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Are you interested in Samsung's latest flagship mobile phone Galaxy S20/Note 20? And planning to switch from Xiaomi to Samsung? Well, please don't forgot to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung, including contacts, photos, text messages, apps, and more. The transfer is different from backup, but you still can get 6 effective methods for Xiaomi to Samsung data migration in this article.

The introductions and usage operations of these ways are listed below so that you can browse them directly.

transfer data from xiaomi to samsung

Method 1: Transfer Data from Xiaomi to Samsung via Samsung Data Transfer

Who can transfer all data from Xiaomi to Samsung in 1 click? One of the most outstanding tools is Samsung Data Transfer, which can copy contacts, videos, apps, call logs, text messages, etc., from one Android phone to another. You can move Xiaomi data to Samsung via USB and Wi-Fi connections. Additionally, it works with iOS devices. More features are as follows.

Main characteristics and highlights of the Samsung Data Transfer:

- Allow you to choose to clear data on the Samsung phone before transferring.

- It can also transfer contacts, books, videos, music, and photos from iOS to Android in 1 tap.

- Fast send files from iPhone to iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android to iPhone.

- Never damage your phone data.

- No technical skills required.

Furthermore, it is highly compatible with most Xiaomi, Samsung, iOS, and other Android devices, like Xiaomi 10/9/8, Xiaomi Mix 3/2S/2/1, Redmi Note 9/10X/K30/Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8, Samsung Note 20/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S/Galaxy Tab 4/Galaxy Tab S5e, Huawei, Sony, OnePlus, Google, ZTE, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and so on.

Download this phone data transfer software for free below.

download win version of xiaomi to samsung transferdownload mac version of xiaomi to samsung transfer

How do I transfer data from the Mi phone to Samsung in 1 click:

Step 1. Install It

Please install, and launch the software on the desktop after downloading the package.

Step 2. Connect Both Phones to Computer

- Use their respective USB cables to connect the phones to the computer and enable the USB debugging mode on them.

- Then you can freely select data types on the interface.

one click to transfer files from xiaomi to samsung

Step 3. Transfer Mi Files to Samsung

You can begin the transfer process by tapping the "Start Copy" icon. It will automatically copy selected data to the target device.

fast copy mi data to samsung

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Method 2: Transfer Data from Mi Phone to Samsung with Smart Switch

Transferring data to Samsung via Smart Switch is a normal way for many Samsung users. Its computer version can back up and restore data, and the mobile version can move data from one phone to the Samsung handset without a computer. USB and Wi-Fi connections are available, and it works with Android 4.3 and iOS 5.0.

Move data from the Mi phone to Samsung via Smart Switch:

Step 1. Download the App

Please download and install the app on your phones. In general, you can download it from the app store.

Step 2. Connect Two Phones

Enter it and click on the "Send data" option on Xiaomi and the "Receive data" option on Samsung. Then choose the "Cable" feature, and connect your phones with a data cable and a USB OTG adapter.

Step 3. Pick Desired Data and Start the Transfer

You can tick off the required data and tap the "Transfer" button to boot the procedure.

transfer files from mi phone to samsung via smart switch

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Method 3: Move Files from Xiaomi to Samsung Using SHAREit

SHAREit is also an excellent file transfer app for mobile devices. You can share videos, audios, wallpapers, and so on with it. Besides, it is convenient to watch popular online videos now after updating. However, it is inevitable to view some ads on the interface.

Share data from Xiaomi to Samsung via SHAREit:

Step 1. Run the Application

Once installed, please run it on both mobile phones.

Step 2. Select Mi Data

Please tap the "Send" icon on the top of the Mi phone, and you can choose what you want to transfer. Next, press the "SEND" button. It will begin searching for the receiver.

Step 3. Link and Transfer Xiaomi to Samsung

- To make your phones connected, please hit the "Receive" option on the Samsung phone. As you see the avatar of another device show up on the searching screen, please tap on it for connection.

- Then it will immediately send the target files to the Samsung device.

share data from xiaomi to samsung via shareit

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Method 4: Share Data from Mi Phone to Samsung via CLONEit

Like the former, CLONEit is also a file migration app. Differently, its interfaces are brief than SHAREit, although it contains ads as well. If sometimes it cannot detect your receiver or sender, please try it again. After all, it is just a simple mobile utility.

Copy data from the Xiaomi phone to Samsung using CLONEit:

Step 1. Install CLONEit

Please find and download it from Google Play. Open it, choose the "Sender" button on the Mi device, and the "Receiver" on the Samsung phone.

Step 2. Scan the QR Code for Connection

Next, click your device on the searching screen and press the "Tap to Scan" icon to scan the QR code for connection.

Step 3. Send Files to Samsung

- Once connected, you can select Xiaomi data on your Samsung phone. If needed, you can view detailed files by tapping the "Click here to choose details" icon.

- Then click the "Start" button to initiate the sending process. As it finishes, please click the "Finish" icon on both devices.

move mi files to samsung via cloneit

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Method 5: Send Files from Xiaomi to Samsung Using Bluetooth

When using Bluetooth to send files between Android devices, you will find it time-consuming. Therefore, we don't recommend that you use it to transfer big files from Xiaomi to Samsung. If you just want to share multiple photos or other small documents, Bluetooth is a nice choice.

Send Mi files to Samsung via Bluetooth:

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth

Scroll down the screen and you can see the Bluetooth icon on it, and turn it on. Or you can enter the Settings app and switch it on.

Step 2. Pair Xiaomi with Samsung

Please select your device on the Bluetooth list and pair your mobile phones.

Step 3. Select Files from File Manager

Open the File Manager on the Mi phone and find the data you plan to send. Then tap the "Share" > "Bluetooth" option and choose your Samsung cell phone. Bluetooth will send the files to Samsung.

enable bluetooth and send data to samsung

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Method 6: Copy Mi Data to Samsung with USB Cable

If you want to copy and paste Mi data to Samsung with a USB cable, you will need a computer. You don't need to download any program on Windows PC, but you need to install Android File Transfer on Mac. In this way, you can move your media files, but contacts, call logs, and messages are unsupported.

Copy Xiaomi files to Samsung via a USB cable:

Step 1. Connect Mobile Devices to the PC

Connect your handsets to the computer via USB cables. Then choose the "MTP" option on both of them.

Step 2. Open Mi Folder

To select Mi files on the computer, please go to the "This PC" and double-click your Mi phone. Then you can pick out the files you need and copy them without hassle.

Step 3. Paste Them to Samsung

Open a Samsung folder, and you can paste the copied data to it directly. You can remove your phones from the computer until the transferring process is over.

copy mi files to samsung via a usb cable

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It feels good to master 6 help transfer ways, right? It is easy to transfer data from Xiaomi to Samsung, as long as you try. Certainly, Samsung Data Transfer is the first option because it can copy data efficiently and has strong compatibility. So, please don't miss this chance and download it now.

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