find the deleted data.

So if you wish to find back your lost files without backup, root your phone and use GT Recovery. It supports contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, TXT documents, and more.

retrieve deleted contacts on samsung galaxy without computer

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#2. Deleted Contact Recovery

As its name says, this app focuses on recovering deleted contacts. It can rescue your deleted contacts, but you have to log in it with your Facebook account so that it can load contacts from facebook. According to its users' feedbacks, it may take a long time to recover contacts.

how to recover deleted contacts on samsung without computer

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#3. Super Backup & Restore

This app is able to back up your Samsung contacts to SD card and restore them from the backups. It can also load the backed up files to Google Drive or Gmail, and allow you to download the backups from your Google account. The phone numbers, email addresses, contact groups, and contact photos are all supported.

get the deleted contacts back to samsung without a computer

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Write in The End:

With the development of technology, no matter created a backup list or not, people nowadays can retrieve deleted contacts from their Samsung phones or other Android devices easily. With many tips to get your lost data back, it still risks losing data, because there is not a 100% success rate for data recovery now. The best way to keep your private data safe is to back up your Samsung phone regularly.

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