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Losing important data is a nightmare for Android users. However, many accidents will cause data loss in life, such as system errors, accidental deletions, app malfunctions, and more, especially when you don't back up your data in time. If you want to recover Android files, you'd better know the best Android data recovery, which contains 9 excellent recovery tools.

Please select the most satisfactory Android data recovery software according to your requirements and the detailed introductions below.

best android data recovery software

Tips 1: How does Android data recovery software work?

Above all, when you deleted a file from your Android phone, it will not be removed completely though you cannot see it. The Android recovery software will search for the deleted file pieces and put them together. But if new data overwrite the deleted file, the recovery tool will fail to recover the deleted file.

Tips 2: Is Android data recovery free?

In general, Android recovery software is not totally free. Some recovery programs offer limited free recovery services, like supporting recovering deleted 10 contacts for free. Besides, if they have a promotion, it is possible to get a giveaway.

# 1: Samsung Data Recovery

Samsung Data Recovery, a professional Android data recovery tool, can recover multiple file types on Android. It can recover deleted contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, videos, documents, and more. Furthermore, it allows you to preview and select detailed deleted files before the recovery. What's more, it supports you to recover files deleted from the internal storage and the SD card.

best android file recovery app on desktop

Features of this Android recovery program:

- Scan and recover deleted Android files without effort.

- Good at recovering deleted contacts, SMS, pictures, documents, and so on.

- Support Android micro SD card recovery without root.

- Transfer existing and deleted files to the computer.

- Widely compatible with many Android devices, such as OnePlus 9 Pro/9/Nord N10 5G/Nord 100, OPPO A94/A74/A54/A35/Reno 5/Find X3, Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/Note 20, Google Pixel 5/4/3, HTC, Motorola, Xiaomi, ZTE, etc.

Download this Android recovery tool for free below.

download win version of android data recovery download mac version of android data recovery


- Quickly recover deleted contacts from the Android phone/SIM card.

- Scan the existing Android content without trouble.

- Recover deleted photos, movies, audio files, and the like from the external memory card without root.

- Deep scanning mode can recover more deleted files.

- Support Android OS 4.0 or later.


- Require you to root the Android device in advance when you want to recover deleted files from the internal storage space.


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# 2: Aiseesoft FoneLab Android Data Recovery

Aiseesoft FoneLab Android Data Recovery is also one of the best Android recovery programs. You can recover your deleted files from Android phones, tablets, and SD cards. You can use it on the Windows or Mac computer to recover deleted SMS, contacts, call logs, documents, WhatsApp files, and more.

recover data with aiseesoft recovery application for android


- Help you find the deleted WhatsApp chat history, including attached videos, photos, and audio files.

- Swiftly back up existing files from Android to the computer.

- Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP, and Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.

- The deep scanning mode can recover more deleted data.


- Sometimes fail to recognize rooted Android devices.

- Only recover the thumbnails of the deleted photos with poor quality.

- The deep scanning mode requires rooting Android devices.

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# 3: Dr.Fone Data Recovery (Android)

Dr.Fone Data Recovery is a kind of practical file recovery software for Android. It has a high success rate to recover deleted songs, pictures, and other media files. Although you perform a factory reset your smartphone, you can use it to get the lost data back. But it needs you to root your device first.

effective file recovery software for android


- Recover deleted music on Android with high quality.

- Recover data from broken Android devices, including the black screen, damaged device, and forgotten passwords.

- Support you to recover at least 8 types of Android files.


- Cannot recover the contacts just deleted from the Android phone.

- Sometimes cannot detect the rooted device after debugging USB.

- Only scan the current Android data when you haven't rooted the device.

- Fail to scan the existing text messages and documents at times.

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# 4: Recuva

Are you searching for the best free Android data recovery software? Maybe Recuva will satisfy you. It is a program to recover files from your Windows computer, digital camera card, MP3 player, and so on. Furthermore, it offers the free version on its website. However, it can only recover deleted files from Android SD cards.

recuva android file recovery software


- Recover the files removed from the memory card for free on the computer.

- Use the deep scan mode to find the buried files in depth.

- Efficiently recover deleted emails, videos, images, and more.


- The interface is out of date.

- Only the pro version supports virtual hard drive recovery.

- There is no automatic update on the free version.

- Not support the Android internal memory recovery.

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# 5: Disk Drill Android Data Recovery

Disk Drill is an Android phone recovery tool, supporting internal and external memory recovery. As long as you root your Android device, it can easily access your phone and find deleted HTML files, archives, attachments, custom files, and the like. Besides, it can also recover lost files on Windows and Mac.

disk drill android data recovery program


- Recover different kinds of Android files with several clicks.

- Provide the root guide on its website.

- Compatible with Android 2.3 and upper.

- Allow you to recover deleted data up to 500MB for free.


- Not support to recover deleted contacts, call logs, and SMS on Android.

- It is slightly complicated on the operation.

- Not display files directly on the interface.

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# 6: EaseUs MobiSaver for Android

One of the best Android recovery apps for Android, EaseUs MobiSaver for Android, can recover lost messages, contacts, photos, music, and videos. If you lose your files due to a virus attack, rooting error, accidental deletion, or SD card issue, etc., it can give you support.

easeus android recovery tool


- Successfully recover deleted messages and contacts.

- Will remind you to root your Android device in the beginning.

- Export the lost contacts to the computer in 3 formats, containing CSV, HTML, and VCF.

- Recover SMS in HTML format, which is easy to read and print.


- It is not supported to recover deleted call logs or WhatsApp data.

- When there are many pictures on Android, it will take a long time to scan files.

- No SD card recovery guide on the web.

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# 7: FoneLab Android Data Recovery

FoneLab Recovery, the Android file recovery software, is capable of the Android phone, SD card, and SIM card recovery. Thus, it effectively retrieves basic data, like call history, WhatsApp, messages, and more. Certainly, it also has 2 versions for Windows and Mac.

recover data with the data recovery software for android


- Efficiently recover TXT, DOC, and DOCX documents on Android.

- Allow you to copy WhatsApp data from one iPhone to another on the computer.

- Support you to preview specific data before implementing the recovery.

- Recover SD cards and SIM cards for free.


- It is more expensive than other Android file recovery tools.

- Only provide lifetime licenses.

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# 8: AirMore Android Data Recovery

Perhaps you have heard of AirMore because of its transfer tool but not its data recovery software for Android. Anyway, AirMore Android Data Recovery can get multiple Android data back, such as audio, WhatsApp, gallery, and more. Even though you drop your phone in water without response, you can use this recovery program to restore your data in 4 steps.

airmore android data recovery program


- Provide the standard mode and the advanced mode for your selection.

- Mark existing and deleted files in different colors.

- No data leakage during the recovery process.


- Cannot find the photos removed a few seconds ago.

- It is very similar to the Dr.Fone data recovery software.

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# 9: iMobie PhoneRescue

iMobie PhoneRescue, the data recovery software for Android, does well in recovering deleted messages, contacts, photos, and so on. Notably, it can recover deleted calendar events and LINE chats on Android. Additionally, it can work with Android OS 4.0 and higher.

imobie android file recovery software


- Recover LINE history, calendar records, media files, and more from Android.

- Root your Android device automatically when you choose the deep scan mode.

- Allow you to selectively download the deleted files on the computer.


- Fail to retrieve the contacts, SMS, and pictures just deleted on Android.

- The fast scan mode can scan the existing files only.

- No SD card recovery feature.


The introduction is done. You now have clearly known these best Android data recovery tools, right? Their pros and cons are summarized after tests, but to some extent, the test results will vary from device to device. Anyway, practice is the best way. It is recommended to have a try. By the way, If you want a reliable and more affordable recovery program, Samsung Data Recovery is a nice choice.

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