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In this technological and communication age, mobile phone and computer play vital role in our everyday life and work. It is quite normal to share files between mobile phone and computer, and both of them have superiority in some aspects that can't be substituted by each other. For example, computer has a larger screen than cell phone, while mobile phone is much easier to carry, so that you are able to note down important info on your Android phone whenever you want. However, if you have a long contacts list, it will be a inconvenient to edit them directly, because you are likely to make wrong operations on your phone which may lead to the data loss or errors. In this case, it will be much better if we are able to manage Android contacts on computer.

It is not difficult to achieve when you turn to an assistant program. Now I'd like to introduce you this Coolmuster Android Contacts Manager, which allows you not only to view Android contacts on PC but also manage them at will. As you know that when you add a new contact to your Android mobile phone, you will be asked to save them on the internal memory or SIM card, while no matter which location you choose to store your contacts, you have no access to them on computer without an assistant. Now with this Android Contacts Manager, it can remove the limitation and enables you to completely manage Android contacts on computer. By running it, you can freely preview, add, delete or modify contacts on PC as you like.

Click here to get the free trial version. As you can see that there are two versions available for you, you can select Windows or Mac version according to your computer system. Pay attention not to download the wrong one, otherwise this program will not be worked well on computer.

Steps to View, Manage Android Contacts on Computer/PC

Step 1. Download, Install and Open the Program on PC

As this program has two versions, you should download the right one on your Windows or Mac computer. Then install and open it according to instruction. This guide will take the Windows version as an example, if you use a Mac computer, you can follow the similar way to operate it.

Step 2. Connect Android Phone to Computer and Get It Detected

In this step, you should connect your Android mobile phone to PC via USB. Wait for a while, if this Android Contacts Manager fails to detect your device, you should enable USB debugging on your phone as following.

connect android phone to computer

After that, this program will automatically install USB driver on your computer. A few minutes later, it will start to scan your Android phone files, please wait patiently. Then you will get a main menu as shown. All files are listed on the panel, including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Contacts, and so on.

scan files on android phone

Step 3. Preview and Manage Android Contacts on Computer

Click "Contacts" option on the left panel, you can see that the whole contacts are displayed with name, phone number and message number. In addition, there are a few options available for you to manage Android contacts on computer. You can press "New", "Delete", "Edit" or "Backup" to add, delete, modify or backup contacts as you want. Moreover, this Android Contacts Manager also enables you to directly send text messages to others by touching the "Send" button.

manage android contacts on computer

What's more, if you have a lengthy contacts list, you can use the search box in the upper right hand corner to find the targeted contacts in a short time.

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