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Few people could mirror their Android screens in the past because there were very few mirroring apps in the app market. But now, you can easily get the best screen mirroring app for Android to PC, and mirror your Android device's screen to your PC without hassle.

The following apps can cast a phone to a PC with simple steps. Let's check their features and guides to cast your Android screen to the PC/laptop immediately.

best screen mirroring app for android to pc

Part 1: What Is Android Screen Mirroring?

Android screen mirroring means that you can cast your Android device's screen to another device, such as your computer. In general, you can use a mirroring app to view and control your Android screen remotely and without a cable connection. Also, you can access your Android device and transfer files to another device after casting its screen.

Additionally, please note that you will need to enable the USB debugging mode on Android and connect your Android device to a strong network.

Part 2: What Is the Best Screen Mirroring App for Android?

There are 7 practical screen mirroring apps for Android to laptop in this part. You can check their features below and then select one to mirror your Android screen to your PC.

2.1 Android Screen Mirror App

This Android Screen Mirror app is the best screencast app for Android to PC. It allows you to effortlessly control your Android phone on the computer with a large screen. Of course, you can use it to play a mobile game with your keyboard and PC, which gives you an excellent sense of experience.

Key features and advantages of the Android Messages Manager:

- Easily cast an Android screen to a PC.

- Allow you to access and control your Android phone freely.

- Save your game records on your Android phone.

- Support you to edit your document, send SMS, and more with the large screen and keyboard.

- Capture and save screenshots of your Android screen on the PC.

- Widely work for Android devices running Android OS 6.0 and higher, including Samsung Galaxy A72/A71/A70/A52/A51, Google Pixel 5a/5/Pixel 4a/4 XL/4/3a XL/3a/3/2, Motorola G Pure/ G Fast/G Power/G Stylus/G9/G9 Play, Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO, LG, Sony, and so on.

Download the mirror app for Android to PC for free below.

download win version of android screen mirror app

How to use this app to display a mobile screen on a laptop:

Step 1. Install the Mobile Mirroring Software

After downloading the software, please install and launch it on your PC or laptop.

Step 2. Choose the Transfer Files Option

- Connect your Android device to the PC via a USB cable, and select the "Transfer files" option on the prompt.

use the best mobile mirroring software on pc

- Then enable the USB debugging mode on Android.

enable usb debugging for mirroring android screen to pc

Step 3. Cast Android Phone to PC

Tap the "Turn on" icon to allow the software to download the mirroring APK file on your mobile device. After that, it will cast your Android screen to the PC successfully.

easily cast android screen to pc

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2.2 AirDroid

AirDroid is not merely a wireless file transfer app between mobile phones and computers, but the best app to mirror Android to PC. What's more, AirDroid web and desktop client both can mirror your phone screen to a PC. Thus, you don't have to install the program on your computer.

Key features of useful screen mirroring app for Android to laptop:

- Allow you to use the screen-mirroring feature without downloading a desktop app.

- Help you share your Android screen with your friends smoothly.

- Support you stream your broadcast without trouble.

- Fully control your Android device wirelessly.

- Help you make calls on your PC, and import your contacts on the desktop client.

How to mirror your Android phone screen to your PC via AirDroid:

Step 1. Download AirDroid

Please download the Android version of AirDroid on your mobile device. Then log in with your AirDroid account.

Step 2. Go to AirDroid Web

Open its web on your PC, and sign in with the same account.

Step 3. Mirror Your Screen

Tap the "Mirroring" icon on the interface, and you can see your Android screen on the PC.

mirror android phone screen to computer via airdroid

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2.3 Vysor

Vysor is another mobile-to-laptop mirroring app known by many people. You can use it to control your Android phone, play games, take screenshots, etc. And it also supports iOS devices. However, high-quality mirroring, wireless connection, file drag and drop, and more features are available on the Pro version.

Key features of this phone to computer screen app:

- Mirror an Android device to a computer with easy steps.

- Take your screenshots of Android and iOS devices for free.

- Control an Android device with a mouse and keyboard.

- Support plenty of Android and iOS mobile devices.

How to cast your Android phone's screen to a PC via this mirroring app:

Step 1. Install the App

Please download and install Vysor on your computer and Android smartphone.

Step 2. Set Up a Connection

Enable the USB debugging mode on Android, and link your smartphone to the PC via USB. Then use USB for transfer files.

make a connection between android and pc for mirroring

Step 3. View the Android Screen on the PC

Launch the software on your PC, and click your Android device. You can now mirror your Android phone to your computer.

use the vysor app to cast a phone to a pc

2.4 MirrorGo (Stream & Recorder)

Another handy screen-sharing app is MirrorGo. With it, you can effortlessly share, capture, and record your Android screen on a PC. Also, you can receive all notifications, play games, watch movies, etc., on your Android phone and computer.

Key features of this screencast app:

- Share a real-time Android screen to a computer without hassle.

- Conveniently record the excellent highlights of the movies.

- Easy to make step-by-step guides of the operation on Android.

- Highly compatible with Windows 10.

How to mirror Android to a PC with this software:

Step 1. Installation

Please download the MirrorGo package on your laptop, then double-click it to install the software.

Step 2. Settings

Please connect the Android device to the PC with an Android charger cable, and select the "MTP" option. Then enable USB debugging on Android.

Step 3. Mirroring

Once connected, the software will cast your Android screen to the PC without delay. Then you can control the mobile screen on your PC without restrictions.

use mirrorgo to display a mobile screen on a laptop

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2.5 Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop, created by Microsoft, can help you control your PC's screen on your Android phone. Therefore, you can always manage the resources on your PC with your Android device and other devices. But it requires your Windows PC to runs Windows Professional or Enterprise version. By the way, it is slightly complicated on setup.

Key features of Remote Desktop:

- Remotely control your PC desktop on your Android, iOS, or Windows device.

- Access your home computer from other locations.

- Windows Home edition is not supported.

How to use Remote Desktop to mirror PC to Android:

Step 1. Check Your Windows Edition

- Please confirm you have installed the Windows Pro edition. You can check it in this way: Start > Settings > System > About, and find the Edition. Then click the "Remote Desktop" option, and enable it.

- Please note down the name of your PC under the "How to connect to this PC" icon.

use remote desktop to cast screen for pc to android

Step 2. Set Up the Connection

Type the Remote Desktop Connection in the search box. Then you can open it, enter the name of your PC, and click the "Connect" button.

open remote desktop on windows pc

Step 3. Install the Remote Desktop App

Install the app from Google Play to your Android phone. Next, open it, add your PC's name. and select the PC you added. After the connection is established, you can view your PC screen on Android.

view and access the pc desktop on a mobile phone

2.6 Chrome Remote Desktop

Similarly to the former, Chrome Remote Desktop is an app to access your computers from your Android mobile device securely. It is convenient to view your files on your home or company computer when you are traveling.

Key features of this PC mirroring app for Android:

- Allow you to complete the remote control via its web.

- You can create your PIN to protect your privacy.

- Support you to remote control multiple computers on your Android device.

- Work for Windows and Mac computers.

- Cannot mirror an Android screen to a PC.

How to cast your desktop to your Android phone via this application:

Step 1. Download the Software

If you want to use more keyboard shortcuts, please download and install Chrome Remote Desktop on your computer. Then, enter your computer password for access.

Step 2. Open the App on Android

Please install the mobile version on your Android phone. Then tap the PC you want to access. Now, you can view your PC desktop on Android.

cast computer screen via chrome remote desktop

2.7 ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is an application to mirror your Android phone to your PC, Mac, TV, and other mobile devices. Furthermore, it offers two connections to you, including Wi-Fi and USB.

Key features of this screen mirroring app for Android:

- Cast your Android screen to most devices, like PC, laptop, Mac, tablets, and more.

- Help you complete the casting via a PIN code, QR code, or auto-detection.

- Its advanced feature can mirror your phone screen to another device in different places.

- Effectively stream your PC to your phone.

How to mirror your Android device to your PC via this app:

Step 1. Launch It

After downloading and installing this software on your PC, please run it on the desktop.

Step 2. Link Android to PC

Use your Android cable to link your phone to the PC, and enable USB debugging. Then tap the "OK" icon on Android.

Step 3. View Your Android Screen on the PC

After that, you can see the screen of your Android phone on the PC. So, let's start controlling your mobile phone with the big screen and keyboard.

utilize apowermirror to mirror android screen to laptop


All the helpful mirroring apps has been listed in the previous parts. Which is the best screen mirroring app for Android to PC? Have you made your decision? The Android Screen Mirror App is highly recommended by many Android users, which can seamlessly cast various Android devices' screen to PCs. So, try it?

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