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Many people like to use large screens on their computers for convenience. Therefore, they want to control Android from a PC. If you are also interested in it, please keep reading this article. You can get 7 powerful tools to use your Android phone on your computer. You can surely play mobile games, answer emails, messages, and more with a much bigger screen on your computer.

control android from pc

Part 1: Why Do You Control Android from PC?

Although an Android phone is handy as we can take it with you anywhere, you will feel that its screen is too small to cope with something. And the virtual keypad is not as convenient as the real keyboard on the computer. In case, you will need to access Android from a PC.

Besides, you might need to mute your Android phone in some situations but still want to catch calls, messages, and other notifications in time. If you can control your Android phone on the PC, things become much easier. You will never miss any important calls even if you focus on your computer.

Part 2: Powerful Apps to Control Android from PC

So, what apps can help you manage your Android from a PC with ease? Here are 7 options for your reference.

1. Phone Screen Mirror

This Phone Screen Mirror software can mirror your Android screen to a PC with a USB cable, so that you can control your Android handset from your PC with fluent operation. For instance, you can perform live streaming to different social platforms, start a meeting and teaching, etc., on your computer. By the way, it can also cast iOS devices to computers effectively.

Key features:

- Easily control your Android device on the PC with a bigger screen, keyboard, and mouse.

- Reply to your messages, WhatsApp, and more in time.

- Fluently play mobile games on the PC.

- Supports most Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra/S22/S21/S20/S10, Google Pixel 6/5/4/3, Sony Xperia 1 III/1 II/10 III/10 III, ZTE, Honor, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, and the like.

Download this control software of phone screen to PC below.

download win version of screen mirror

Here's how to access and control an Android phone from a PC via this software:

Step 1. Install the Program and Make a Connection

Please install this software on your PC, launch it, and connect your Android phone to the PC via a USB cable. Then choose your Android device on the desktop and the "Transfer files" option on Android.

cast android screen to pc for control

Step 2. Choose Your Android Device

Enable the USB debugging mode on Android, and it will fast recognize your mobile device. Then allow the software to access your Android handset.

control your Android phone on the pc

Step 3. Start to Control Your Android Phone on PC

After that, it will automatically download a mirror app on your phone for mirroring. Then you can control your Android screen from the PC.

access android phone from pc

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2. AirDroid

AirDroid is an app that you can achieve remote control Android from the PC without a data cable. With it, you can transfer files from Android to the PC. What's more, you can handily make calls and get SMS and notifications on your PC. However, you cannot use all features unless you sign in with an AirDroid account and upgrade it with premium.

Key features:

- Remotely control and access an Android device on a computer without a network.

- Monitor your Android phone's camera to monitor your surroundings.

- Transfer files faster than Bluetooth.

Here's how to remotely access an Android phone from a PC via AirDroid:

Step 1: Download the AirDroid client on your Android phone, and install the Windows version on your PC.

Step 2: Sign in with your AirDroid account, or you can sign up for an account if you don't have one. Then make sure your Android phone and PC are connected to the same network.

Step 3: Once done, you can tap the telescope icon on the left panel on the computer, and choose your Android phone. Then click the "Remote Control" option to set up the connection. Finally, you can control your phone on the PC.

access android from pc via airdroid

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3. Pushbullet

Pushbullet will make a nice connection between your Android phone and PC, so that you can see your phone's notifications, send messages and other files, and chat with your friends on the PC like on the phone. Also, you can use it to transfer files to your computer, which is much faster than using email.

Key features:

- Control your Android device from a PC with Wi-Fi.

- Send messages on your computer with a large screen.

- Chat with your friends who have signed in on Pushbullet.

Guide on how to manage Android remotely with Pushbullet:

Step 1: Download and install it on both devices, and connect your devices to the same network.

Step 2: Log in with your Google account. After that, you can send email messages on your PC, and copy your Android data to your PC directly.

manage android from pc via pushbullet

4. Vysor

Vysor is another excellent Android remote control app from PC. It can cast your Android screen to the PC without any hassle. As long as your computer display has a high resolution, you can enjoy the picture with high quality. However, the free version cannot experience all features, like transferring files, full-screen mode, etc.

Key features:

- Control your Android device on a computer to play games, use apps, etc.

- Share your screen with others remotely.

- Transfer files via drag and drop between your Android phone and PC for the Vysor Pro version.

Use your Android phone as a remote control with Vysor:

Step 1: Install Vysor on your PC and Android phone, and connect your Android phone to the PC via USB.

Step 2: Allow USB debugging on Android for the connection, and open the software on the desktop.

Step 3: Select your Android phone, and you can now control it on the PC.

run android phone on pc via vysor

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5. MirrorGo

MirrorGo is a practical tool to display and control Android on a computer. It can seamlessly cast your Android screen to a PC without hassle, play games, watch videos, view photos, and run Android apps. Plus, you can control your Android phone from the PC without root.

Key features:

- Cast a real-time Android screen to a computer with ease.

- Access Android apps on the PC without effort.

- Capture and share your Android screen without restrictions.

- Record the screen and save it as videos.

Here's how to use your Android phone as remote control via MirrroGo:

Step 1: Download, install and launch MirrorGo on your computer. Then debug USB on Android, connect your phone to the PC, and choose the "MTP" option.

Step 2: Tap the "OK" on the prompt, and the software will cast your Android phone screen to the PC.

Step 3: You can tap the features displayed on the right side to control your Android phone on the PC.

access your android phone from the pc via mirrorgo

6. Samsung Flow

As its name shows, Samsung Flow can only work on some Samsung Android mobile devices and Samsung Windows PCs, and it allows you to control your Samsung smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can manage your notifications and view the content of your Samsung phone on Samsung Books and tablets.

Key features:

- Easily read and answer your messages of your Samsung phone from a Samsung PC or tablet.

- Receive app notifications on your PC and tablet.

- Read your contacts information and call logs on the PC.

- Allow you to make a connection between your phone and computer via the phone's hotspot.

Use Samsung Flow to control your Samsung Android phone from a Windows PC:

Step 1: Install Samsung Flow on your Samsung PC/tablet and Samsung phone, and connect them to the identical Wi-Fi. By the way, you can pair your devices via Bluetooth.

Step 2: Confirm the passcode that appears on both devices for matching, and permit Samsung Flow to access your devices if you use it for the first time.

Step 3: Once connected, click the "Smart View" icon, and your phone will show up on the PC. Then, you can control your phone from the PC with different features.

use samsung flow to control an android phone from a pc

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7. AirMore

AirMore is also a wireless control app for Android devices, and it supports more Android devices than Samsung Flow. With it, you can manage your Android phone and transfer files between your phone and PC. Furthermore, you can cast the Android screen to the PC with AirMore.

Key features:

- Help you access your Android data on a PC without a data cable.

- Swiftly transmit data from Android to PC and vice versa, such as pictures, videos, songs, documents, and more.

- Stream your Android screen to the PC and take screenshots with ease.

Use AirMore to control your Android phone on a PC:

Step 1: Download the program to your computer, and install it by double-clicking the package.

Step 2: Plugin a USB cable to link your Android phone to the PC, and choose the "START NOW" icon on your phone.

Step 3: You will see your Android screen on the PC, and you can control it by clicking the mouse.

use remote display to control android via airmore


With these programs, you can directly control your Android device from your PC with USB or network. If you want a more stable connection, you can choose Phone Screen Mirror. It will fast cast your Android screen to the PC, and allow you to access your phone with simple clicks on the computer. Thus, let's start to enjoy controlling an Android phone on a much bigger screen of a PC.

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