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Each phone owner has a lot of different kinds of data that they may want to collect, and it differs from one user to another. Specifically, when addressing contacts from their jobs, friends, family, social networks, favorite stores and restaurants and the like. All of which creates a list of contacts that can be reached within seconds to minutes by clicking on the contacts for each individual or organization. With this in mind, the contacts information that a person collects may only be deleted for a few basic purposes, for example, switch from one phone to another.

Therefore, deleting your personal contacts from Google Nexus is a way to protect your private information from leaking by other unknown people. To delete contacts from Google Nexus permanently without any recovery possibility, you need to get a powerful data eraser program like this Android Data Eraser. With this software, you can delete all contacts from not only Google Nexus 6/6P/5/5X/4, but also other Android phones permanently and securely. Apart from contacts, Android Data Eraser is able to delete text messages, photos, call logs, videos, music, apps, etc. from Android.

Read the following guide and you will see how easy it is to use the Android Data Eraser to delete contacts from Google Nexus. In the beginning, download and install the free downloadable Android Data Eraser on your computer.

How to Delete All Contacts from Google Nexus Permanently?

Step 1. Open the installed Android Data Eraser on the computer and then get your Google Nexus phone connected to the computer via the USB cord. The program will detect your phone and show you the below interface.

launch android data eraser

Step 2. Navigate to the left side bar and choose the Contacts category if you only want to delete contacts on your Google Nexus phone. Preview and select the contacts you want to delete and finally give a click on the "Start Erase" button.

delete contacts from google nexus

See? With only a few mouse clicks, you can delete your needless contacts from Google Nexus.

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