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In some cases, you may need to transfer the messy files from Samsung phone to the computer so as to make a backup of the important files. While in other cases, you may need to import files from the computer to your Samsung phone like apps, music songs, videos and many more, so as to save the data usage of your phone. Here, this Samsung Sync Software can easily make it within simple clicks!

With this software, you are totally free to import or export anything from Samsung phone to the computer, including contacts, messages, videos, music, apps and many more. This Samsung Sync Software make it as easy as pie to sync Samsung to the computer. Also, it allows you to sync Samsung either via USB or via Wifi. Unlike other professional software with complex instructions, this software offers you the easiest way to sync Samsung files as wanted and needed. Also, this software can be your best messaging assistant, allowing you to freely send or receive messages from the computer.

To name just a few! More alluring features of this Samsung Sync Software are waiting to be discovered, why not get it and find out by yourself? Below is the tutorial on how to use this software to sync Samsung phones in 1-2-3 step!

Full Guide on Using Samsung Sync Software to Sync Samsung

To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then you will see an interface where you are offered two options to connect your Samsung device. Choose the mode of Connect via USB or Connect via Wifi as needed. Then this software will detect the device and show you the main interface as pictured in the below.

As you can see now, all the file folders are arranged on the top panel. You can then enter the different tabs to preview more detailed file information. While previewing, you can select the files you want to sync from Samsung to the computer by ticking them out. Then click on Export option to begin the Samsung sync process.

And if you want to import files from the computer, just click on Import option and navigate to the files you want to import. Finally, click OK option to begin the file transfer from the computer to your Samsung devices! By the way, the above tutorial takes Windows version as an example, for Mac users, you can download the Mac version and then follow suit!

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