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Many Samsung users send emails to me, complaining that they accidentally deleted or lost important or private data from their Samsung phones. They want to recover them back, but they didn't back up phone data regularly. Fortunately, Samsung company introduces Samsung Kies to help Samsung phone users to back up and restore data from Galaxy devices and the operation of using it is not complicated. Below is the detailed guide of using the Samsung Kies:

How to Use Samsung Kies to Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy?

1. Connect Samsung Galaxy to computer via USB cable.
2. Launch Samsung Kies and choose "Backup & Restore" option -> "Data Backup".
3. Choose the data you want to backup and hit on the "Backup" button.

1. Switch to the "Restore data" option from Samsung Kies' interface.
2. All backup records show up and you should tick all the content you want to recover.
3. Hit on the "Restore" button to start recovering.

Even though Samsung Kies can do basic backup and restore function, there is still inherent problems in the use of Kies. For example, unfriendly user interface and functions so it can be confusing for those who are trying to walk through certain processes. You can use a good Samsung Kies alternative tool to backup and restore Samsung - Coolmuster Android Assistant. Samsung kies only supports Samsung Galaxy devices, but Android Assistant works with overall Android based devices, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei and so forth.

How to Use Android Assistant to Backup & Restore Samsung Galaxy?

Step 1: Download and then install Android Assistant on personal or desktop computer. Once the software is available on your device, connect the mobile phone via USB cable to the computer of your choice.

Step 2. After the device has been properly connected via the USB cable, the next step in this process is to choose the files that need to be backed up. This means the person may want to back up their videos, photos, apps, books and etc. This can be done by clicking on each file and then clicking "export".

Step 3. Restoring the data is also easy since all the user has to do is click on "import".

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