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Once your new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus arrives, you might want to give your old Samsung Galaxy S8 or S7 away in which case it becomes imperative to delete all personal data from the old Samsung device so that your privacy is not compromised. Before the deletion, you just wonder how to transfer the data from Galaxy S8/S7 to the new Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, so that you can use those files on your new gadget continually.

Of course, you can use choose Samsung's own phone switching solution - Samsung Smart Switch. But there are many limitations with the tool. Therefore, why don't you have a try with another good solution - Samsung Data Transfer (Windows/Mac) . It is regarded as the best option for Samsung users to transfer data between two Samsung devices because it enables you to copy contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, apps, books (ePubs and PDFs) from Android to Android.

Cross-platform is also supported, which means it supports transfer from Android to Android, Android to iOS, iOS to Android, iOS and iOS. Let's keep on reading about how to transfer data from Samsung Galaxy S8 or S7 to Galaxy S9 with the help of this Phone Transfer.

How to Copy Files from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7 to S9/S9 Plus?

Step 1. Install the Samsung to Samsung transfer tool

Free download and install the transfer program on your computer. Launch it and you might get the primary interface as below. Then, connect your two Samsung devices to the computer via two USB cables.

launch mobile transfer

Step 2. Select the files you want to transfer

The program detects the two connected phones and scans the file contained in the two phones. All the transferable file types are displayed in the middle of of the screen. Just select the file types that you want to copy by ticking them off. You can click "Flip" button to change the position of them.

transfer files from samsung to samsung

Step 3. Transfer data from Galaxy S6/S7 to S8

After you have selected all the file types you want to transfer from your Galaxy S8 or S7 to the new S9, you can directly give a click on the "Start Copy " button to start the transfer process.

copy data from samsung to samsung

Note: Please make sure both of the Samsung phones have stable connection with the computer during the transfer process in case of unexpected errors.

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